Essential Photoshop Tools for the Graphic Design Beginners

Master the Basics and Build a Strong Foundation for Your Design Career using Photoshop
Essential Photoshop Tools for the Graphic Design Beginners
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Essential Photoshop Tools for the Graphic Design Beginners

What you’ll learn

You’ll explore the various tools, panels, menu bar, and options bar available in Photoshop.
We’ll cover different page dimensions required for digital and print projects.
You’ll learn how to set up your tools and panels to make your work easier.
Students will practice their designing skills in the course through exercises and real-world projects.
You’ll learn how layers work and how to use them to create cool designs.
You’ll learn how to use the pen tool to cut out images.
You’ll learn how to insert a logo and add text to your design.
You’ll learn how to add shadows and backgrounds to give your design depth.
We’ll create social media post for the cosmetic brand, using a different product and color scheme.
We’ll cover how to resize images and use the crop tool to remove unwanted parts.
We’ll also use adjustment layers, such as Hue/Saturation, to improve the color quality.
You’ll learn how to add text, change font style and size, and explore color overlay options for objects.
We’ll introduce you to different workspaces that can be used for different projects.
Start designing stunning creatives and attract your target audience.
Develop and design your own projects from start to finish.
There are different types of Marquee tools, and we’ll explore how to use them to select objects in an image.
We’ll also learn how to add, subtract, and intersect selections to fine-tune our image selections.
We will teach you to remove pimples from a face using these tools.
We will also teach you how to replace the color in an image by selecting it with the Polygonal Lasso tool.
You will learn how to select and deselect objects using both the Object Selection tool and Quick Selection tool.
The Magic Wand tool will be explored in-depth, with a focus on its various features.
We will discuss the different options available for the Object Selection tool, which can help you achieve the desired effect.
You will see firsthand how the Object Selection tool can be used to replace the color of the sky in an image.
We will also cover the Replace Color option and show you how to change the color of the background.
Using the Pen Tool, we will cut out a cat cup and place it near a cat image, adding a shadow for a realistic effect.
Additionally, we will cut out a beautiful purple rose product using the Pen Tool, changing the background to create a stunning image. We will also use the Burn
You will learn how to set the brush panel’s options and understand the options available in the options bar.
We will also learn how to create our own custom brush, giving us endless possibilities for our designs
Additionally, we will learn how to quickly select objects and replace colors in images using the color replacement tool.
We will learn how to use the Mixer Brush Tool in-depth and explore the many options available in the options bar.
We will retouch a lady’s face and remove pimples using the Mixer Brush Tool.
I will teach you how to create stunning social media posts with amazing effects using the Brush Tool. These are the same techniques used in real life to create
We will also cover text settings, allowing you to add text to your designs.
We will start by learning how to use the Red-eye tool to remove red-eye patches from the image
Next, we will move on to the content-aware option, which helps us remove unwanted elements from the image seamlessly.
We will also learn how to retouch faces using the Spot Healing tool, which is a powerful tool that makes the process fun and easy.
We will also learn how to remove stains from clothing using the Healing tool and Clone Stamp tool, and I will show you a real-life project where we edited an im
we will understand how the Patch tool works and learn how to use its options to create smooth and seamless patches in the image.
We will edit a Facebook cover photo using the Crop tool.
One of the most interesting features of the crop tool is the ability to straighten your image. We’ll show you how to use this tool effectively to improve the co

Essential Photoshop Tools for the Graphic Design Beginners


You just need to install the photoshop software


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Section 1: Lesson 1

Lecture 1 Creating a Page

Section 2: Lesson 2

Lecture 2 Understanding Layers

Section 3: Lesson 3

Lecture 3 Creating social media post

Section 4: Lesson 4

Lecture 4 Creating 2nd social media post for cosmetic brand

Section 5: Lesson 5

Lecture 5 Creating 3rd social media post

Section 6: Lesson 6

Lecture 6 Move tool and Marquee tool

Section 7: Lesson 7

Lecture 7 Lasso and Polygon Lasso tool

Section 8: Lesson 8

Lecture 8 Magnetic Lasso tool

Section 9: Lesson 9

Lecture 9 Object and 2 other selection tools

Section 10: Lesson 10

Lecture 10 Pen tool and projects

Section 11: Lesson 11

Lecture 11 Brush Tool

Section 12: Lesson 12

Lecture 12 Mixer Brush tool and Social Media post

Section 13: Lesson 13

Lecture 13 Clone and Healing tool

Section 14: Lesson 14

Lecture 14 Crop tool

Creative aspirants seeking to unlock their imaginations and bring their visions to life!,Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to craft impressive visuals for their products and services.,Anyone eager to learn Photoshop for Graphic Design and unleash the power of their creativity!,Those wanting to understand Photoshop tools with real-world projects and applications.

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Created by: Akash Jaiswal

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