Elevate Your Tennis Game Learn from Champion Andre Agassi

Level up your tennis game with the next best thing to a private lesson. Master insider secrets and a winner’s mindset.
Elevate Your Tennis Game Learn from Champion Andre Agassi
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Andre Agassi


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Elevate Your Tennis Game Learn from Champion Andre Agassi

What you’ll learn

Learn techniques for essential swings (forehand, backhand, serve, and more)
Develop game strategies to defeat your opponent
Practice Andre’s own drills proven to advance your game
Build confidence in your tennis strengths and abilities
Adopt the mental approach of a champion

Elevate Your Tennis Game Learn from Champion Andre Agassi


Students should have a basic to intermediate knowledge of tennis, including a basic understanding of each swing and tennis rules
All a student needs to take this course is a computer or mobile device with internet connection


Boost your tennis game in no time with this course from eight-time Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi. For the first time, one of the game’s all-time greats is sharing 20 years of tour experience to help you advance your skills and give back to the game that gave him so much.
These bite-sized lessons focus on only what’s most important to help you improve and see immediate results on the court. Andre not only covers specific techniques and strategies for all essential strokes, but also how to develop the mental tenacity and focus that sets a champion apart.
The course will help you:
Learn the fundamentals and improve every shot in your game including forehand, backhand, serve, volley, overhead, tweener, drop shot, and more
Understand best practices for racket grips, body positioning, and when specific shots are most effectively played
Identify the secrets of Andre’s signature moves: the two-handed backhand and return serveLearn how to listen to the sounds of the game to read the ball and anticipate how it will move
Apply strategies that will keep your opponents off balance and unable to guess what you will do next
Practice Andre’s own proven drills to improve your skills, both alone or with a partner
Adopt the champion’s mindset that took Andre years to develop
Make a valuable investment in your tennis game with this course. With lifetime access, you can complete the course at your own pace, from wherever is convenient for you.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 “Failure & Success Are Just An Illusion”

Lecture 3 Pro Tip: Vibration Dampeners & The Importance of Sound

Lecture 4 Your Turn: Pick Your Dampener

Section 2: Andre’s Forehand

Lecture 5 Forehand Overview

Lecture 6 Forehand Grip

Lecture 7 The 12-Inch Rule

Lecture 8 Forehand Take Back & Follow Through

Lecture 9 The Tennis Ball is a Clock

Lecture 10 How to Deal with Pace

Lecture 11 Andre’s Forehand Drill

Lecture 12 Your Turn: Forehand Drills

Section 3: Andre’s Backhand

Lecture 13 Backhand Overview

Lecture 14 Backhand Grip

Lecture 15 Backhand Body Position

Lecture 16 Strike Zone & Strike Point

Lecture 17 Slice Backhand

Lecture 18 Andre’s Backhand Drill

Lecture 19 Your Turn: Backhand Drill

Section 4: Andre’s Serve

Lecture 20 Serve Overview

Lecture 21 Serve Grip & Ball Toss

Lecture 22 1st Serve Options

Lecture 23 Disguising Your Serve

Lecture 24 2nd Serve Strategies

Lecture 25 Serve Feet Position

Lecture 26 Sneak Serve: Switch Up Your Timing

Lecture 27 Be Aware of Your Opponent

Lecture 28 Andre’s Serve Drill

Lecture 29 Your Turn: Serve Drill

Section 5: Andre’s Return of Serve

Lecture 30 Return of Serve Overview

Lecture 31 Return of Serve Grip

Lecture 32 Return of Serve Body Position

Lecture 33 Throw Your Opponent Off: Change Your Court Position

Lecture 34 Andre’s Return of Serve Drill

Lecture 35 Your Turn: Return of Serve Drill

Section 6: Andre’s Volley

Lecture 36 Volley Overview

Lecture 37 Volley Grip

Lecture 38 Volley Body Position

Lecture 39 When to Volley

Lecture 40 Where to Volley

Lecture 41 Andre’s Volley Drill

Lecture 42 Your Turn: Volley Drill

Section 7: Andre’s Overhead & Tweener

Lecture 43 Overhead Overview

Lecture 44 Overhead Grip

Lecture 45 Overhead Body Position

Lecture 46 Where to Hit an Overhead

Lecture 47 When to Let the Ball Bounce

Lecture 48 The Tweener

Lecture 49 Andre’s Overhead Drill

Lecture 50 Your Turn: Overhead Drills

Section 8: Andre’s Drop Shot

Lecture 51 Drop Shot Overview

Lecture 52 How to Hit the Drop Shot

Lecture 53 When to Execute the Drop Shot

Lecture 54 Drop Shot Disguise

Lecture 55 Andre’s Drop Shot Drill

Lecture 56 Your Turn: Drop Shot Drill

Section 9: Andre’s Mental Strategy

Lecture 57 Tennis is a Proactive Game

Lecture 58 Forget Hitting Spots

Lecture 59 The Importance of Calculated Risk

Lecture 60 Beware the Sleeping Bear

Lecture 61 Slaying the Dragon: Using Ball Machines

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 62 Conclusion

Advanced-beginner and intermediate tennis players,Tennis fans and enthusiasts who want a better understanding of the game

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 6m | 1.41 GB
Created by: Andre Agassi

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