Engineering Thermodynamics

The fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics taught in a clear, practical way so that you can understand it.
Engineering Thermodynamics
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Michael Reynolds, PhD


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Engineering Thermodynamics

What you’ll learn

Explain how engines, power plants, and HVAC systems work.
You will know and be able to explain the 1st and 2nd laws of Thermodynamics
You will be able to analyze a Thermodynamic system and calculate things like efficiency.
You will learn what you need to know to pass a standard engineering Thermodynamics course

Engineering Thermodynamics


Basic algebra skills
Some very basic knowledge of Chemistry


Thermodynamics is the study of energy. How do we get the energy we need to power our homes and get us where we want to go? How do things like engines, power plants, and refrigerators work? This class is very important for many types of engineers. I have designed the class so that anyone who is interested in learning Thermodynamics can learn. This course will be greatly helpful to all college students who are taking Thermodynamics or will take it in the future. I can help you pass and be a success! But this is also great for anyone who wants to be more educated about energy – a very important topic these days! I stay away from overly complicated theory and give you both the HOW and the WHY. You will understand Thermodynamics with my help!


Section 1: Introduction and Definitions

Lecture 1 Basic Units and Dimensions

Lecture 2 Important Definitions

Lecture 3 Thermodynamics is all about ENERGY

Lecture 4 Heat and Work

Section 2: The First Law of Thermodynamics

Lecture 5 Introduction to the First Law

Lecture 6 Basic Substance Properties

Lecture 7 How to Use Property Tables

Lecture 8 The Ideal Gas Equation

Lecture 9 Single and Double Interpolation

Lecture 10 Property Relations with Liquids and Solids

Lecture 11 More with the First Law

Lecture 12 Solving First Law Problems

Lecture 13 More First Law Analysis

Lecture 14 Another First Law Example

Lecture 15 Using Specific Heats

Lecture 16 Application of the First Law for Control Volumes

Lecture 17 Nozzles and Diffusers

Lecture 18 Turbines and Compressors

Lecture 19 Heat Exchangers

Section 3: The Second Law of Thermodyamics

Lecture 20 Introduction to the Second Law

Lecture 21 Reversibility

Lecture 22 The Carnot Cycle

Lecture 23 What is Entropy?

Lecture 24 Entropy Calculations

Lecture 25 Isentropic Processes

Lecture 26 Entropy changes with liquids and solids

Lecture 27 Isentropic Process Relations

Lecture 28 Isentropic Efficiency

Section 4: Thermodynamic Systems and Analysis

Lecture 29 Internal Combustion Engines: Otto Cycle

Lecture 30 Otto Cycle Example

Lecture 31 Internal Combustion Engines: Diesel Cycle

Lecture 32 Steam Power Generation: Rankine Cycle

Lecture 33 Rankine Cycle Example

Lecture 34 Steam Power Generation: Reheat and Regeneration

Lecture 35 Refrigeration Cycles

Lecture 36 Psychrometrics

Engineering Students,Anyone interested in learning more about Thermodynamics

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 18h 22m | 903.34 MB
Created by: Michael Reynolds, PhD

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