English Pronouns for IELTS TOEFL PTE

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English Pronouns for IELTS TOEFL PTE
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Ahmad Sharifzadeh


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English Pronouns for IELTS TOEFL PTE

What you’ll learn

English grammar
Advanced Grammar
English pronouns
Intermediate grammar

English Pronouns for IELTS TOEFL PTE


Basic English


Although some students hate grammar, it is indispensable. Some students believe that IELTS, TOEFL, and other international exams do not evaluate grammar, then why should I learn grammar? They are right, these tests do not directly and explicitly evaluate grammar, but imagine you do not know grammar. Can you write a sentence? Can you speak? Can you read? For sure, the answer is NO. That is the reason why I am teaching grammar, and that is the reason why you ought to learn grammar. Grammar is an important part of any language, written or spoken. Pronouns are an important part of grammar. Grammar is actually the constituent substituted for nouns and noun phrases. In this course, I will teach you how to use grammar, different classifications of grammar, and all related to pronouns in detail with examples.The instructor of the course is the author of a book series on “How to write research papers in English” in two volumes published by Amazon. The books were authored in a very simple language so that learners with an intermediate language proficiency can read the books. In addition, he is the author of a book on grammar, “Academic English Grammar: For intermediate and advanced learners” published by Amazon. Moreover, he is the editor of two books, one of which is also published by Amazon.N.B.: Some new lectures are being added gradually, and the course is being updated regularly.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Types of pronouns

Lecture 3 Pronoun suffixes

Lecture 4 Pronouns classification

Lecture 5 Personal pronouns

Lecture 6 Expletive pronouns

Lecture 7 Relative pronouns

Lecture 8 Reflexive pronouns

Lecture 9 Demonstrative pronouns


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Created by: Ahmad Sharifzadeh

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