End to End Test Automation with Playwright TSCJava

Learn automation Web application with Playwright in modern approach with different language bindings and ecosystems
End to End Test Automation with Playwright TSCJava
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End to End Test Automation with Playwright TSCJava

What you’ll learn

Complete Playwright tool from ground up
Learn Playwright in Javascript/Typescript language binding
Learn Playwright in Java language binding and building framework
Learn Playwright in C# language binding

End to End Test Automation with Playwright TSCJava


Basic understanding of JS/C#/Java/TS is a plus
Basic understanding of other testing tools like Selenium is a plus


In this course End to End Test Automation with Playwright, we will learn Playwright from the complete ground up to more advanced concepts which anyone requires to automate their Modern/Legacy web applications in a modern way!As we all know Playwright enables fast, reliable, and capable automation across all modern browsers and support running different platforms like macOS, Windows, Linux, and its related containers, it’s super easy to automate applications with Playwright in various popular language bindings such as Javascript, Typescript, Java, C# and Python!#####  COURSE UPDATED TO 2022 LATEST VERSION ######In this course, we will discuss Introduction to Playwright (JS)Understanding the basic building blocks of Playwright (TS)An advanced way to work with LocatorsAssertion library with expect (TS)Playwright Test Runner (TS)Modern Playwright feature for Modern app testing (JS)Hands-On Labs Playwright with C# language bindingPlaywright with C# and Specflow for BDDPlaywright with Java Language bindingPlaywright with Java and Cucumber Integration for BDDPlaywright framework development with TS/Java/C# language bindingPlaywright Integration with GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps and more ..At the end of this course, one will learn the complete Nuts and bolts of Playwright and get going to harness the power of Playwright in their day to day automation at work !Join the first-ever detailed course on the internet on Playwright!


Section 1: Introduction and getting started with Playwright (JS)

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Installing Playwright via Command line and Manual

Lecture 3 Installing Playwright in VS Code with Playwright Test Extension

Lecture 4 Record and Playback with Code Generation using VS Code Playwright Extension

Lecture 5 Record and Playback using Playwright Codegen with Inspector

Section 2: Understanding Building blocks of Playwright

Lecture 6 Introduction

Lecture 7 Writing simple code with Playwright using JS

Lecture 8 Writing code with Playwright using TS

Lecture 9 Working with Locators – CSS, Selecting element with Filter text

Lecture 10 Working with Locators – CSS, XPath, ID, HasText

Lecture 11 Locators with Real-time application – Data-id, Data-test-id and Hover operation

Lecture 12 Locator with Nth Location or First() element

Lecture 13 Writing code with Playwright Test

Lecture 14 Writing code with Playwright Test from VSCode and via Command Line

Section 3: Assertions in Playwright

Lecture 15 Understanding Assertions and perform basic assertions with expect()

Lecture 16 Assertion with Playwright’s Custom Matcher

Lecture 17 Assertion with Playwright’s Custom Matcher – Contd

Lecture 18 Soft Assertions in Playwright

Lecture 19 Recording Video and taking screenshot in Playwright

Lecture 20 Complete Source code

Section 4: Playwright Test and Playwright Test Runner – Makes test awesome and fast ⚡

Lecture 21 Playwright Test Runner to capture failure screenshot and test video

Lecture 22 Playwright Test Hooks – BeforeEach and AfterEach

Lecture 23 Playwright Test Describe – BDD Style Playwright Tests

Lecture 24 Playwright Test Steps for step by step Async tests

Lecture 25 Run only specific tests with Test.only and run Parallel Describe Tests

Lecture 26 Skip Tests based on certain conditions like specific browsers with Test.Skip

Lecture 27 Get Running Test details with TestInfo

Lecture 28 Understanding and working with Playwright Test Configurations

Lecture 29 Running Playwright Test via Command Line and override Playwright Test Config

Lecture 30 Retry Test on failure

Lecture 31 Complete Source code

Section 5: Parallel Execution in Playwright

Lecture 32 Parallel Execution with Playwright Workers

Lecture 33 Running Test Specs in Order with Test Lists

Section 6: Modern Playwright feature for Modern app testing (JS)

Lecture 34 Introduction

Lecture 35 Performing File Upload operation

Lecture 36 Page Tracing with Playwright

Lecture 37 Page Tracing with Screenshot and specific category

Lecture 38 Page Tracing and extract screenshot as output

Lecture 39 Video Recording of Test execution

Lecture 40 Generating PDF of Page

Lecture 41 Using Chrome from your local machine instead of Chromium of Playwright

