Excel Essentials for the Real World Complete Excel Course

Microsoft Excel Beginner to Professional. Includes Pivot Tables, Power Query, NEW Formulas… (Excel 365, 2019 & 2016)
Excel Essentials for the Real World Complete Excel Course
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Leila Gharani


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Excel Essentials for the Real World Complete Excel Course

What you’ll learn

Master the ESSENTIAL Excel formulas and features to accelerate your career
Learn Excel from scratch or fill in the gaps to become immediately confident
Learn to use Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicers and Time Lines for Interactive Excel Reports
Hacks and hidden Excel features from a Microsoft MVP with 15+ years of Experience
Explore the potential of Power Query. You’ll be surprised at what you achieve with a bit of Power Query knowledge.
Get lifetime access to a proven and state-of-the-art Excel course including challenges, quizzes & exercises
Learn what’s new in Excel for Microsoft 365 and how these changes impact the way you use Excel
Updated to include the new FILTER, XLOOKUP, SORT & UNIQUE functions

Excel Essentials for the Real World Complete Excel Course


A computer or laptop with Windows (some techniques might not work on Mac)
Microsoft Excel 2016, Excel 2019 or Microsoft 365 (You mostly follow along with ALL Excel versions though – see course description for more details)
No prior Excel knowledge is needed.
Willingness to learn. Let’s do this!


