Elementor Build Amazing WordPress Pages With Elementor

Master how to use the Elementor plugin to build amazing pages and implement great design on your WordPress website
Elementor Build Amazing WordPress Pages With Elementor
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Elementor Build Amazing WordPress Pages With Elementor

What you’ll learn

Build fantastic looking web pages without using any code
Master the art of using the Elementor page builder plugin

Elementor Build Amazing WordPress Pages With Elementor


The Student should know how to use WordPress
General experience with building websites is an advantage


** UPDATED FEBRUARY 2022 WITH BRAND NEW COURSE CONTENT **Would you like to learn how to build amazing responsive pages for your WordPress website with ZERO coding? If so then you have come to the right course. With more than a million downloads already, Elementor is one of the very best and most popular plugins for building pages in WordPress. The plugin is extremely fast and comes with a variety of widgets and elements making it very easy to build any kind of web page imaginable without using any code.Course Content:The course is divided into three main sections.In the first section, we are going to use the FREE version of Elementor to build a full travel blog In the process of building this website, you will learn the following How to work with sections, columns and widgetsHow to build a header section complete with the site logo and social media iconsHow to work with title widgetsHow to work with video and text boxesHow to build an image carouselHow to insert number counters as well as toggle elementsHow to add a Google map to your web pageHow to create and insert a contact formHow to build a complete footer section for your WordPress websiteHow to build responsive web content and structureHow to work with page templatesand so much moreWe will then proceed to further enhance the design and functionality of the site by making use of the paid version of Elementor.In section two, we are going to use the PAID version of Elementor to build a business website for a fictional company called “SEO Experts”You will learn how to:How to work with the Elementor Cloud hostingHow to build global header and footer templatesHow to add testimonialsand much moreThis course will be updated continually to ensure that it always describes how to use the latest features of Elementor. By the end of the course, you would have mastered how to use the Elementor plugin to build any type of web page that you want.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 2 Connect with Me

Lecture 3 Quick Notice

Section 2: Introduction to Web Hosting & Domains

Lecture 4 Elementor Cloud Hosting

Lecture 5 Introduction to Domains & Web Hosting

Lecture 6 Buying Hosting & Domain Names

Lecture 7 Try Siteground or Cloudways Hosting

Lecture 8 Installing WordPress Quickly

Lecture 9 Installing WordPress Locally with Local by Flywheel

Section 3: Build a Travel Blog with Elementor

Lecture 10 What We Shall Build – Website Preview

Lecture 11 First Things First

Lecture 12 Download Images & XML File

Lecture 13 Installing Elementor & General Settings

Lecture 14 Elementor Overview

Lecture 15 Sections, Columns, Margins & Paddings

Lecture 16 Update – New Container Element

Lecture 17 Setting up the Global Site Values

Lecture 18 Building our Custom Headers

Lecture 19 Building our Global Footer

Lecture 20 Adding the Homepage Banner

Lecture 21 Blending the Header and Homepage Banner

Lecture 22 Alternative Homepage Banner with Video

Lecture 23 Building the Homepage – Part 1

Lecture 24 Building the Homepage – Part 2

Lecture 25 Adding the Homepage Gallery

Lecture 26 Adding the Blog Section

Lecture 27 Adding Our Call to Action

Lecture 28 Adding the Testimonials Section

Lecture 29 Home Page Review

Lecture 30 Building the Blog Page

Lecture 31 Building the Contact Page

Lecture 32 Introduction to Responsive Design

Lecture 33 Responsive Header – Part 1

Lecture 34 Responsive Header – Part 2

Lecture 35 Responsive Footer

Lecture 36 Responsive Home Page

Lecture 37 Intro to Elementor Pro

Lecture 38 Building the Homepage Header with Elementor Pro

Lecture 39 Building the Contact Page with Elementor Pro

Lecture 40 Building the Single Post Template

Lecture 41 Elementor Pro Tips

Lecture 42 Conclusion

Section 4: Build a Business Website with Elementor

Lecture 43 What We Shall Build – Website Preview

Lecture 44 Getting Started

Lecture 45 Elementor Crash Lesson

Lecture 46 Elementor General Settings

Lecture 47 Setting up the Website

Lecture 48 Setting up the Global Fonts & Colors

Lecture 49 Building the Global Header Template

Lecture 50 Building the Global Footer Template

Lecture 51 Building the Contact Us Page

Lecture 52 Building the Blog Page

Lecture 53 Building the Single Posts Template

Lecture 54 Adding the Homepage Banner

Lecture 55 Adding the About Us Section

Lecture 56 Adding the Services Section

Lecture 57 Adding the Blog Section

Lecture 58 Adding the Clients Section

Lecture 59 Adding the Testimonials Section

Lecture 60 Adding the Contact Us Section

Lecture 61 Services Page, Templates & Global Widgets

Lecture 62 Mobile Responsiveness

Lecture 63 Elementor Cloud Backend

Lecture 64 Elementor Animations

Lecture 65 Conclusion

Section 5: New Updates Section

Lecture 66 Section Preview

Lecture 67 Elementor Themes

Lecture 68 Elementor Wireframe Kits Feature

Lecture 69 The Elementor Popup Builder

Lecture 70 Working with Global Templates

Lecture 71 Working with Global Widgets

Lecture 72 Working with the Portfolio Widget

Lecture 73 Building a Post Template

Lecture 74 Working with the Font Icon Library

Lecture 75 The Table of Contents Element

Lecture 76 Rank Math & Elementor

Lecture 77 The Tilt Effect

Lecture 78 The Position Property

Lecture 79 Advanced Custom Fields & Elementor

Lecture 80 Working with Custom Post Types

Lecture 81 How to set up your Blog Page as your Homepage with Elementor

Lecture 82 How to work with the new Flexbox Container

Lecture 83 How to use the Elementor Form Widget

WordPress students who want to learn how to use a page builder plugin,Web developers who want to learn how to use the Elementor page builder plugin

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 16m | 7.50 GB
Created by: Alexander Oni

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