Lecture 42 Browser Emulations with different device resolutions

Lecture 43 Network Interception of Pages

Lecture 44 Get Page Events and error logs from Chrome Dev Tools

Lecture 45 Summary

Lecture 46 Source code

Section 7: Hands on Lab 1 – Advanced Network Interception

Lecture 47 Building our own Ad blocker with Network Interception

Lecture 48 Intercepting API server to set Mock data

Lecture 49 Intercepting API server to set Mock data and verify response

Lecture 50 Intercepting Production site and check interception behaviour

Section 8: Hands on Lab 2 – Working with Cookies

Lecture 51 Introduction

Lecture 52 Get Cookies from Site

Lecture 53 Set Cookies from Site

Section 9: Hands on Lab 3 – Data Driven Testing

Lecture 54 Data driven testing on EA Employee App site

Lecture 55 Delete Dynamically created Row data from grid table

Lecture 56 Extract grid table data from UI

Section 10: All Labs Source code

Lecture 57 Complete source code of the Labs

Section 11: Misc Operation in Playwright (Set to be updated soon)

Lecture 58 [Lab] – Spinning up WebServer before starting test using Playwright Test Config

Lecture 59 [Lab] – Testing with Spawned WebServer (Contd.)

Lecture 60 Lab Source code

Lecture 61 Playwright Reporting – Allure Report, Dot, Line, JSON and customizations !

Lecture 62 Complete Source code

Section 12: Playwright with Java Binding

Lecture 63 Introduction

Lecture 64 Playwright Java setup with IntelliJ and writing simple test

Lecture 65 Understanding Playwright Java binding indepth

Lecture 66 Network Interception with Playwright

Section 13: Playwright framework development (Java)

Lecture 67 Framework browser Initialise and base structure creation

Lecture 68 Framework Config creation

Lecture 69 Framework Initialize creation

Lecture 70 Putting all the pieces together and run the Playwright Test

Lecture 71 Understanding and creating Page Object Model with Playwright Java

Lecture 72 Running EA Employee App test with Page Object Model (POM)

Lecture 73 Understanding and working with Page Navigation in Playwright

Lecture 74 Running complete test in POM model

Lecture 75 Creating custom configuration for the framework to read

Lecture 76 Running test with Custom Configuration

Lecture 77 Source code

Section 14: Playwright with Java language binding and Cucumber support

Lecture 78 Introduction

Lecture 79 Installation and getting started with Cucumber

Lecture 80 Implementing Step definition in cucumber

Lecture 81 Creating Cucumber Hooks

Lecture 82 Creating and working with DataTables

Lecture 83 Creating Cucumber Table Model builder

Lecture 84 Creating Cucumber Table transformers with @DataTableType annotations

Lecture 85 Generating Cucumber reports

Lecture 86 Source code

Section 15: Playwright with C# .NET

Lecture 87 Introduction and installation

Lecture 88 Playwright Test with NUnit for with less boilerplate code

Lecture 89 Working with locator in Playwright C# .NET

Lecture 90 Understanding Playwright CLI

Lecture 91 Auto-Waiting Mechanism in Playwright C# .NET

Lecture 92 Page Object Model in Playwright C#.NET

Lecture 93 Listen Network Events in Playwright with C#.NET

Lecture 94 Testing Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics with Playwright C# .NET

Lecture 95 Network Interception with Playwright C#.NET

Section 16: Playwright with C# – Organized coding (BDD/Parallel execution/Reporting)

Lecture 96 Introduction

Lecture 97 Creating Reusable Playwright Driver in Specflow for Driver Pattern

Lecture 98 Implementing Step definitions and using Driver Pattern to access objects

Lecture 99 Running Specflow + Playwright Test

Lecture 100 Parallel Execution of Playwright Test in Specflow

Lecture 101 Specflow LivingDoc Reporting for Playwright Tests

Lecture 102 Source code

Section 17: Playwright with C# – REST API Testing

Lecture 103 Introduction

Lecture 104 POST Operation for Bearer Token Authentication

Lecture 105 Deserializing response object for Token response

Lecture 106 GET Operation with Auth token Header

Lecture 107 Deserialize response to Concrete Object Type

Lecture 108 Writing Generic Playwright Driver for Reusable code across tests

Section 18: Playwright Integration – GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps and Docker

Lecture 109 Introduction

Lecture 110 CI/CD Code for GitHub Actions to execute the Playwright Test

Lecture 111 Check-in code to GitHub Repo

Lecture 112 GitHub Action – Code Execution with Playwright Test Runner command

Lecture 113 GitHub Actions – Playwright Test with test artifacts

Lecture 114 Azure DevOps – Repo creation/Build Pipeline creation/Execution

Lecture 115 Azure DevOps – Playwright Folio with Browser params

Section 19: Frequency Asked Questions

Lecture 116 Introduction

Lecture 117 Working with iFrames in Playwright

Lecture 118 Working with Popup windows in Playwright

Lecture 119 Playwright Test Runner now inbuilt within Playwright Package and New features !

Lecture 120 Complete Source code

Section 20: Playwright with CodeceptJS integration

Lecture 121 Introduction

Lecture 122 Installation and configuration

Lecture 123 Writing simple code using CodeceptJS

Lecture 124 CodeceptJS – Framework agonistic

Lecture 125 Source code

QA,BA,Test Automation engineer,Developer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 12h 35m | 6.14 GB
Created by: Karthik KK

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