Learn Excel from Scratch OR become more CONFIDENT.*******************************COURSE UPDATED to Include the BRAND NEW Excel Functions available in Microsoft 365 such as:Excel’s new XLOOKUP functionNew FILTER function in ExcelSORT, SORTBY & UNIQUE functionsIn addition to the above, we also cover:Excel’s new calculation engine and how older formulas are impactedWhat the Hash (#) sign is Compatibility and the at (@) sign you might see in your older filesThe new errors such as #SPILL and #CALCData validation drop-down lists and dynamic array referencesIf you have Excel for Microsoft 365 and you’d like to discover how you can take advantage of these new functions, make sure you check out this new section. *******************************Looking to learn Microsoft Excel and improve your data analysis skills but don’t know where to start?OR, you’ve been using Microsoft Excel for a while but don’t feel 100% confident?There is so much information out there. What do you need to succeed at work?I’ve picked out the Excel Essential skills a Data Analyst needs and packaged them in a structured course. In fact, I collected the most common Excel problems faced by my clients. I added in my 15+ years’ experience in finance and project management. I included all the hidden tips and tricks I came to learn as an Excel MVP and put it ALL in THIS course. I also made sure it covers the absolute Excel beginners.These practical, real-world examples help you understand the full potential of each feature. You’ll learn how to use Excel for quick and painless data analysis. There are many helpful and time-saving Excel formulas and features. We tend to forget what these are if we don’t use them. This Microsoft Excel Essentials Course will give you the practice you need to be able to apply the best solution for the task at hand. This way you can do more in less time.________________________________________________WHY TAKE THIS SPECIFIC EXCEL COURSE?Yes. There are many Microsoft Excel courses out there teaching you the important Excel functions and features you need to master.BUT, can you apply what you learnt to your own files? Do you get enough practice and challenges to remember all the new information?This course will get you confident and comfortable designing simple to complex spreadsheets.  You’ll go beyond Excel basics. As you go through the course, you’ll be able to apply what you learnt immediately to your job.You’ll master new formulas and find better ways to setup your existing spreadsheets. Management loves efficiency. In this course you’ll solve dozens of practical real-world examples. They’ll help you think outside the box so you can work smarter not harder._________________________________________________IS THIS ONLINE EXCEL COURSE FOR BEGINNERS ONLY?This Complete Excel Course is for two types of people:Excel beginners, i.e. anyone looking to learn Excel from scratchExcel intermediate and Excel advanced users who want to make sure their skills cover all the essentials. This includes many Excel tricks and hidden features few data analysts know of.The Excel Essentials for the Real World Course covers ALL the fundamentals an Excel beginner needs to know. BUT it also fills in the gaps for Excel Intermediate and Advanced users. It’s for corporate professionals who feel comfortable with Excel but not 100% confident. This is more than an Excel Basics Course. It starts off easy and adds in tips and tricks many Excel advanced users don’t know of. ________________________________________________WHAT YOU’LL BE ABLE TO ACHIEVEBy the end of the course you’ll be confident showcasing your new Excel skills at work, allowing you to:Input data and navigate large spreadsheetsApply Excel hacks to get your work done fasterBe able to choose the right Excel formula to automate your data analysis (Excel VLOOKUP, IF Function, ROUND and more)Use hidden Excel features to transform messy data to proper data setsGet answers from your dataOrganize, clean and manage large dataCreate compelling Excel reports by following the set of spreadsheet design principlesTurn messy data into helpful charts Create interactive reports with Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Slicers and Time LinesImport and transform data with tools like Get & Transform (Power Query)We start from Microsoft Excel basics to make sure we have the right fundamentals. We them move on to more advanced topics like Conditional Formatting, Excel Pivot Tables and Power Query. We cover important formulas like VLOOKUP, SUMIFS and nested IF Functions.I don’t just cover the purpose of a feature or formula but how you can take advantage of it using practical examples.There are challenges and quizzes along the way to test your new Excel skills. Your downloadable Excel Course Notes are available as a PDF file. These cover the most important points. Keep them handy and refer to them when you need to.________________________________________________WHAT ARE SOME EXCEL FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS I WILL LEARN IN THIS COURSEYou’ll learn:How to customize the Microsoft Excel interface so you so you can easily find the files and features you use often.To apply formatting correctly for cleaner and more professional reports.To use important features like drop-down lists in Excel and add data validation to the cells. This way you can restrict the type of data which can be input in each cell.How to add comments and notes to cells.Add time stamps to your reports.Automate data entry with Auto-Fill and Flash-fill.How to best navigate large data and large spreadsheets.Useful Excel shortcuts for data entry and navigation.How to Protect your Excel files and worksheets properly.Excel’s essential rule when it comes to writing formulas.How to write basic to advanced Excel formulas – also formulas that reference other workbooks or other worksheets.The most useful Excel functions like, COUNTIFS, COUNT, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, VLOOKUP, IF and many more.How to convert raw Excel data into information you can use to create reports on.Excel features that will help you to organize and structure data so it makes analysis easier (Sort, Filter, Search & Replace Go to Special etc…)Useful Excel printing options which you’ll need specially before you send your file to your boss or save as PDF.Design principles for optimal spreadsheets.Excel charts that go beyond column and bar charts. You’ll learn how to create a Pareto chart, Histogram, Treemap, Sunburst charts and more.Excel Pivot Tables so you can quickly get insights from your data.What Excel Power Query can do for you and how easy it is to combine data from different spreadsheets.Use Power Query to transform messy data to tabular data._________________________________________________WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO LEARN EXCEL?Excel in itself can do so much for your career. It’s just one program but it’s the one hiring managers are interested in. That’s why basic Excel skills is a mandatory requirement for most office-based professionals today.Superior Microsoft Excel skills can get you a promotion. Some jobs require that to begin with._________________________________________________WHICH VERSION OF EXCEL IS USED IN THE COURSE?The course is applicable for Excel 2019, Excel 2016 & Excel for Microsoft 365. Generally all features and formulas with exception of a few Excel charts (Histogram, Pareto, Treemap and Sunburst charts) will work on Excel 2010 & Excel 2013. For the Power Query section, you’ll have to install the free Excel Power Query add-in if you have Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 to be able to follow along. Other than this, the other features and formulas shown are valid for all Excel versions._________________________________________________★★★★★  “Leila has an extraordinary way of breaking down complex formulas to understand how the mechanics actually work so you start to imagine on your own different combinations of formulas to solve complex questions.” Lisa★★★★★ “The instructor’s explanations and referencing real-world situations are just what is needed to understand how these formulas can help you work smarter.” Keith★★★★★ “It was just what I needed! Definitely a great hands on way for someone with existing excel skills to pick up great “hacks” for excel.” Teo★★★★★ “Lots of tips and techniques. Already using them in my own work!” Alison★★★★★ “I am really enjoying the course, Leila is a great instructor. Every lesson I learn something useful to improve my day to day with excel.” Alisa________________________________________________There’s a 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Check out the lectures inside and see if you can apply the techniques to your work. The course comes with lifetime access. Buy now. Watch anytime.


Section 1: Before You Dive In

Lecture 1 How to Get the Most Out of This Course

Lecture 2 Download Course Files

Lecture 3 Course Outline for Quick Reference

Section 2: Quick Tour of Excel

Lecture 4 Excel Workbook, Worksheet, Cell Structure

Lecture 5 Quick Tour of Excel – Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar

Lecture 6 Customizing the Excel Interface

Lecture 7 Summary: Important Points to Remember (Terminology & Shortcuts)

Section 3: Data Input & Hidden Features to Save Time

Lecture 8 Overview – Data Input & Hidden Excel Features

Lecture 9 Data Entry and Editing Excel Data

Lecture 10 Basic Excel Formulas

Lecture 11 Text to Speech (Hidden Excel Feature)

Lecture 12 Correctly Input Dates and Time Stamps in Excel

Lecture 13 Use Excel AutoFill To Do Your Work

Lecture 14 Excel Flash Fill for Major Time Saving (Become Pro)

Lecture 15 Custom Lists With AutoFill (Hidden Excel Feature)

