Erlang The Complete Beginners Guide 2023

Learn Distributed Programming in Erlang and become an expert in a niche market
Erlang The Complete Beginners Guide 2023
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Catalin Stefan


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Erlang The Complete Beginners Guide 2023

What you’ll learn

Erlang programming language
Network communication
Real time communication
Learn to code

Erlang The Complete Beginners Guide 2023


Mac or PC
Interest in Software Development


Why learn ErlangErlang is a distributed parallel process oriented, functional programming language.In 2018, the popular site StackOverflow rated Erlang as the highest paying programming language in the US, and among the highest in the world.Many big players like Microsoft, IBM, Ericsson, WhatsApp etc use Erlang for their backend functionality.This course teaches you:to install and setup Erlang on a PC and Macthe language basics like functionsdata typeslistsetccontrol structuresfunctions and higher order functionsconcurrent processingThis course opens up many opportunities to work in a niche market, where your skills will be highly values by employers. There is a huge shortage of Erlang skills, and you can claim the top spot.Erlang is also a fun language to learn, making it easy to communicate between computers across the internet. It’s a great skill to have if you’re looking to expand your programming tool belt.We will build examples at every step and learn by applying the knowledge. We will also build a distributed chat application to exemplify the knowledge we learn.This course explains step by step what the structures and functionality are for and how to apply them in a real world scenario.Sign up today and let’s start learning Erlang together.30 day money back guarantee – provided by UdemyHighly rated instructor with over 8000 active students and growing monthly.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What will we talk about

Lecture 2 How to take this course

Lecture 3 Important message about Udemy reviews

Lecture 4 Engage on social media

Section 2: Development Environment

Lecture 5 Install Erlang on a Mac

Lecture 6 Install the IntelliJ IDE on a Mac

Lecture 7 Install Erlang on a PC

Lecture 8 Install the IntelliJ IDE on a PC

Lecture 9 How to get the code

Section 3: Hello World

Lecture 10 Let’s write some code

Lecture 11 Hello World explanation

Section 4: Language Basics

Lecture 12 Functions and Recursive Functions

Lecture 13 Operators

Lecture 14 Atoms

Lecture 15 Data Types

Lecture 16 Tuples

Lecture 17 Lists

Lecture 18 Maps

Section 5: Control Structures

Lecture 19 If Else

Lecture 20 Case

Lecture 21 Loops

Section 6: Car Dealership

Lecture 22 Challenge

Lecture 23 Solution

Section 7: Functions

Lecture 24 Pattern Matching

Lecture 25 Guards

Lecture 26 Built In Functions

Lecture 27 Higher Order Functions

Section 8: Concurrent Processing

Lecture 28 Processes

Lecture 29 Message Passing

Lecture 30 Registered Process Names

Lecture 31 Distributed Programming

Lecture 32 Running the code on a Mac

Lecture 33 Running the code on a Windows PC

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 34 Conclusion

Lecture 35 Further resources

Lecture 36 Thank you

Beginner Erlang Developers,Interest in a Distributed Software Development Language

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Udemy | English | 3h 24m | 1.12 GB
Created by: Catalin Stefan

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