Enterprise Architecture by Example

Create a comprehensive architecture for your enterprise and execute a migration from a baseline to target architecture
Enterprise Architecture by Example
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Enterprise Architecture by Example

What you’ll learn

Develop a foundational enterprise architecture that serves as the starting point for your organization’s growth and transformation
Grasp the connection between TOGAF and your organization’s mission, enabling strategic alignment and decision-making
Acquire the skills to implement data architecture effectively beyond software contexts, optimizing data management and performance
Dive into business architecture and explore various modeling languages, tools, and techniques to analyze and map organizations
Delve into data architecture and learn how to design, migrate, and manage data for optimal performance and interoperability
Learn from real-life case studies and architectural tales that showcase the power of enterprise architecture in action

Enterprise Architecture by Example


You should have a background in business.
A background in software is helpful, but not required.


Discover the power of Enterprise Architecture and unlock your organization’s full potential with this comprehensive course. Delve into the art of describing the present, envisioning the future, and bridging the gap between the two, using cutting-edge tools and processes.Embark on a journey to understand TOGAF, the Open Group’s renowned framework for achieving organizational missions in large enterprises. Master the art of transitioning from baseline to target architecture, and learn how to assess and navigate the impact of this shift through gap analysis and strategic process implementation.Throughout the course, you’ll hear captivating stories from the instructor’s own career, as well as insightful case studies in enterprise architecture, including an in-depth analysis of the United States Marine Corps Recruiting system and the Apollo 13 disaster. These real-world examples will help you appreciate the critical role of enterprise architecture in addressing complex challenges and driving success.Finally, you will learn how to create influential enterprise artifacts that genuinely connect with users. Develop the ability to pinpoint essential elements for inclusion and exclusion, fostering a targeted and streamlined approach to enterprise architecture.Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your career and become an invaluable asset to your organization. Enroll now and harness the transformative power of enterprise architecture!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What Do We Mean by “Enterprise”? What Do We Mean by “Architecture”?

Lecture 3 The Goals of Enterprise Architecture

Lecture 4 The Foundation of Enterprise Architecture: Socialization of Requirements

Section 2: Understanding Enterprise Architecture Basics – TOGAF

Lecture 5 Introduction

Lecture 6 Requirements Management

Lecture 7 Architecture Vision

Lecture 8 Business Architecture

Lecture 9 Information Systems Architectures

Lecture 10 Opportunities and Solutions

Lecture 11 Implementation Governance

Lecture 12 Change Management

Lecture 13 TOGAF is a FRAMEWORK

Lecture 14 Summary

Section 3: Understanding Business Architecture

Lecture 15 Introduction

Lecture 16 First and Foremost

Lecture 17 Selecting Models and Tools

Lecture 18 UML – Unified Modeling Language

Lecture 19 Demo: Class and Activity Diagrams

Lecture 20 Demo: Sequence Diagrams and Placing EA Artifacts in Context

Lecture 21 Analysis and Modeling Methods

Lecture 22 Mapping Organizations

Lecture 23 Gap Analysis

Lecture 24 Summary

Section 4: Understanding EA and the Role of Infrastructure

Lecture 25 Mapping your Infrastructure with a Portfolio Catalog

Lecture 26 Demo: Mapping an Application

Lecture 27 Verifying Effectiveness of EA Documents

Lecture 28 Mapping Software

Lecture 29 Demo: Automatically Generating Documentation

Lecture 30 Mapping Software the Right Way

Lecture 31 Demo: Mapping a Software Application

Lecture 32 Diagramming Your Processes

Lecture 33 Demo: Revisiting a Process Diagram

Lecture 34 Breaking All That Down

Lecture 35 Placing your Infrastructure in an Application and Technology Matrix

Lecture 36 The TOGAF TRM Graphics

Lecture 37 The Two Classes of Application Software

Lecture 38 Demo: Mapping a Business Application

Lecture 39 Interoperability

Lecture 40 Summary

Section 5: The Shape of Information: Data Architecture

Lecture 41 Again, Data Architecture is Not Database Design

Lecture 42 Demo: Data Architecture for Our Fitness Challenge

Lecture 43 Data in Motion: Data Migration

Lecture 44 Demo: Architecting a Continual Data Migration

Lecture 45 Data Migration from Baseline to Target Architectures

Lecture 46 The Life and Times of a Datum

Lecture 47 A Logical Level Story

Lecture 48 Demo: A Disaster Aid Scenario

Lecture 49 Summary

Section 6: Tales of Architecture

Lecture 50 Implementing Security and Controls at a Software Company

Lecture 51 Rapid House

Lecture 52 One More War Story

Lecture 53 The Apollo 13 Disaster

Lecture 54 Interoperability and Apollo 13

Lecture 55 Summary

Section 7: Enterprise Architecture Done Right

Lecture 56 Understanding Operating Models

Lecture 57 Schrodinger’s Cat and the Observer Effect

Lecture 58 Applying Enterprise Architecture

Lecture 59 Criticism of Enterprise Architecture

Lecture 60 A Final Appeal for Beauty in EA Artifacts

Lecture 61 Course Summary

IT professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of enterprise architecture and enhance their career prospects.,Business analysts aiming to better understand the alignment of IT and business goals.,Solution architects interested in improving their understanding of business architecture and its impact on overall organizational performance.,Project managers looking to enhance their skill set and learn how to manage complex IT projects effectively.,Data architects and data analysts who want to explore data architecture within the context of enterprise architecture.,IT consultants and advisors seeking to provide more comprehensive and strategic guidance to clients.,IT managers and CIOs aiming to better understand the role of enterprise architecture in driving business success.,Business executives interested in leveraging enterprise architecture to support organizational strategy and growth.,IT students and recent graduates looking to specialize in enterprise architecture and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 3m | 1.90 GB
Created by: Chris B Behrens

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