Everything About Python For Beginners

Learn Python programming language from begging through in-depth video lectures and quizzes
Everything About Python For Beginners
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Everything About Python For Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn python programing language from absolute beginning
Learn basic python concepts such as variables, lists, tuple, dictionaries, strings, integers, loops, functions etc
By completing this course students will be able to write and create basic python programs
After completion of this course students can continue with our intermediate/advance python programing course

Everything About Python For Beginners


English language
Basic math knowledge


By watching video lectures and taking quizzes provided in this course you will learn and understand the fundamentals of python programing language. You will have basic understating of python language, and if you choose to continue with your studies our next course will cover intermediate topics such as list comprehensions, exceptions, object oriented programming etc.Python programing language is growing in demand and popularity, many IT companies have started to switch to Python in their respective fields which were previously dominated by programming languages such as C, C++ or JavaYou don’t need any prior experience or expertise in another programming language to start this course and begin learning python programming language While taking this course it is recommended to download an environment such as Pycharm or Jupyte to write and test Python programs taught during this course.Lectures covered by this course include string data type, how to create strings ,operate on them , and utilize string data types in our code. Integer values and how to use basic math operators to work with integers, Lists, and how to access list elements using indexing . Immutable data type tuple, how to create loops in python using while and for loops, dictionaries, functions and many more


Section 1: variables, string & integer data types, basic math operators

Lecture 1 Introduction to Variables

Lecture 2 Introduction to Variables Part 2

Lecture 3 Keywords

Lecture 4 print() function

Lecture 5 variables,string,integer

Lecture 6 Basic calculation

Lecture 7 Basic calculation part 2

Lecture 8 Concatenation

Section 2: Booleans and comparison operators

Lecture 9 Booleans, comparison operators

Lecture 10 Booleans, comparison operators part 2

Lecture 11 Booleans, comparison operators part 3

Lecture 12 Booleans, comparison operators part 4

Lecture 13 Booleans, comparison operators part 5

Lecture 14 Booleans, comparison operators part 6

Lecture 15 Booleans, comparison operators part 7

Lecture 16 Booleans, comparison operators part 8

Section 3: if, else statements

Lecture 17 if, else

Lecture 18 if else part 2

Lecture 19 if else part 3

Lecture 20 if else part 4

Section 4: while & for loops

Lecture 21 while loop part 1

Lecture 22 while loop part 2

Lecture 23 for loop

Lecture 24 for loop part 2

Lecture 25 range() function

Lecture 26 range() function part 2

Lecture 27 break statement

Lecture 28 continue statement

Lecture 29 for loop with else statement

Lecture 30 while loop with else statement

Section 5: list

Lecture 31 list

Lecture 32 Creation of list data type

Lecture 33 indexing

Lecture 34 Negative indexing

Lecture 35 Iteration by using the for loop

Lecture 36 del

Lecture 37 append & insert

Lecture 38 Replace specific element , len() function

Lecture 39 Element switching

Lecture 40 in, not in operators

Section 6: tuple

Lecture 41 tuple

Lecture 42 One-element tuple

Lecture 43 Immutable data

Lecture 44 Possible operators used on tuple

Lecture 45 Additional operators used on tuple

Section 7: dictionary

Lecture 46 dictionary

Lecture 47 Accessing elements

Lecture 48 dictionary is mutable

Lecture 49 Removal of key-value pair

Lecture 50 keys()

Lecture 51 items()

Lecture 52 values()

Lecture 53 popitem()

Lecture 54 update()

Section 8: function

Lecture 55 Introduction to functions

Lecture 56 function

Lecture 57 function with a parameter

Lecture 58 Shadowing

Lecture 59 Different way to invoke a function

Lecture 60 Positional argument

Lecture 61 Keyword argument

Lecture 62 How to use both positional & keyword arguments

Lecture 63 Predefined parameters

Lecture 64 return part 1

Lecture 65 return part 2

Lecture 66 None

Section 9: Extra intermediate Level Preview

Lecture 67 Exceptions

For anyone who is interested in learning python programing language

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 3m | 620.15 MB
Created by: Zorab Vatcharadze

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