Expert Power BI Tableau SIMPLIFIED

Power BI, Tableau
Expert Power BI Tableau SIMPLIFIED
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Expert Power BI Tableau SIMPLIFIED

What you’ll learn

Introduce the role and responsibilities of Business Analyst, Business Intelligence and Data Analyst
Install and Setup environment for Power BI and Tableau
Create fascinating Reports and Dashboards in both Power BI and Tableau
Configure various data sources and forms of data extraction

Expert Power BI Tableau SIMPLIFIED


Your passion for learning this very exciting field of Business Intelligence Power BI/Tableau, and consistence is the prerequisite for your success


Thank you for considering this extensive Power BI and Tableau course. In this course you will learn both Power BI and Tableau in a methodological step-by-step curriculumThe course is intended to support you in your pursuit of expertise in Power BI and Tableau, by covering the following areas:Power BI curriculum covers:* Power BI installation and setup* Power BI data sources* Power BI architecture* Power BI calculated columns* Power BI data modeling* Power BI calculated tables* Power BI Dashboard options* Power BI time based data management* Power BI sharing Dashboards* Power BI data gateway* Power BI visualization options* Power BI creating map visualization* Power BI combination charts* Power BI using tables* Power BI modify colors in charts* Power BI adding shapes, images and textbox* Power BI styling reports* Power BI excel integration* Power BI sharing BI Dashboards* Power BI printing BI Dashboards* Power BI export options* Power BI publishing report to web* Tableau curriculum covers:* Tableau Overview and Setup* Tableau Navigation* Tableau Data Sources and Custom Data View* Tableau Extracting Data* Tableau Field Operations* Tableau Data Joining* Tableau Editing Meta data* Tableau Data Blending* Tableau Add Worksheets* Tableau Paged Workbook* Tableau Charts* Tableau Dashboard* Tableau Forecasting* Tableau String Calculations* Tableau Trend Lines


Section 1: Power BI Development

Lecture 1 Power BI for BI, BA and Data Analyst

Lecture 2 Installing Power BI desktop

Lecture 3 Introduction to Power BI and Installation

Lecture 4 Power BI Architecture

Lecture 5 Power BI supported Data Sources

Lecture 6 Power BI comparison with Other BI Tools

Lecture 7 Power BI Data Modeling

Lecture 8 Power BI Creating Calculated Columns

Lecture 9 Creating Calculated Tables

Lecture 10 Managing Time Based Data

Lecture 11 Dashboard Options

Lecture 12 Dashboard Options

Lecture 13 Sharing Dashboards

Lecture 14 Data Gateway

Lecture 15 Visualization Options

Lecture 16 Creating Map Visualizations

Lecture 17 Using Combination Charts

Lecture 18 Using Tables

Lecture 19 Modify Colors in Charts

Lecture 20 Adding Shapes, Images and Text box

Lecture 21 Styling Reports

Lecture 22 Excel Integration

Lecture 23 Sharing Power BI Dashboards

Lecture 24 Printing Power BI Dashboards

Lecture 25 Export Options

Lecture 26 Publishing Report to Web

Lecture 27 DAX Basics

Lecture 28 DAX Calculation Types

Lecture 29 Administration Role

Section 2: Tableau Development

Lecture 30 Introduction to Tableau and setup

Lecture 31 Getting Started with Tableau

Lecture 32 Navigation

Lecture 33 Show Me

Lecture 34 Data Sources

Lecture 35 Custom Data View

Lecture 36 Extracting Data

Lecture 37 Field Operations

Lecture 38 Editing Metadata

Lecture 39 Data Joining

Lecture 40 Data Blending

Lecture 41 Paged Workbook

Lecture 42 Paged Workbook

Lecture 43 Charts

Lecture 44 Dashboard

Lecture 0 Forecasting

Lecture 0 Trend Lines

Lecture 0 String Calculations

All levels passionate about learning Business Intellegience thru Power BI and Tableau

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 53m | 1.61 GB
Created by: Bashir Fadl

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