ESD An Analog Design Viewpoint

How to apply ESD protection to analog/mixed signal ICs
ESD An Analog Design Viewpoint
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ESD An Analog Design Viewpoint

What you’ll learn

Understand ESD concepts and ESD protection
Apply ESD protection to analog/mixed signal ICs
Understand the co-design of analog/mixed signal circuits and ESD protection

ESD An Analog Design Viewpoint


A quick review of IC design and semiconductor components would be helpful.


The objective of this course is to understand how to efficiently and accurately apply ESD protection from an analog/mixed signal IC designers viewpoint. The approach will be to understand ESD protection cells, understand ESD influence on circuit components, apply a co-design approach to combining ESD protection with analog/mixed signal circuits, understand the physical aspects of ICs on ESD, and to avoid common mistakes in ESD protection.
The terminology used in this course is that found in analog and mixed-signal IC design practice. An understanding of integrated circuit components; transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc., is assumed.
The course consist of 16 lectures with a quiz following each lecture. The course will take approximately 10 hours to complete including the quizzes.
This course should be taken by analog and/or mixed signal designers who want to be able to efficiently and effectively provide ESD protection for their designs.If the student has completed the course and is interested in a copy of the notes, they can be downloaded from Dropbox. To get the link, contact the instructor at [email protected]


Section 1: ESD Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to ESD

Lecture 2 ESD Standards and Models

Lecture 3 ESD Testing

Section 2: ESD Influence on Components

Lecture 4 ESD Influence on Passive Components

Lecture 5 ESD Influence on Bipolar Junction Transistors

Lecture 6 ESD Influence on MOSFETs and SCRs

Section 3: ESD Protection Devices

Lecture 7 ESD Protection Devices – I

Lecture 8 ESD Protection Devices – II

Section 4: ESD Circuit Protection

Lecture 9 ESD Protection

Lecture 10 ESD Output Protection

Lecture 11 ESD Input Protection

Lecture 12 ESD General Circuit Protection

Section 5: ESD System Protection

Lecture 13 ESD System Protection

Lecture 14 Influence of Layout on ESD

Lecture 15 Technology, Modeling, and Simulation

Lecture 16 ESD Case Studies

Students will learn how to protect their analog and mixed signal IC designs from ESD stress. The course is best suited for analog and mixed signal IC designers. It would not be suitable for students without an understanding of circuit design and semiconductor components.

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Created by: Phillip Allen

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