Energy Psychology Holistic Healing Certification

Use Energy Medicine to Transform your life and others’. A Course On Mind-Body Connection and Energy Healing
Energy Psychology Holistic Healing Certification
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Aditi Goyal


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Energy Psychology Holistic Healing Certification

What you’ll learn

Working with Energy systems like Chakras and Meridians to create lasting health and vitality
Using EFT (tapping/ Emotional Freedom Technique) for acheiving various outcomes
Energy psychology and the Power of our Mind
Quantum Healing and Quantum law of Attraction- Manifesting your desires
Easy, effective, quick and safe techniques that work with the body and mind
Energy, frequency, vibrations and how they impact us.
Immunity to stress, overwhelm and anxiety; becoming more clam and peaceful
Dealing with pain, digestive issues, sickness, Stagnation & More
How to Make Affirmations more Effective
Learn Muscle testing to communicate with your body and subconscious mind
A LIFESTYLE change – living more holistically by integrating the mind and the body

Energy Psychology Holistic Healing Certification


An open mind and a willingness to learn new things


“Why do you keep tapping all day!? A question i was often asked by my family as they saw me practicing energy medicine. But after a few months this has changed to “Please teach me as well!”, as they have started noticing the positive changes that have come about in me.And you can learn it too. A variety of mind-body tools that are quick and easy and can be done anywhere, anytime. Whether you in a the middle of a meeting, on a road trip or between an exam. All you need is yourself, and the knowledge from this course to make you feel better instantly and allow you to carry on with your day.It is based on an integration of mind and body, quantum healing, psychology and energy medicine. It delves deep into chakras, meridians, the energetic system of the body and the quantum universe. This course provides you with a. life changing combination of psychology and physiology that works on 2 levels:- A way to tackle day-to-day issues about energy, health and emotionsTo bring about a deeper change and healing on a holistic levelIts a huge tool-kit of simple things to do when experiencing stress, anxiety, health issues, stagnation, pain, fear and much more. However its not JUST another course thats gonna throw tools in your face. Its a step-by-step procedure, an intuitve flow that guides you to use your body’s healing capabilities to your advantage. Are you ready to change the way you see your body and the universe? Are you ready to discover just how marvelous and magical our bodies are? Are you ready to discover the secret of manifesting and why law of attraction has been failing you?So come join me as we learnTo handle pain and physiological issuesTo handle overwhelm, stress & anxietyTo Harness the healing power of the body and mindTo manifest our desires into realityA holistic way of living life, ie, being connected to your energy body.To instantly neutralise stress reactions and experience calmnessA way to help our body stay healthy- while you eat whatever you want!To boost our Immune system and operate at our full capacity!A new way to be……And so much more……This course comes with6 hours of Video ContentDownloadable Workbooks QuizzesDownloadable MeditationsUnlimited Q/A- Ask me Directly!*Disclaimer*The tools described in this course are just suggestions and are not to be substituted with your medical advice. Do not stop taking any medicines without consulting your doctor. These tecniques will serve as additional tools to help you feel better, but they do not replace medicines or medical procedures.


Section 1: Welcome!

Lecture 1 Introduction and Course Outline

Lecture 2 How to get the most out of your course

Lecture 3 Download Your Workbooks

Lecture 4 Your Beliefs and their Influence

Lecture 5 Why Energy Psychology?

Lecture 6 The Shift in Healing Modalities- An Integration

Section 2: The Energetic Universe

Lecture 7 Quantum Universe: Everything is Energy

Lecture 8 Good & Bad Vibes?

Lecture 9 Emotions and Energy: Are you just surviving?

Lecture 10 Internal change= External Change, a New Model

Lecture 11 Meditation: Changing Vibrational State

Section 3: Our Energetic Body

Lecture 12 Our magical hands: Electromagnetism

Lecture 13 Muscle Tests: The body Doesnt Lie

Lecture 14 Muscle Testing: Demonstration

Lecture 15 The Meridian System

Lecture 16 The Wheel Of Meridians

Lecture 17 Meridians and their Associations

Lecture 18 Working with the Meridians: Center line Meridians

Lecture 19 Liver & Stomach Meridian

Lecture 20 Heart & Lung Meridian

Lecture 21 Pericardium & Kidney Meridian

Lecture 22 Small Intestine & Large Intestine Meridian

Lecture 23 Bladder & Gallbladder Meridian

Lecture 24 Spleen & Triple Burner Meridian

Lecture 25 The Chakras and Functions

Lecture 26 Healing the Chakras

Section 4: Stress, Anxiety & Fear

Lecture 27 Neurovasculars

Lecture 28 The Triple Burner/ Warmer

Lecture 29 Grounding Techniques

Section 5: More Techniques

Lecture 30 Pain Reduction Techniques

Lecture 31 Techniques for Digestive Troubles

Lecture 32 Techniques for Healing

Lecture 33 Colour Therapy

Section 6: Health and Vitality- Prevention over Cure

Lecture 34 Crossing Energies

Lecture 35 Neurolympatics

Lecture 36 Spleen Meridian

Lecture 37 Talking to Your Body-The Wisdom

Lecture 38 Just before you Fall Sick….

Lecture 39 Body Scan Exercise

Section 7: EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique & The Mind

Lecture 40 The EFT Tapping Points

Lecture 41 Basic Outline of EFT

Lecture 42 Points for Specific Issues

Lecture 43 Affirmations 10x

Section 8: Wrap up

Lecture 44 Wrap Up!

Lecture 45 Bonus!

Anyone looking to improve their life, health and well-being,Anyone in the health and wellness industry,Anyone interested in the mind-body connection and healing,Anyone looking for alternative healing approaches,Doctors, Physiotherapists,Therapists and Counsellors,Coaches and Mentors,Psychology students and Enthusiasts,Energy healers like Reiki practitioner, Pranic Healing Practitioners

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Udemy | English | 6h 6m | 4.98 GB
Created by: Aditi Goyal

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