Lecture 16 Inputting & Editing Comments & Notes in Excel

Lecture 17 Finding Excel Formulas & Input Cells with ONE Click (Become Pro)

Lecture 18 Excel Data Validation to Reduce Time Checking Data

Lecture 19 Adding Tool Tips (Screen Tips in Excel)

Lecture 20 Learn to Work with Pictures, Shapes & Other Objects in Excel

Lecture 21 Challenge: Data Manipulation & Preparation in Excel

Lecture 22 Solution: Data Manipulation & Preparation in Excel

Lecture 23 Summary: Key Excel Features to Impress & Save Time

Section 4: Worksheet Navigation, Copying and Protecting

Lecture 24 Overview – Worksheet Navigation in Excel

Lecture 25 Useful Excel Shortcuts for Navigation (Become Pro)

Lecture 26 Copying, Moving & Hiding Worksheets

Lecture 27 Freeze Panes (Lock Rows, Columns) & Split Screen for Long Excel Reports

Lecture 28 Hide & Unhide, Insert, Adjust Columns & Rows in Excel

Lecture 29 Copying and Pasting Data (Hidden Excel Paste Features)

Lecture 30 Protecting Excel Worksheets & Specific Ranges

Lecture 31 Challenge: Update & Protect Excel Report

Lecture 32 Solution: Update & Protect Excel Report

Lecture 33 Summary: Important Worksheet Features & Excel Shortcuts

Section 5: Excel Formulas & What to be Aware of

Lecture 34 Overview – Excel Formulas & What to be Aware of

Lecture 35 How Excel Calculates – Order of Precedence

Lecture 36 Simple but Useful Excel Formulas

Lecture 37 Essential Excel Rule (Don’t Skip!)

Lecture 38 Absolute and Relative Cell Referencing in Excel

Lecture 39 Improve Clarity with Range Names

Lecture 40 Referencing other Workbooks or Worksheets

Lecture 41 Circular References & How to Locate Them

Lecture 42 Combine Values From Two or More Cells to ONE Cell

Lecture 43 Challenge: Allocate Yearly Value Based on Percentages

Lecture 44 Solution: Allocate Yearly Value Based on Percentages

Lecture 45 Summary: Key Points when Writing Excel Formulas

Section 6: Important Excel Functions (Everything you need to become Pro)

Lecture 46 Overview & Finding Excel Functions from Insert Function

Lecture 47 Important! Working with Excel Functions


Lecture 49 COUNT based on a Condition (COUNTIFS)

Lecture 50 SUM & AVERAGE Functions in Excel

Lecture 51 SUM by Criteria (SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS)

Lecture 52 MAX & MIN (MAXIFS & MINIFS)

Lecture 53 Rounding Values (ROUND, ROUNDUP & ROUNDOWN)

Lecture 54 Essential Excel Date Functions

Lecture 55 Time Calculations in Excel – Total Time Worked

Lecture 56 Handling Excel Formula Errors

Lecture 57 IF (Then, Else) Excel Function – Conditional Formulas

Lecture 58 VLOOKUP Function – Lookup Values from Another Place

Lecture 59 Challenge: How Good Are you with Excel Functions?

Lecture 60 Solution: How Good Are you with Excel Functions?

Lecture 61 NEW 365 Functions: FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE, XLOOKUP & More

Lecture 62 Summary: Important Excel Functions

Section 7: Data Cleaning and Management: Sorting, Filtering & Replacing Data

Lecture 63 Overview – Data Cleaning, Analysis & Management Tools in Excel

Lecture 64 Sort Data (Organize & Create Order) in Excel

Lecture 65 Unsort Data to Revert to Original Order

Lecture 66 Add Subtotals to Sorted Data

Lecture 67 Filter Data to Extract What you Need

Lecture 68 Delete Blank or Empty Rows in Excel

Lecture 69 Fill Empty Cells in One Go (Become Pro)

Lecture 70 Remove Duplicates to Get a Unique List in Excel

Lecture 71 Excel Find Feature, Select & Emphasize

Lecture 72 Find and Replace Values & Formatting (Hidden Excel Feature)

Lecture 73 Why Excel Tables Can be a Time Saver (Become Pro)

Lecture 74 Challenge: Data Management in Excel

Lecture 75 Solution: Data Management Challenge in Excel

Lecture 76 Summary: Tools for Organizing, Cleaning & Managing Data in Excel

Lecture 77 Special Message – You’ve Got This!

