Elevate Your DecisionMaking with 6 Activities

Learn the inner secrets and your triggers to make better decisions!
Elevate Your DecisionMaking with 6 Activities
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Nitesh Gurnani


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Published 12/2022



Elevate Your DecisionMaking with 6 Activities

What you’ll learn

What it takes to make a good decision
Your specific triggers for a Good Decision
Your specific triggers for a Bad Decision
Components of a Good and Bad Decision
How to handle and make a choice when you are confused in life
Vedanta-Technique for Decision Making
Career Matrix aligning with your personality

Elevate Your DecisionMaking with 6 Activities


Pen and Paper 🙂


Whether to wake up early in the morning or sleep for more time on a cold winter morning, whether to have a burger for breakfast or healthy oatmeal, whether to study for the exam or to watch my favourite soccer match today because it’s the final of the world cup.Whether to get into a relationship or not, whether to purchase an old car or go for a new car, whether to partner with someone or hire someone for your business, whether to stay at a current job or quit, whether to purchase a specific entertainment subscription package or not.You see our day is filled with a lot of decisions like these, some big, some small, some routine, and some emergency decisions but in all, we take decisions every day and they impact our lives and make us what we are TODAY.And when our decisions go wrong, be it the business decision of partnering with the wrong person, or the career decision of quitting the job at the wrong time.The relationship decision of choosing a person not compatible with you or even a decision that you took for your self-improvement, to incorporate a new good habit, but when that doesn’t work, we feel dejected, disappointed and defeated.You know, Bad decisions cost a significant value to our lives in every dimension, It has cost me big-time and hence, I have designed this masterclass incorporating all my learnings, that will help you discover :What it takes to make a good decisionYour specific triggers for a Good DecisionYour specific triggers for a Bad DecisionYour tendenciesComponents of a Good and Bad DecisionHow to handle and make a choice when you are confused in lifeVedanta-Technique for Decision MakingCareer Matrix aligning with your personalityClass Project to construct your decision-making profileBy the end of this class, you will be better equipped with knowing more about yourself and why you take certain decisions, and why every time components of those decisions remain the same. This will be a fascinating discovery for you.All this and much more about decisions are waiting for you inside this masterclass!! Believe me, we are going to have super fun together!!I am excited to share all that I have for you. Are you excited? If yes, let’s march on to the first lesson of this class!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Class Intro-Elevate Your Decision Making

Lecture 2 Class Requirements

Section 2: 6 Activities to Elevate Your Decision Making

Lecture 3 Activity 1-Scribble Your Good Decisions

Lecture 4 Activity 2-Scribble Your Bad Decisions

Lecture 5 Activity 3-Scribble Good Decisions of Others

Lecture 6 Activity 4-Analyzing Good Decisions

Lecture 7 Activity 5-Analyzing Bad Decisions

Lecture 8 Activity 6-Figuring out components of Good and Bad Decisions

Section 3: Handling Confusions

Lecture 9 Handling Confusions : Good Vs Good Choice

Lecture 10 Handling Confusions : Good Vs Bad Choice

Lecture 11 Handling Confusions : Bad Vs Bad Choice

Section 4: The Decision Making Guides

Lecture 12 Vedanta Technique-5 Steps Decision Making

Lecture 13 Career Matrix For Decision Making

Section 5: Class Project and Wrap Ups

Lecture 14 Class Project-Constructing Decision Making Profile

Lecture 15 Wrap Up and Celebration

Anyone who wants to improve their decision making and know themselves better

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Created by: Nitesh Gurnani

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