English Grammar Pro Beginner to Advanced A1C1 Grammar

Complete grammar course to FINISH studying English grammar + improve conversation and pronunciation
English Grammar Pro Beginner to Advanced A1C1 Grammar
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English Grammar Pro Beginner to Advanced A1C1 Grammar

What you’ll learn

ALL English grammar to sound fluent
better PRONUNCIATION (American)
when native speakers IGNORE grammar rules in spoken conversation
how to FEEL CONFIDENT with the English language
Grammar for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, FCE and CAE

English Grammar Pro Beginner to Advanced A1C1 Grammar


No requirements, for beginner & advanced
Adult expressions & vocabulary in live lectures may not be suitable for young children


Grammar is the easy part of learning English!there are rulespractice by yourselfand practice at your own speed!To make English grammar easy, Iadd new videos you request!focus on pronunciationtell you when native speakers ignore the rules in spoken conversation! Your goal is to FINISH studying grammarFinish studying grammar so you can become fluent and confident in the English language!(and master exams like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, FCE or CAE)ATTENTION: There is some adult language in the live lectures that might not be suitable for children,as live lectures may include discussion of informal English slang and other expressions meant for adult learners.


Section 1: About the course

Lecture 1 How course is organized

Lecture 2 Homework and in-lecture practice

Lecture 3 Fluency & C2 level

Section 2: What grammar to add new videos about?

Section 3: The parts of speech (NEW, UPDATING)

Lecture 4 Intro to parts of speech

Lecture 5 Noun categories, how to use

Lecture 6 Identifying nouns and types

Lecture 7 Plural nouns rules

Lecture 8 Countable and uncountable

Lecture 9 Collective nouns

Lecture 10 Compound nouns, noun adjectives

Lecture 11 Possessive noun rules

Lecture 12 Intro to pronouns

Lecture 13 Types of pronouns | subject, object, possessive, demonstrative

Lecture 14 Types of pronouns | reflexive & intensive

Lecture 15 Types of pronouns | interrogative

Lecture 16 Intro to relative pronouns, clauses, phrases

Lecture 17 Independent & dependent clauses

Lecture 18 New lectures coming soon

Section 4: Present tenses

Lecture 19 “To be” am, is, are

Lecture 20 LIVE LECTURE: To be

Lecture 21 “To be” questions

Lecture 22 Present simple

Lecture 23 LIVE LECTURE: Present simple

Lecture 24 Present simple negative: “not”

Lecture 25 Present simple questions “Do/does…?”

Lecture 26 Present simple irregular verbs

Lecture 27 Present continuous and negative

Lecture 28 LIVE LECTURE: Present continuous

Lecture 29 Present continuous questions

Lecture 30 Present simple vs continuous

Lecture 31 Have got

Lecture 32 Pronunciation: 52 most common verbs

Section 5: Past tenses

Lecture 33 “To be” – was, were

Lecture 34 Past simple: -ed endings and irregular

Lecture 35 LIVE LECTURE: Past simple

Lecture 36 Past simple: questions and negatives

Lecture 37 Past continuous

Lecture 38 LIVE LECTURE: Past continuous

Lecture 39 Past continuous vs past simple

Lecture 40 Past habits: would, used to, past simple

Lecture 41 LIVE LECTURE: Past habits

Lecture 42 Past perfect, past perfect continuous

Lecture 43 Pronunciation: 52 most common verbs

Section 6: Present perfect & continuous

Lecture 44 Present perfect: how to form, use 1

Lecture 45 LIVE LECTURE: Present perfect, use 1

Lecture 46 Present perfect: use 2 (just, already, yet)

Lecture 47 Present perfect: use 3 (have ever)

Lecture 48 Present perfect: use 4 (how long have)

Lecture 49 LIVE: Present perfect: uses 2, 3, 4

Lecture 50 Present perfect: “for, since, ago”

Lecture 51 Present perfect vs past simple

Lecture 52 Present perfect continuous

Section 7: Future

Lecture 53 Present continuous with future meaning

Lecture 54 Going to + do something

Lecture 55 Will (future simple) and shall

Lecture 56 Future continuous

Lecture 57 Future perfect and fut. perfect continuous

Lecture 58 LIVE: Future perfect simple and continuous

Section 8: Passive

Lecture 59 Present and past simple passive

Lecture 60 Present continuous, perfect, simple future

Section 9: “There” vs “it”

