Environment Art School Complete Perspective Drawing Course

Learn How To Draw Landscapes, How to Draw Perspective, How to Draw Backgrounds and How to Draw Scenes and Create Worlds
Environment Art School Complete Perspective Drawing Course
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Scott Harris | 330,000+ Students


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Environment Art School Complete Perspective Drawing Course

What you’ll learn

How to Draw Landscape Drawings
How to Draw Environment Drawings
How to Draw Interior Scenes
How to Draw Backgrounds
How to Draw Perspective Correctly
How to Draw Professionally and Efficiently
How to Draw in 3D
How to Draw Environments from Start to Finish
How to Draw with a Professional Workflow
Draw with Pencil or Paper, Digital Tools or on iPad Pro
How to Utilise the Included Free Resources

Environment Art School Complete Perspective Drawing Course


A Desire to Draw Landscapes, Scenes, Environments and Interiors Professionally, From Scratch
Drawing Tools: Digital Art Tools, or Traditional Tools
A Strong Desire and Motivation to Learn Quickly and Efficiently


What is Environment Art School: Perspective Landscape Drawing Course?Environment Art School is a learn-anywhere drawing course where you learn how to draw landscapes, backgrounds, scenes and professional environments. Whether you are wanting to create immersive worlds and environments, scenes for character drawings, environment design for video games, backgrounds for comics and manga and more – I’ve got you covered! I’ve built the Perspective Art School: Environment Landscape Drawing Course to be the only environment drawing course you need to learn all the key fundamentals and advanced drawing techniques on how to draw in this genre, professionally. Learn to draw and sketch landscapes and environments well. If you are just starting to learn to draw or you’re already at an intermediate level, this drawing course will advance your current environment drawing ability to professional heights. This course is a comprehensive, 5 module, guided video course, where the only limit to your progression is your determination and engagement in the process.Whether you want to create drawings of nature, landscape drawings, environments and interiors for films and games, illustrations, comics, manga, or more, this is the course you need to get you there.I will teach you to draw perspective scenes without fear, and I’ll teach you to draw them efficiently.Clear, Easy to Understand LessonsCrystal Clear – that’s my style. Learning environment drawing and perspective drawing effectively, means having information presented in a logical, coherent and efficient way. This course is modular by design, easy to grasp, and allows you to learn in a well-paced, structured way. Engage in the course chronologically and then revise each module at your leisure. Grasp complex perspective theory and landscape drawing techniques faster than you ever have before- there’s no filler or fluff here.Assignments that are rewarding Each assignment has been designed to reinforce the theory as well as feel rewarding. Art tends to need a certain degree of repetition, but if you understand a concept well enough after practice, there’s no need to aimlessly draw out exercises further. I have built each assignment to help you rapidly progress, while implementing the core theories taught- and you’ll see the difference in your own work almost immediately. Art is about doing, so let’s get started- let’s draw something awesome!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Updates, Resources and Community

Section 2: Module 1: Fundamentals of Perspective Drawing

Lecture 3 Introduction: The Big Picture

Lecture 4 The Picture Plane

Lecture 5 Horizon Line

Lecture 6 Vanishing Points

Lecture 7 Grid Lines

Lecture 8 Verticals and Horizontals

Lecture 9 Reference Vanishing Points

Lecture 10 Drawing 1 Point Perspective

Lecture 11 Drawing 2 Point Perspective

Lecture 12 Drawing 3 Point Perspective

Lecture 13 Stacking Perspective Types

Lecture 14 Distortion in Perspective

Lecture 15 Isometric Perspective

Lecture 16 Three point Perspective Lines Shortcut

Lecture 17 Let’s Talk About Perspective!

Lecture 18 Module 1 Assignments

Lecture 19 Module 1 Resources

Section 3: Module 2: Controlling the Camera in Perspective

Lecture 20 Controlling the Camera Angle: High, Mid and Low Camera Angles

Lecture 21 Spatial Zones of Environment Scenes

Lecture 22 Camera and Perspective Shot Types

Lecture 23 Picture Plane Aspect Ratios

Lecture 24 The Cone of Vision: Avoiding Distortion

Lecture 25 Quick Optimum Vanishing Point Placement Guide

Lecture 26 Module 2 Assignments

Lecture 27 Module 2 Resources

Section 4: Module 3: Perspective Techniques

Lecture 28 Introduction to Perspective Techniques

Lecture 29 Finding the Center of Planes and Duplicating Planes

Lecture 30 Correctly Scaling Objects in Perspective

Lecture 31 Ellipses: What is an Ellipse?

Lecture 32 Ellipses: Drawing Ellipses in Perspective

Lecture 33 Module 3 Assignments

Section 5: Module 4: Environment Composition and Workflow

Lecture 34 Introduction to Workflow and Composition

Lecture 35 STEP 1: Vision: World, Story, Feeling and Mood

Lecture 36 STEP 2.1: Drawing in Perspective Foundations

Lecture 37 STEP 2.2: Establishing Key Composition

Lecture 38 Advanced Compositional Thinking

Lecture 39 STEP 3: Rough Block-in and Establishing Spatial Zones

Lecture 40 STEP 4: Use Compositional Elements to Add Depth

Lecture 41 STEP 5: Finalising the Rough Drawing

Lecture 42 STEP 6: Professional Cleanup Stage: Refining and Creating Clean Lines

Lecture 43 A Summary of the Environment and Composition Workflow

Lecture 44 Module 4 Assignments

Lecture 45 Additional: Full Cleanup Step Demo

Section 6: Module 5: Environment Drawing Demos

Lecture 46 Dr Vigyls Lab Interior Scene Time-lapse and Commentary

Lecture 47 City on a Hill Exterior Scene Time-lapse and Commentary

Lecture 48 Longform Time-lapse: Dr Vigyls Lab

Lecture 49 Longform Time-lapse: City on a Hill

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 50 Conclusion to the Course

Section 8: Additional Content

Lecture 51 Perspective Grid Drawing Shortcuts in Photoshop

Anyone who wants to learn landscapes, environments, backgrounds and scenes professionally, in any style,Individuals who love landscape art, from fine art landscapes and drawings, to Video Game Art, Animation, Comics, Manga and more

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 46m | 8.00 GB
Created by: Scott Harris | 330,000+ Students

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