Eliminate waste by implementing 5S

Learn how to remove waste from your processes with real implementers
Eliminate waste by implementing 5S
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Eliminate waste by implementing 5S

What you’ll learn

Knowledge about 5S method steps and practical contingencies.
The knowledge to lead the implementation of a 5S program.
Insights on the main obstacles to a successful 5S implementation.
The knowledge to identify and eliminate waste from the operations.
The knowledge to simplify the tasks, using visual management.

Eliminate waste by implementing 5S


There are no requirements for this course. 5S is understandable without any physical or software support.


Eliminate waste by implementing 5S is a course intended to explain, in a simple way, how to use this tool to keep workplaces clean, organized, safe and continuously improving. It goes through all the 5S steps, with the unique know-how of ALC, a team of Lean 6 Sigma experts with decades of experience on the subject. The course is streamlined in each stage of 5S but starts with an overview of the starting condition and problem statement. This gives insights on the importance of the tool and makes it possible for the student to compare with his/her own experience and background. It also a basis to make the important before & after comparisons. Each step of 5S is explained, first with simple animations and after with a real implementation case in a manufacturing company. In the animations, our friend Joe has a problem which he decides to never let happen again with 5S. Joe’s problem will make the need for 5S clear for you, as well as the concepts behind each step. In a real production company, there are tricky issues that typically emerge in this process. These issues are brought up, and so are the countermeasures and success hints learned by experience to make your program a success. 5S builds the basis to all Lean approaches, so it is fair to say that the journey starts here. In a single course, we give you the chance to minimize the implementation risks, to avoid typical failure modes and to radically improve the processes of your company!


Section 1: The need for 5S

Lecture 1 When and why appeared 5S

Section 2: Implementing 5S in real situations

Lecture 2 Initial situation (animation scenario)

Lecture 3 Initial situation (real scenario)

Lecture 4 Presenting 5S (animation scenario)

Lecture 5 First 5S Audit (real scenario)

Lecture 6 Sort (animation scenario)

Lecture 7 Sort (real scenario)

Lecture 8 Set in Order (animation scenario)

Lecture 9 Set in Order (real scenario)

Lecture 10 Shine (animation scenario)

Lecture 11 Shine (real scenario)

Lecture 12 Standardize (animation scenario)

Lecture 13 Standardize (real scenario)

Lecture 14 Sustain (animation scenario)

Lecture 15 Sustain (real scenario)

Section 3: Conclusions

Lecture 16 The real impact of 5S

Continuous Improvement managers,Production and Operations managers,Quality and Maintenance managers Team Leaders,Anyone envolved in improvement journeys

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Created by: ALC Learning

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