Essential SQL Database Normalization Simplified

Database Normalization Explained in Simple English for MySql, Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL
Essential SQL Database Normalization Simplified
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Kris Wenzel


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Essential SQL Database Normalization Simplified

What you’ll learn

Know the reasons why a relational database is organized into many separate tables.
Gain confidence in understanding formal database normalization rules.
Be able to express and communicate database design concepts with others.
Be prepared to answer interview questions.
Determine whether a database table is a good design.
Restructure spreadsheet like data into good database form.

Essential SQL Database Normalization Simplified


Interest in a class hyper-focused on database normalization — nothing else!
Appreciate basic database concepts such as knowing about columns, rows, and tables.
No prior knowledge of MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL or Oracle is required!


This course is perfect if you’re running low on time, and need to cram for a test or certification. Its singular purpose is to teach you database normalization.I’ll use simple to understand English so that you can understand the concepts and get to know the important points.In this Course you will Learn to:· Appreciate and design around data modification anomalies.· Identify a properly formed database table.· Answer common interview questions related to normalization· Spot a poorly designed table.· Communicate with others about table design.· Finally understand those confounding normalization rules!Nothing is worse than· Being excited to learn something new but not knowing where to start.· Wasting time learning the wrong features.· Being overwhelmed with options and not know which to use.Imagine Having…· Knowledge – Knowing how to quickly understand table relationships to take your SQL to the next level.· Confidence – Feeling good that you’re on the right track.· Accomplishment – Having a sense of accomplishment that you’ve learned something most cannot.· Fun – Having fun learning databases!By the time you’ve completed this course you’ll have an appreciation of database normalization, overcome your fear of normal form definitions, and make sense of the most used database normal forms.So check out the course and let’s get going learning one of the most important relational database design concepts.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 2 What is Database Normalization?

Lecture 3 Reasons for Database Normalization

Lecture 4 The Three Main Normal Forms

Section 2: Database Tables and Modeling Ideas

Lecture 5 What is a Database Table?

Lecture 6 Keep it Simple: Easy To Understand Data Modeling Concepts

Section 3: Database Normalization

Lecture 7 First Normal Form

Lecture 8 First Normal Form Design Review

Lecture 9 Second Normal Form

Lecture 10 Second Normal Form Design Review

Lecture 11 Third Normal Form

Lecture 12 Third Normal Form Design Review

Lecture 13 Can Normalization Get Out of Hand?

Section 4: Wrap-up

Lecture 14 Wrap-up

Lecture 15 Bonus Lecture: Additional Resources and Course Coupons

Students baffled by their professor’s database normalization explanations,DBAs seeking common sense definitions of database normal forms.,Anyone studying MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server wanting to become a better database designer.,People preparing for SQL related job interviews.,Anyone looking to take a class whose singular purpose is to teach you database normalization,Anyone who doesn’t have time to weed through dense textbooks trying to sort out academic explanations.

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Created by: Kris Wenzel

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