EMMET Faster HTML CSS workflow Best Tool For Developers

Emmet is plugin for text editors that helps you write HTML and CSS faster. Work quicker saving time & making more money.
EMMET Faster HTML CSS workflow Best Tool For Developers
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Edwin Diaz


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EMMET Faster HTML CSS workflow Best Tool For Developers

What you’ll learn

You will be able to code HTML faster
You will be able to code CSS faster
You will be able to code XML faster
You will be faster coder at the end of this course, PERIOD!

EMMET Faster HTML CSS workflow Best Tool For Developers


Students need to know HTML and CSS


NEW COURSE AND UP TO DATE – AS OF APRIL 2015Do you want to code HTML, CSS and XML faster?Do you want to save time when coding?Do you want to code more error free?Do you want to become a NINJA coder?If your answered was YES to most of these questions, then this course is for you.On this course I will teach how to use a plugin called emmet to help make your workflow super smooth and efficient. I will show you many handy tricks that will do wonders in saving you time when developing.You will become a faster coder in no time and it will be super easy to learn if you already know CSS. Now that I use Emmet, I could NOT imagine living without it. Come join me in the course, and I promise that you will learn a lot and you will greatly appreciate it forever.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Exercise Files

Lecture 3 What exactly is Emmet?

Lecture 4 Installing Emmet

Lecture 5 Organizing Working Area

Section 2: Emmet & HTML

Lecture 6 Intro to the HTML

Lecture 7 Short Cut Issue Head Up!

Lecture 8 First Emmet Code

Lecture 9 Replication

Lecture 10 Expansions

Lecture 11 Grouping & More

Lecture 12 Numbering Elements

Lecture 13 Toggleling Comments

Lecture 14 Exploring Attributes

Lecture 15 Getting to Edit Points

Lecture 16 Matching Tags

Lecture 17 Wrapping

Section 3: Using CSS with Emmet

Lecture 18 CSS Abreviations

Lecture 19 Exploring Gradients with Emmet

Lecture 20 Wrapping this up!

Anybody wanting to code HTML, CSS or XML faster should take this course,Any Developer looking to develop websites quickly should take this course,Any coder looking to be more efficient when programming or developing

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 15m | 687.13 MB
Created by: Edwin Diaz

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