Section 8: Formatting including Conditional & Number Formatting in Excel

Lecture 78 Overview – All About Formatting

Lecture 79 Excel Formatting Tips – Alignment, Borders & More

Lecture 80 Better Than Merge (Become Pro)

Lecture 81 Justify Text Length (Hidden Excel Feature)

Lecture 82 Excel Number Formatting Options (& Special Formatting)

Lecture 83 Excel Conditional Formatting (Top Bottom Analysis & More)

Lecture 84 Icons & Data Bars with Conditional Formatting in Excel

Lecture 85 Challenge: Format Excel Report

Lecture 86 Solution: Format Excel Report Challenge

Lecture 87 Summary: Useful Excel Formatting Tools

Section 9: Printing Excel Files & Saving as PDF

Lecture 88 Checklist Before Printing

Lecture 89 Useful Printing Options in Excel

Lecture 90 Adding Page Breaks & Printing Parts of a Sheet

Lecture 91 Printing Large Datasets (Make sure you include this!)

Lecture 92 Header & Footer in Excel (Logo, Page Numbers, etc.)

Lecture 93 Saving Excel Files PDF & Printing Many Sheets

Lecture 94 Challenge: Prepare Excel Report for Printing

Lecture 95 Solution: Prepare Excel Report for Printing

Lecture 96 Summary: Excel Printing Checklist

Section 10: Workbook Design Principles

Lecture 97 Good Spreadsheet Design Principles (with Examples)

Lecture 98 Adding Hyperlinks (Plus a Smart Workaround) in Excel

Lecture 99 Define Cell Styles & Set Defaults (e.g. for Excel Tables)

Lecture 100 Excel Workbook Theme & Color to Save Time

Lecture 101 Use Your Own Excel Templates

Lecture 102 Summary: Excel Workbook Design Principles

Section 11: Working With Excel Charts

Lecture 103 Overview – Create Helpful Excel Charts

Lecture 104 Excel Chart Basics for a Quick Start

Lecture 105 Adding More Series to a Chart (Comparison Charts – Method 1)

Lecture 106 Comparison Excel Charts – Actual & Variance (Method 2)

Lecture 107 Combination Charts (Plus a Hidden Excel Feature)

Lecture 108 Dynamic Chart Ranges with Excel Tables

Lecture 109 Pareto & Histogram Excel Charts

Lecture 110 Treemap Chart in Excel

Lecture 111 Sunburst, Pie & Doughnut Excel Charts

Lecture 112 Sparklines – Mini Excel Charts Inside Cells

Lecture 113 Challenge: Treemap for Management Report

Lecture 114 Solution: Treemap for Management Report

Lecture 115 Summary: Working with Excel Charts

Section 12: Quick Insights with Excel Pivot Tables

Lecture 116 Benefits of Excel Pivot Tables & Starting Checklist

Lecture 117 Inserting a Pivot Table in Excel

Lecture 118 Why You Should Use Tables as Pivot Source (Become Pro)

Lecture 119 Sorting Pivot Data & Analyzing Multiple Items

Lecture 120 Adding Calculations & Multiple Reports with Pivot Tables

Lecture 121 Using Slicers & Timeline (Working with Dates) in Excel

Lecture 122 Creating Pivot Charts

Lecture 123 Pivot Tables or Formulas? When to Use What

Lecture 124 Challenge: Excel Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

Lecture 125 Solution: Excel Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

Lecture 126 Summary: Important Pivot Table Features

Section 13: Introduction to Power Query in Excel

Lecture 127 Power Query, Power Pivot & Power BI – When to use which?

Lecture 128 Availability of Power Query / Get & Transform

Lecture 129 Import Text File with Power Query

Lecture 130 Merge data in Power Query (for Pivot Table)

Lecture 131 Clean up Messy Excel Data (multiple headers, unpivot etc.)

Lecture 132 Challenge: Data Cleanup with Power Query

Lecture 133 Solution: Data Cleanup with Power Query

Lecture 134 Summary: Key Takeaways Excel Power Query

Section 14: * NEW 365 Excel Functions: FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE, XLOOKUP & More *

Lecture 135 Excel Dynamic Arrays & New Functions in Microsoft 365

Lecture 136 Availability of the New Excel Functions

Lecture 137 Excel’s New Calculation Engine: Spill Error and @(at) sign

Lecture 138 Excel UNIQUE Function: Get List of Distinct Values

Lecture 139 Excel SORT & SORTBY Functions

Lecture 140 Excel FILTER Function: Return Multiple Match Results

Lecture 141 Excel XLOOKUP Function: The New Power Lookup Function

Lecture 142 Challenge: Get Total Salary by Division

Lecture 143 Solution: Get Total Salary by Division

Section 15: Next Steps

Lecture 144 Your Next Steps & More Learning

Lecture 145 BONUS – More from Leila

Business professionals looking to become more confident in Excel.,Absolute beginners who want a structured, engaging, fun and practical Excel course.,Excel users who want to discover & showcase new tips and tricks from Excel MVPs.,Students who want to make sure they have the Excel knowledge to succeed at their next job.,Data analysts looking to discover new tools to help them do more in less time.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 3m | 6.51 GB
Created by: Leila Gharani

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