English Bootcamp

Revisiting the grammar points that tend to trip you up and make you second guess yourself when using English to speak
English Bootcamp
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Victoria Perlas


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English Bootcamp

What you’ll learn

To give you an updated refresher on selected English grammar points.
To give you clarity when verbalising your ideas in English.
To provide you with useful, bite-sized exercises for on-the-spot practice at your own pace.
To boost your overall confidence in speaking when using English, especially at work.
To shorten your learning time given this course’s clarity and simplicity

English Bootcamp


Basic knowledge of English both written and spoken
Openness to identifying and learning through one’s mistakes


Via and Tebs of Silvertrain have been conducting communication workshops for over a decade and have been able to zero in on the aspects of English grammar that can be the most confusing. They have also figured out how to present these in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. They are big believers that learning happens best when fun is part of the equation.English Bootcamp is a course designed for learners looking for something that is informative, interesting and does not take up too much of your time. Each section in this course is a concentrated, little capsule of information that goes through the rules and application of some of the most common issues that English learners face. The rules are laid out to guide you along, and you get to do some practice runs with the instructors called “Let’s Practice” before you set out to do drills on your own.  This section is called “Your Turn.”  The course also includes some written exercises drawing from your own life experiences which usually make the lesson stick better.  There are also multiple choice quizzes that explain why the answers are or aren’t correct.  All these practical tools make you, the learner feel as if you have the instructor by your side.So if you do not want to spend too much time in front of your screen but want clarity on some of those confusing grammar situations and enjoy yourself while you’re at it, this is the program for you.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Course

Section 2: Subject-Verb Agreement

Lecture 2 Subject-Verb Agreement

Section 3: Simple Present vs. Present Progressive Tense

Lecture 3 Simple Present vs. Present Progressive Tense

Section 4: The Simple Past Tense

Lecture 4 The Simple Past Tense

Section 5: Simple Past vs. Present Perfect Tense

Lecture 5 Simple Past vs. Present Perfect

Section 6: The Past Perfect Tense

Lecture 6 The Past Perfect Tense

Section 7: The Present Perfect Progressive

Lecture 7 The Present Perfect Progressive

Section 8: End of Course

Lecture 8 End of Course

For English learners who would like to improve English speaking skills, especially those that use it at work,For English learners who might not be aware of what their usual English errors are,For English learners who are looking to boost their overall confidence in using the language

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Udemy | English | 0h 31m | 338.91 MB
Created by: Victoria Perlas

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