Employment Law Compliance Made Easy

A comprehensive course for management to understand key employment law issues in the workplace.
Employment Law Compliance Made Easy
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Employment Law Compliance Made Easy

What you’ll learn

Understand major employment law implications in the workplace.
Recognize employment relation situations that create legal liability for businesses.
Learn to identify wage-related issues and manage resulting employee issues proactively.

Employment Law Compliance Made Easy


The best pre-requisite is an open mind about the importance of HR compliance and the willingness to take action on the concepts taught.
A basic understanding of the employment relationship.
No specific materials are required prior to taking this course.


Learn the basics of employment law so you can legally hire, evaluate and manage employees as a manager, supervisor, small business owner, human resource specialist, or corporate executive. Learn the difference between an employee and independent contractor; the basic types of employee benefits; effective hiring, evaluation, and termination procedures; methods to resolve employment disputes in and out of court; discrimination and union laws; and workplace safety rules. You’ll gain an inside view of the law with case examples, real situations, and prevention strategies that prepare you to effectively resolve workplace issues. You’ll learn effective communication techniques, negotiation strategies, and the legal tests applied if you do go to court. This course is a must for anyone who is (or aspires to be) a supervisor, manager, or human resources professional.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Section 2: Hiring Process

Lecture 2 Application Pitfalls

Lecture 3 Interviewing Landmines

Lecture 4 Background Checks

Lecture 5 The Economic Realities Test

Lecture 6 The IRS Independent Contractor Test

Section 3: Title VII, ADA, ADEA, and PDA: Discrimination

Lecture 7 Discrimination Overview

Lecture 8 How do you define Discrimination?

Lecture 9 Retaliation in the Workplace Defined

Lecture 10 Retaliation – is it a big issue?

Lecture 11 Retaliation Cases: Associational Discrimination and the Scope of Retaliation

Lecture 12 Retaliation Cases: Scope of Supervisor Liability and Standard of Proof

Lecture 13 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Lecture 14 Discrimination Analysis under Title VII

Lecture 15 Affirmative Action, Sex Discrimination & Retaliation

Lecture 16 MAJOR UPDATE: Expansion of Sex Discrimination to Include LGBTQ+ Community

Lecture 17 Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Lecture 18 Disability Discrimination – Part I

Lecture 19 Disability Discrimination – Part II

Lecture 20 Age Discrimination

Lecture 21 EEOC Enforcement

Section 4: FLSA – W&H: Wages

Lecture 22 Exempt from Overtime

Lecture 23 Major Update to Overtime Exemption Salary Threshold for 2020

Lecture 24 Compensible Time

Lecture 25 Permissible Deductions

Section 5: Workplace Privacy

Lecture 26 Legal Framework of Employee Privacy

This course deals with the laws that govern people in the workplace. Most people have some understanding of the personal dynamics of work, but often do not understand the law and compliance requirements of business. This course will provide a good overview of the major issues addressed in the work place.

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Created by: Mark Addington

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