Lecture 61 There is/are: present and uses

Lecture 62 There structure: past, perfect, future

Lecture 63 How to use “it”

Section 10: Modals and the imperative

Lecture 64 How to use “might” and “may”

Lecture 65 How to use “can” vs “could”

Lecture 66 How to use “should”

Lecture 67 How to use “would”

Lecture 68 How to use “have to”

Lecture 69 How to use: “must” / “don’t need to”

Lecture 70 How to: commands (imperative)

Section 11: Helping (auxiliary) verbs

Lecture 71 Short form statements and answers

Lecture 72 Question tags, showing surprise

Lecture 73 Asking questions with intonation

Lecture 74 Showing agreement/disagrement

Section 12: Adjectives and adverbs

Lecture 75 Adjectives

Lecture 76 Adverbs

Lecture 77 (not) as … as

Lecture 78 Enough

Lecture 79 Too

Lecture 80 Comparative (faster, more famous…)

Lecture 81 Superlative (fastest, the fastest …)

Lecture 82 Still, yet, already, no longer

Section 13: Articles (a/an/the) & (un)countable nouns

Lecture 83 Article rules 1 to 12

Lecture 84 Live: definite vs indefinite, when to use, etc.

Lecture 85 Article rules 13 to 20

Lecture 86 Article rules 21 to 23

Lecture 87 Countable vs uncountable nouns

Section 14: Pronouns, possession, negation

Lecture 88 Subject: he, Object: him, Reflexive: himself

Lecture 89 Possessive adj. (my) vs pronoun (mine)

Lecture 90 Possessive -s and “of”

Lecture 91 Demonstrative: This/that, these/those

Lecture 92 Pronouns: “one/ones”

Lecture 93 “Every” vs “all”

Lecture 94 Quantifiers with “of” and “the”

Lecture 95 Quantifiers “some” vs “any”

Lecture 96 Indefinite: Some(body), any(body), no(body)

Lecture 97 “Both” vs “either” vs “neither”

Lecture 98 “No” vs “not” vs “none”

Section 15: Prepositions (in, at, on, between, etc.)

Lecture 99 Prepositions of time 1 (in, at, on)

Lecture 100 LIVE: Time part 1

Lecture 101 Time part 2 (during, since, while, for)

Lecture 102 Prepositions of place 1 (in, at, on)

Lecture 103 LIVE: Place part 1

Lecture 104 Place part 2 (above, below, between, etc)

Lecture 105 LIVE: Place part 2

Lecture 106 Movement/direction (across, through, etc)

Lecture 107 Manner (by, with at) & popular verb pairs

Section 16: Reported speech (he/she said that …)

Lecture 108 He said … / she said …

Lecture 109 Reported questions

Section 17: Word order

Lecture 110 Structure: direct & indirect objects

Section 18: Conjunctions and clauses

Lecture 111 And, because, but, or, so

Lecture 112 In spite of, although, though, etc.

Lecture 113 “In case”, “If”, “when”

Lecture 114 As long as, unless, provided

Lecture 115 “As” vs “When” vs “Like”

Lecture 116 Clauses: independent/dependent

Lecture 117 Relative clauses 1 (what, who, that, which)

Lecture 118 Relative clauses 2 (whose, whom, where)

Lecture 119 Restrictive & nonrestrictive clauses

Section 19: “IF” sentences / conditionals

Lecture 120 0 conditional: if, present + present

Lecture 121 LIVE LECTURE: 0 conditional

Lecture 122 1st conditional: if, present + will

Lecture 123 LIVE LECTURE: 1st conditional

Lecture 124 2nd conditional: if, past + would/could

Lecture 125 LIVE LECTURE: 2nd conditional

Lecture 126 3rd conditional: if, past perfect + would + have …

Join now if you are:,SICK of grammar,want to FINISH studying grammar,ready to focus on SPEAKING English, not grammar!

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Udemy | English | 11h 52m | 9.80 GB
Created by: For Your English

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