Energy Healing with Flower Essences

Cure the Root Cause of Disease (Disease vs Emotions)
Energy Healing with Flower Essences
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Energy Healing with Flower Essences

What you’ll learn

Understand how emotions tie in with disease
Identify the root causes of various ailments
Prepare your own flower essences and create highly effective create blends
Use flowers from all over the world (not only Bach remedies)
Apply best practices (worldwide)
Present your remedies in a professional way
Download 9 useful resources to streamline your business

Energy Healing with Flower Essences


You must have basic knowledge of how energies are used in healing
Access to a printer, a folder, pen and strong internet access to browse various sources
You can be a new or an experienced natural health practitioner (reiki, crystal healing, radionics practitioner etc)


This highly effective, gentle (yet so underrated and underused!) method of healing is an absolute MUST HAVE SKILL SET to add to your holistic healing practice! Harness the hidden powers of flowers to heal the underlying issues of disease. Learn how important emotions are in your overall health, how to identify the underlying emotions and treat them with the correct frequencies of the different flowers.This versatile practice can be applied to babies, adults, animals and plants. We are working with frequencies and energies, so it doesn’t make any bio-chemical changes to the body, thus it won’t interfere with any medications being taken by the client.* Understand how emotions tie in with disease.* Identify the root causes of various ailments.* Prepare your own Flower Essence Remedies.* Use flowers from all over the world, not only the Bach remedies.* Learn about the history and research on this topic.* Present your remedies in a professional way.If you are an Holistic Health practitioner, you have to add this skill set to your existing practice. (It is essential that you have basic knowledge of energy healing before taking this course!)IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have access to a printer as you will have many helpful resources to download that will make your life much easier. Make notes and store them in a folder for easy reference in the future. A fast and stable internet connection is highly recommended. ALL flower essences descriptions (worldwide) can be found by doing an online search. The downloadable documents are only guidelines.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Section 2: Why are emotions so important when it comes to health?

Lecture 2 The link between emotions and disease

Lecture 3 The physical effects of unresolved emotions

Lecture 4 The impact of Stress

Lecture 5 Conventional medicine vs Alternative medicine

Lecture 6 Physical symptoms and their possible emotional roots

Section 3: Section 3: History

Lecture 7 Chinese philosophy

Lecture 8 Water stores memory

Lecture 9 How to view the healing

Section 4: Section 4: What are Flower Essences?

Lecture 10 The basic principles

Lecture 11 Dr Bach’s work

Lecture 12 Flower Essences around the world

Lecture 13 How to use Flower Essences

Lecture 14 Create your own blends

Section 5: Section 5: Make your own Flower Essences

Lecture 15 Choosing the correct flower/s

Lecture 16 Intentions and moon cycles : the Mother Essence

Lecture 17 Methods used to preserve your essences

Lecture 18 Labelling

Lecture 19 Making dosage bottles

Lecture 20 Follow-ups and Adjustments

Section 6: Section 6: Useful documents

Lecture 21 Questionnaire on Physical Ailments

Lecture 22 Questionnaire on Emotions

Lecture 23 Useful Links

Lecture 24 FREE PDF book by Maxine Immelman

Section 7: Section 7: Safety

Lecture 25 It is safe for everyone!

Lecture 26 Keeping track of your client’s healing journey

Section 8: Section 8: Professional Presentation of your Remedies

Lecture 27 Labels

Lecture 28 Bottles

Lecture 29 Photos (for marketing)

Section 9: Section 9: Final Exam

Lecture 30 Test Instructions

Section 10: Section 10: Congratulations!

Lecture 31 You did it!

Section 11: ADDITIONAL Guide: PETS

Lecture 32 Dealing with Pets

You are a practicing holistic healer and want to add value to your existing services (new and experienced),You have an interest in helping others (family/clients) get rid of recurring ill health symptoms

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Created by: Maxine Immelman

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