Excel Skills for Business Essentials

Microsoft Office 365 | Business Essential for Excel | Excel Basics | Corporate How to use Excel | Excel Skill develop
Excel Skills for Business Essentials
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Excel Skills for Business Essentials

What you’ll learn

Understand the Basics of Microsoft Excel
Identify and Manage the Project Tasks
Create Data Analysis in Excel Spreadsheet
Learning Excel Navigation
Business Essential of Excel
Microsoft Excel as a Database
Corporate Employees for Promotion
Data Analytics

Excel Skills for Business Essentials


No Prior Excel Knowledge Needed You will Learn it Here
Basics Excel
No Prerequisite
Team Lead , Acting Team Lead , Subject Matter Expert


Learning is never ending , As we understand the fact everyone knows how excel works but the intent of the video series is to make you interview facing confident and Business oriented functions which build your confidence to crack the interview to gain the job . Thank you for choosing Microsoft Office 365 | Business Essential for Excel | Excel Basics | Corporate How to use Excel | Excel Skill develop course watch this series entirely as Excel Skills for Business is EssentialMS Excel is a commonly used Microsoft Office application. It is a spreadsheet program which is used to save and analyse numerical data.We would recommend always to use Office 365 to have the excellent features / functions in place to make your data more appealing and business driven in this entire series we are explaining the Top functions / formulas use which help you to develop business strategy basis situation of your business, if in case you working any MNC and applying for next role of promotion where you want a skills of excel beginner – expert level this course will fulfill that requirement do ensure you are following along with assignment and timely submitting the quiz section which is available on the UdemyWe recently got the India’s Top Educator Award which is proud moment for us thank you for your Trust and Lovely reviews on our Digital Content really means a lot.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Excel Overview

Lecture 2 Microsoft Excel Overview and Navigation

Section 3: Most Important for Business Essentials

Lecture 3 SUM

Lecture 4 Fill

Lecture 5 Split – Flash Fill – Text to Delimiter

Lecture 6 Transpose in Excel ( Effective )

Lecture 7 Advance Sort & Filter

Lecture 8 Tables in Excel

Lecture 9 Drop Down List

Lecture 10 Analyze

Lecture 11 Chart

Lecture 12 PivotTable

Lecture 13 Bonus Tip :: Vlookup Function

Section 4: Excel Skills For Business Essentials MCQ time

Beginner Ms Excel User,Corporate Employees,Intermediate Ms excel User,Expert Ms Excel User,Business Decision Maker,Data Analytics

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 39m | 1.03 GB

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