Essential Skills Emotional Intelligence Management

Learn essential skills in LESS than 2 HOURS and develop key skills for professional and personal success
Essential Skills Emotional Intelligence Management
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Karine de Brito Zucchi


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Essential Skills Emotional Intelligence Management

What you’ll learn

Develop communication skills at work
Develop teamwork
Solving problems in the work environment
Develop adaptability skills in the work environment
Develop team leadership skills
Managing emotional intelligence at work

Essential Skills Emotional Intelligence Management


To have a genuine desire to improve essential skills for performance in the workplace.


The Essential Skills course is a unique opportunity for professionals who wish to develop skills that are essential for success in various fields. Participants will have access to content that covers important concepts and techniques to enhance communication, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, and more. With the Emotional Intelligence Management at Work course, students will learn how to effectively manage their own emotions and those of others, aiming to promote personal well-being and improve effectiveness in the workplace.The courses aim to provide strategies for dealing with challenging situations and interpersonal conflicts, fostering a more collaborative and productive work environment. By combining technical skills improvement and emotional intelligence, participants will be better prepared to deal with the day-to-day challenges and establish healthier interpersonal relationships.Upon completion of the course, participants will have a deeper understanding of themselves and others, as well as practical skills to improve their personal and professional performance. The course is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their skills and become a more efficient and successful professional, regardless of their academic background or field of work. Aproveite esta oportunidade única de desenvolver competências essenciais para o sucesso na sua vida profissional e pessoal. Inscreva-se agora no curso Gestão de Competências Essenciais e Inteligência Emocional no Ambiente de Trabalho e adquira conhecimentos valiosos para lidar com os desafios do dia a dia e estabelecer relações interpessoais mais saudáveis. Não perca a chance de investir no seu desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional!


Section 1: Communication

Lecture 1 Importance of clear and effective communication in the workplace

Lecture 2 Strategies for communicating clearly and objectively

Lecture 3 How to listen attentively and understand the interlocutor’s message correctly

Lecture 4 Techniques to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts

Section 2: Teamwork

Lecture 5 Characteristics of a successful team

Lecture 6 Roles and responsibilities within a team

Lecture 7 How to collaborate with others and share ideas

Lecture 8 Strategies for overcoming conflicts and maintaining harmony within the team

Section 3: Problem Solving

Lecture 9 Problem-solving

Lecture 10 How to identify and analyze problems

Lecture 11 Strategies for finding creative and effective solutions

Lecture 12 How to deal with challenges and unexpected situations in the workplace

Section 4: Adaptability

Lecture 13 Importance of adaptability in the world of work

Lecture 14 How to deal with changes and new situations

Lecture 15 Strategies for learning quickly and constantly updating oneself

Lecture 16 How to remain resilient in the face of challenges and pressure

Section 5: Leadership

Lecture 17 Role of a leader and the necessary skills to lead a team

Lecture 18 Strategies for motivating and inspiring a team

Lecture 19 How to manage conflicts and make tough decisions

Lecture 20 How to develop and improve leadership skills


Lecture 21 Introduction to emotional intelligence and its importance in team management

Lecture 22 Emotional self-awareness

Lecture 23 Emotional Regulation

Lecture 24 Emotional Motivation

Lecture 25 Social skills

Lecture 26 Emotionally intelligent leadership

Lecture 27 Emotional intelligence and productivity

Lecture 28 Developing emotional intelligence in teams

Lecture 29 Managing stress and pressure at work

Lecture 30 Applying emotional intelligence in conflict situations

Anyone who wants to improve their essential skills and emotional intelligence.

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Created by: Karine de Brito Zucchi

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