ESLTEFLTESOL Earn Money Teach English Travel The World

Your one-stop-shop for all things TEFL: Which certification? Where to teach? How to write an ESL CV? and much more…
ESLTEFLTESOL Earn Money Teach English Travel The World
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ESLTEFLTESOL Earn Money Teach English Travel The World

What you’ll learn

Find out if TEFL is the right career path for you
Discover the most popular TEFL teaching locations around the world
Choose the best TEFL accreditation course for you- AND take advantage of completely free ouchers and discount codes!
Write a job-landing CV and hone your interview skills, to land you that dream TEFL position!for your next TEFL teaching position
Find your perfect TEFL location, even if you don’t have a degree!
Learn how to spot red flags and avoid TEFL teaching scams
Learn how to create engaging lesson plans
Develop your skills to make sure you provide a quality learning environment for your students
Take the final steps to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

ESLTEFLTESOL Earn Money Teach English Travel The World


Native English speaker from the following countries: UK, Ireland, South Africa, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
A degree is preferable but not a requirement in all locations!
A positive can-do attitude.
A desire to make the world a better place.
No teaching experience required!


This 3 hour course is broken down into 29 individual lessons featuring e-books, cheat sheets, quizzes, discounts, and extra videos from guest speakers.Are you wondering if this course is a good fit for you?Well…Do you believe there is more to life than paying bills?Are you constantly battling with whether to “live for the moment” or “invest in your future”?Are you sick of being stuck at home? Stuck in the office? Just… stuck?”ESL/TEFL/TESOL: Earn Money, Teach English & Travel The World” is your step-by-step guide to building a life of freedom and fulfillment while creating a reliable and sustainable source of income.Armed with the information you’ll receive in this course, you will feel confident and prepared to take the first steps into the world of TEFL teaching:- Find out which TEFL certification suits your requirements- Compare the top TEFL teaching locations- Develop a financial plan for your trip- Write an attention-grabbing job application- Avoid scams in the industry- Find out what to pack and which vaccination/ medication is required- Plus an entire unit on classroom management and teaching tips…This is everything I wish I knew when I first got started in this industry! 10 years of experience distilled into a three hour course.Let me walk you through the entire TEFL process, so you can skip the doubts, fears and mistakes, and jump directly to the fun, freedom and fulfillment.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course!

Section 2: Is TEFL For Me?

Lecture 2 What is TEFL?

Lecture 3 What Makes A Great TEFL Teacher?

Lecture 4 Can TEFL Be A Career?

Lecture 5 TEFL Teaching Without a Degree


Section 3: TEFL Teaching Regions and Financial Planning

Lecture 7 TEFL Regions- Salaries vs. Living Costs

Lecture 8 Asia

Lecture 9 Europe

Lecture 10 Middle East

Lecture 11 South America

Section 4: Landing Your Dream TEFL Job

Lecture 12 Choosing Your TEFL Certification

Lecture 13 Writing the Perfect TEFL CV

Lecture 14 Applying for Jobs

Lecture 15 Preparing for TEFL Job Interviews

Lecture 16 How to Avoid Scams


Section 5: Understanding Your Role as a TEFL Teacher

Lecture 18 Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Lecture 19 Understanding the Different Learning Styles.

Lecture 20 Lesson Planning

Lecture 21 Free TEFL Teaching Resources

Lecture 22 Classroom Management


Section 6: Final Preparations. Time to Travel!

Lecture 24 Safety First!

Lecture 25 Booking Your First Flight

Lecture 26 Packing for Your TEFL Adventure

Lecture 27 Culture Shock

Lecture 28 New Beginnings

Native English speakers that are interested in taking the leap into the world of TEFL Teaching.,People who are interested in teaching English abroad but have no idea about their options.,Aspiring teachers who are worried about making the move, and would like to be walked step-by-step through the process.,People looking to save time, money, and energy before embarking on this exciting, life-changing move.

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Udemy | English | 2h 59m | 3.09 GB
Created by: Katrin Arlington

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