Excel for Beginners

Learn the essentials of Excel in only 2 hours
Excel for Beginners
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Excel for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn the essentials of Excel in only 2 hours so you can turn your data into insights.
Master the most common formulas and functions, like SUM, MAX, MIN, COUNT, AVERAGE, VLOOKUP, and XLOOKUP.
Visualize your data using conditional formatting and charts.
Generate pivot tables by simply dragging and dropping to quickly understand the story behind your data.
Share your spreadsheet with others and edit in real time.

Excel for Beginners


You’ll learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel, even if you’ve never used Excel before.


You’ll learn the essentials of Excel in just 2 hours.Having worked at Microsoft and on Excel, we focus on the core functionality that most people use to make you productive as quickly as possible vs. digging into every single feature available. This way, you’ll have a strong foundation to start getting insights from your data.Build a strong foundationWe start with the absolute basics. When you first open Excel, it may appear somewhat intimidating with so many different buttons and controls. It may even feel like the cockpit of a jet plane. To demystify Excel, we begin by walking through the interface and covering how you can easily get back to the controls that you use most often.Next, we delve into how you can enter data efficiently and format it so that it looks good. We then save the workbook in a way that lets us collaborate with others in real time and gives us access to something called version history so you can easily jump back to earlier versions.Formulas and functions made easyOnce we save our workbook, you’ll learn all about formulas and functions to help you answer those critical business questions. Here too we cover the basics, like how to use the status bar for simple metrics, how to enter a formula by referencing cells, and how to reference cells relatively, absolutely, or with naming.From there, we move on to some of the most used Excel functions, like SUM, MAX, MIN, COUNT, AVERAGE, VLOOKUP, and XLOOKUP. You’ll understand how functions work and how to make sense of other functions not covered in this course, as there are over 500 functions in Excel.Visualize your data with chartsWe then launch into how to visualize your data using charts and conditional formatting. Charts make it easy to see trends and anomalies in your data that you might otherwise miss by just looking at your data.Explore your data with sorting, filtering, and pivot tablesSorting and filtering come next, which lets you manipulate how to view your data. You’ll also discover how pivot tables work and how you can analyze data simply by dragging and dropping fields. With the magic of pivot tables, you don’t even need to enter in formulas or functions to quickly summarize your data.Focus on just what mattersThroughout this course, you’ll learn quick shortcuts to make you more efficient, like how you can flash fill to separate or merge columns, how to split panes to view far away rows at the same time, and even how to print just what you need.By the end of this course, you’ll gain a strong foundation in Excel & you’ll be well on your way to understanding the story behind your data. Join me, your host, to master the essentials of Excel.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to Excel for Beginners

Lecture 2 What is Excel?

Lecture 3 How to get Excel

Section 2: Main interface

Lecture 4 Start screen

Lecture 5 Workbook and worksheet

Lecture 6 Tabs and ribbon

Lecture 7 Navigate through a worksheet

Lecture 8 Navigate through a workbook

Lecture 9 Help

Section 3: Enter data

Lecture 10 Numbers

Lecture 11 Column width and row height

Lecture 12 Dates and times

Lecture 13 Select cells to enter data quickly

Section 4: Save workbook

Lecture 14 Save workbook

Lecture 15 Benefits of saving a workbook in the cloud

Section 5: Format, layout, and design

Lecture 16 Benefits of saving a workbook in the cloud

Lecture 17 Basic formatting

Lecture 18 Tables

Lecture 19 Insert rows and columns

Lecture 20 Copy and move

Lecture 21 Conditional formatting

Lecture 22 Hide rows and columns

Lecture 23 Find and replace

Section 6: Formulas and functions

Lecture 24 Status bar for basic metrics

Lecture 25 Enter a basic formula with addition and subtraction

Lecture 26 Repeat formulas

Lecture 27 Relative / absolute references and naming

Lecture 28 Division

Lecture 29 Order of operations

Lecture 30 Common functions including SUM, MAX, MIN, COUNT, and AVERAGE

Lecture 31 VLOOKUP function

Lecture 32 XLOOKUP function

Section 7: Charts

Lecture 33 Insert and format charts

Lecture 34 Analyze data to generate charts

Section 8: Sorting and filtering

Lecture 35 Sort

Lecture 36 Filter

Lecture 37 Worksheet views

Section 9: Pivot tables

Lecture 38 All about pivot tables

Section 10: Flash fill

Lecture 39 Separate and merge data using flash fill

Section 11: Adjust worksheet views

Lecture 40 Freeze panes

Lecture 41 Split panes

Section 12: Multiple worksheets and workbooks

Lecture 42 Rename and color worksheets

Lecture 43 Add and delete worksheets

Lecture 44 Hide and unhide worksheets

Lecture 45 Move and copy worksheets

Lecture 46 Worksheet groups

Section 13: Share and collaborate

Lecture 47 Protect worksheet

Lecture 48 Protect workbook

Lecture 49 Password protect workbook

Lecture 50 Share workbook

Lecture 51 Version history

Section 14: Print

Lecture 52 Print selection

Lecture 53 Set print area

Lecture 54 Hide column

Lecture 55 Page settings

Lecture 56 Adjust columns

Lecture 57 Repeat headers

Lecture 58 Headers and footers

Lecture 59 Show gridlines

Lecture 60 Page break view

Section 15: Wrap up

Lecture 61 Closing

Beginner and intermediate Excel users who want a strong foundation so you can get insights from your data.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 9m | 1.27 GB
Created by: Kevin Stratvert

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