Exam 1 Review Managerial Accounting U of H

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Exam 1 Review Managerial Accounting U of H
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Exam 1 Review Managerial Accounting U of H

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Gain a Better Understanding of Chapters 1-4
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Exam 1 Review Managerial Accounting U of H


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Exam 1 Review – Managerial AccountingWhat is the course about?I designed this Exam 1 Review for Managerial Accounting Students. I teach students Accounting the Easy way. Through engaging lectures, I use fun examples and cool graphics. And then we’ll practice real test questions. I’ll show you how test writers make the exam so you can reach the answer faster!How is the Review structured?-Video Lectures-We’ll cover chapters 1-4. Cost Basics, Job Costing, Process Costing, and CVP Analysis. -Videos where I show you how to solve Real Test Questions-You can freely navigate through each video-Additional Practice Questions at the End of Each Section to Download and Work on your OwnWhy take this course?You want to Pass Exam 1You need a guide through chapters 1-4Learn Test Strategy to get the Answer Faster


Section 1: Start Here

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Review

Section 2: Basics of Managerial Accounting – Chapter 1

Lecture 2 Cost Basics Part 1

Lecture 3 Cost Basics Part 2

Lecture 4 Practice Real Test Questions – Secrets to Getting the Answers

Lecture 5 Additional Practice Questions – Cost Basics

Section 3: Job Costing – Chapter 2

Lecture 6 Cost of Goods Manufactured and Cost of Goods Sold – Calculate the Smart Way

Lecture 7 Practice Test Questions – Cost of Goods Sold and Cost of Goods Manufactured

Lecture 8 Overhead Allocation – 5 Easy Steps

Lecture 9 Practice Real Test Questions – Overhead Allocation

Lecture 10 Job Cost Flow and Journal Entries

Lecture 11 Additional Practice Questions – Job Costing

Section 4: Process Costing – Chapter 3

Lecture 12 Understand Process Costing – 5 Step Approach

Lecture 13 Practice Real Test Questions – 5 Step Approach

Lecture 14 Process Costing Journal Entries – A Logical Approach

Lecture 15 Additional Practice Questions – Process Costing

Section 5: Cost-Volume-Profit, Chapter 4

Lecture 16 Contribution Margin and Break Even

Lecture 17 Practice Real Test Questions – Contribution Margin and Break Even

Lecture 18 Achieve Target Profit, Margin of Safety, and Constraints

Lecture 19 Practice Real Test Questions – Constraints

Lecture 20 Additional Practice Questions – CVP Analysis

Lecture 21 Formula Sheet – CVP Analysis

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 22 Conclusion

Managerial Accounting Students

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Created by: Nathaniel Garrett

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