Email and Business Writing Etiquette for Corporate Employees

Email & Business Writing Etiquette for Business, Corporate, Professional Communication, Email Marketing & List Building
Email and Business Writing Etiquette for Corporate Employees
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Email and Business Writing Etiquette for Corporate Employees

What you’ll learn

What are Netiquettes And It’s Importance
Basic Format of an Email
What is Subject Line in an Email and How To Write It?
How to Greet in an Email?
How to Write Closing Lines in an Email?
How and Where to use Signatures?
How to use “To” “Cc” ”BCC” “Reply All”?
Power of Subject Lines
Format of Subject Lines
Tone of the Subject line
Tone of Formal Emails
Tone of Informal / Casual Emails
What are Email Templates
How to Explain Lateness in an Email?
How to Explain Absence in an Email?
How to Request Appointment in an Email?
How to For a Favor in an Email?
How To Decide To email or NOT to email
Things You Should Never Say in Emails
What are SCRAP and TIC and How To Use Them
What are Attachments and How to Use Them?
Format of The Attachments
Common Errors
Checklist Prior To Pressing Send
Write it Now, Send it Later Using “Delay Delivery”

Email and Business Writing Etiquette for Corporate Employees


There Are No Requirements Necessary To Enroll. I Only Ask To Come Open-Minded And Ready To Learn.


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Section 1: (Course I) E-mail Writing Etiquette: Introduction To The Course

Lecture 1 Introduction To The Course

Lecture 2 Importance Of Netiquettes

Lecture 3 Important Tips For This Course!!

Section 2: Look Of An Email And Basic Format

Lecture 4 Look Of An Email And Basic Format

Lecture 5 Subject Line

Lecture 6 Greetings

Lecture 7 Closing Lines

Lecture 8 Signatures

Lecture 9 How to use “To” “Cc” ”BCC” “Reply All”

Section 3: Power of Subject Lines

Lecture 10 Power of Subject Lines

Section 4: Tones

Lecture 11 Tones: Tone of Formal Emails

Lecture 12 Tones: Tone of Informal /Casual Emails

Section 5: Templates

Lecture 13 Templates

Lecture 14 Explaining Lateness

Lecture 15 Explaining an Absence

Lecture 16 Appointment request

Section 6: ‘To Email’ OR ‘Not To Email’

Lecture 17 ‘To Email’ OR ‘Not To Email’

Section 7: Use of SCRAP and TIC

Lecture 18 Use of SCRAP and TIC

Section 8: Attachments

Lecture 19 Attachments

Lecture 20 Format Of Attachments

Section 9: Common Errors

Lecture 21 Common Errors

Section 10: Checklist Prior To Pressing Send

Lecture 22 Checklist Prior To Pressing Send

Section 11: Templates

Lecture 23 Out Of The Office Template

Lecture 24 Discussion on New Project Proposal Template

Lecture 25 Upcoming deadline for annual submission

Lecture 26 Networking event for industry professionals

Lecture 27 Urgent: Change in Schedule for Team Meeting

Lecture 28 Congratulations on Your Promotion!

Lecture 29 Follow-Up: Proposal for Strategic Partnership

Lecture 30 Notice: Office Closure for Holidays

Lecture 31 Update: Progress Report on Current Project

Lecture 32 Welcome Aboard: New Team Member Introduction

Lecture 33 Subject: Thank You for Your Business

Lecture 34 Feedback request: Post event survey

Lecture 35 Opportunity: Request for Proposal for Upcoming Project

Lecture 36 Reminder: Upcoming Training Session

Lecture 37 Alert: Security Breach – Please Review Attached Document

Lecture 38 Invitation: Product Launch Event

Lecture 39 Important: Changes to Employee Benefits Program

Lecture 40 Request for Approval: Marketing Budget Proposal

Lecture 41 Request for Proposal: Vendor Selection for Upcoming Event

Lecture 42 Request for Quotation: Office Renovation

Section 12: (Course II) Business Writing Course: Introduction (Basic Ideas & Information)

Lecture 43 Introduction

Lecture 44 User manuals or Instruction Manuals

Lecture 45 Essential things for a user manual

Section 13: Before You Write (Mindset Before We Start Writing)

Lecture 46 Principles of writing a user manual

Lecture 47 The difference between complexities and clear writing

Lecture 48 Reading age

Lecture 49 Section review

Section 14: Structure (The best way to prioritize your information)

Lecture 50 The active voice

Lecture 51 Importance of active voice

Lecture 52 Identification of voice

Lecture 53 How to gather ideas

Lecture 54 Prioritizing our ideas

Lecture 55 Section review

Section 15: Bricks of a wall (What makes a writing)

Lecture 56 How to divide ‘could’ and ‘must’

Lecture 57 Sentences

Lecture 58 Paragraph

Lecture 59 Section review

Section 16: Clear writing

Lecture 60 Introduction to Logos, Ethos, and Pathos

Lecture 61 Examples of Ethos

Lecture 62 Examples of Pathos

Lecture 63 Examples of Logos

Lecture 64 Being direct

Section 17: Editing (Getting in the tier one of writing)

Lecture 65 Introduction to sales report

Lecture 66 Attention grabbing

Lecture 67 How to achieve better writing

Lecture 68 How to check our writing

Lecture 69 Tools to check our work

Lecture 70 Editing part 1

Lecture 71 Editing part 2

Lecture 72 Editing part 3

Lecture 73 Clarity

Lecture 74 Worked example 1

Lecture 75 Worked example 2

Section 18: Extras!

Lecture 76 Bonus lecture

The Ideal Student For This Course Is Anyone Who Wants To Learn About ‘Email Etiquette’ Or An Existing Professional Who Wants To Expand On Their Current Skills.

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