English writing skill from A to Z

For elementary to advanced students
English writing skill from A to Z
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English writing skill from A to Z

What you’ll learn

Write topic sentence
Write thesis statement with blueprint
Write introduction and conclusion paragraphs
Write body paragraphs
Learn writing basics
Learn how to write essays in English
Learn how to write paragraphs in English
Learn how to edit & proofread written texts

English writing skill from A to Z


Basic English


This is a course which starts with what you need to know before putting your pen on a paper and goes on to teach you how to answer Task 2 IELTS, general training and academic. The important point is that you will learn how to write 1-paragraph and 5-paragraph essays, not only part of exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., but also useful while writing research papers, term papers, thesis or dissertation because the principles are the same. You know that writing skill is considered as the most important skill because universities and fund givers prefer to select students who score higher in IELTS or TOEFL writing skill, because this is the skill you need when writing research papers, theses, or dissertations. The instructor of the course is the author of a book series on “How to write research papers in English” in two volumes published by Amazon. The books were authored in a very simple language so that learners with an intermediate language proficiency can read the books. In addition, he is the author of a book on grammar, “Academic English Grammar: For intermediate and advanced learners” published by Amazon. Moreover, he is the editor of two books, one of which is also published by Amazon.N.B.: Some new lectures are being added gradually, and the course is being updated regularly.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Instructor Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction

Section 2: Writing process

Lecture 3 Writing process

Lecture 4 Writing process: The first stage (pre-writing)

Lecture 5 Writing process: Brainstorming

Lecture 6 Writing Process: Discussing

Lecture 7 Writing Process: Listing

Lecture 8 Writing process: Outlining

Lecture 9 Writing process: Charting

Lecture 10 Writing process: Clustering

Lecture 11 Writing process: Mapping

Lecture 12 Writing Process: Free Writing

Lecture 13 Writing Process: Looping

Lecture 14 Writing process: Make a plan

Lecture 15 Writing process: Thesis statement

Lecture 16 Writing process: Supporting details

Lecture 17 Writing process: Order

Lecture 18 Writing process: Structure

Lecture 19 The second stage: Writing stage

Lecture 20 The third stage: Revising

Lecture 21 The fourth stage: Editing

Lecture 22 Concluding remarks

Section 3: One-paragraph essay

Lecture 23 How to write one-paragraph essay

Section 4: 5-paragraph Essay

Lecture 24 5-paragraph Essay Template

Lecture 25 Parts of 5-paragraph Essay

Lecture 26 Introduction paragraph

Lecture 27 2 Important Purposes of Introduction

Lecture 28 Motivator

Lecture 29 Techniques of writing motivator

Lecture 30 Thesis Statement

Lecture 31 Blueprint

Lecture 32 Blueprints Answering

Lecture 33 Sample Introduction with Thesis Statement

Lecture 34 Sample Organization for Thesis Statement with blueprint

Lecture 35 Different Forms of the Thesis With Blueprint

Lecture 36 Thesis With Blueprint Practices

Lecture 37 Topic sentence & Thesis With Blueprint Practices

Lecture 38 Checklist for Introduction

Lecture 39 Central Paragraphs

Lecture 40 Central Paragraphs vs. 1-paragraph Essay

Lecture 41 Examples of Central Paragraphs

Lecture 42 Additions to topic sentence: Practices

Lecture 43 Sample thesis with topic sentences

Lecture 44 Complete topic sentences: Practices

Lecture 45 Checklist for central paragraphs

Lecture 46 Conclusion: The last paragraph

Lecture 47 Reworded thesis statement

Lecture 48 Clincher

Lecture 49 Techniques of writing a clincher

Lecture 50 Sample Conclusion of a 5-Paragraph Essay

Lecture 51 Checklist for conclusion

Lecture 52 Sample 5-paragraph Essay 1

Lecture 53 Sample 5-paragraph Essay 2

Lecture 54 Sample 5-paragraph Essay 3

Lecture 55 Checklist for the 5-paragraph Essay

Students,Researchers,Professors,Applicants of IELTS, TOEFL & PTE

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Created by: Ahmad Sharifzadeh

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