Ethical Will Documentation and Presentation

An ethical will is a document that allows you to communicate your values, beliefs, and life lessons to your loved ones.
Ethical Will Documentation and Presentation
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Ethical Will Documentation and Presentation

What you’ll learn

Learners understand what Ethical Will is.
Learners will undersand the importance of Ethical Will documentation and presentation
Will learn about the structural pattern of the ducumentation of Ethical Will
Will understand the major areas and contents that are part of an Ethical Will

Ethical Will Documentation and Presentation


Basic ability to understand and read English Language


In this present day, there are major issues with the upbringing of children. The quest for early independence, desire to explore things, distractions from a lot of quarters and lots more are very huge issues with young ones.There is also the need to transfer personal values, personal principles and other important moral values to one’s children, grandchildren and other family members. Some people are very worried on the best effective ways of transferring family values and wishes.The writing of Ethical Will or Legacy Letter has been practiced for a long time. Most of the earliest Ethical Wills were mainly oral based. Gradually, the writing type of Ethical Will was introduced. The act of Ethical Will writing and documentation has become a very important method of transferring family and personal values.Ethical Will gives one an opportunity to pass along the values, guiding principles, life experiences, personal wishes and other important things to ones’ loved ones.An Ethical Will can as well be called a Legacy Letter.Ethical Will is a document that someone can use to transmit personal basic values, family values, morals and legacies to targeted people.An Ethical Will is not a legal document like as in the case of a living will or last will. Notwithstanding the non-legal status of Ethical Wills, they are very effective means of transferring personal and family values. This is because of the values, effects and impacts of an Ethical Will.In this we  discussed what Ethical Will is. We as well discussed the importance of Ethical Will and the practical contents in an Ethical Will.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is an Ethical Will?

Lecture 3 Some Areas of Ethical Will Coverage

Lecture 4 Importance of Ethical Will

Lecture 5 Things to Consider before writing an Ethical Will

Lecture 6 Major Classification of Ethical Will Documentation

Lecture 7 Some Major Pointers in Ethical Will Documentation

Lecture 8 Creation of Outline

Lecture 9 Memories sharing: Positive and Negative

Lecture 10 Opening and Introduction of Ethical Will Documentation

Lecture 11 Documentation 1

Lecture 12 Documentation 2

Lecture 13 Editing and Patterns

Lecture 14 Presentation

Anyone that has interest in moral restucturing.,Anyone with the interest on family history transfer,Anyone that desires to transfer positive personal and family values

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