Exploring the World of Soft Pastel

by drawing a bird, the Middle Spotted Woodpecker
Exploring the World of Soft Pastel
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Benjamin Aeilkema


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Exploring the World of Soft Pastel

What you’ll learn

Drawing with Soft Pastel
Basic Soft Pastel techniques
More advanced Soft Pastel techniques
Effective blending and smudging
How to use various Soft Pastel supplies

Exploring the World of Soft Pastel


No prior experience needed at all
A basic selection of soft pastels
To gain the most out of the art class, check the material video


Some call it painting, others call it drawing, whichever one it is, we’re going to explore the World of Soft Pastel together in this Class. To do so, we’re going to draw the beautiful Middle Spotter Woodpecker together.Soft Pastels are one of my favorite art mediums to work with. They’re a joy to use and somehow the whole process is very relaxing and fun to do. The drawing, coloring and blending are always having a very positive effect on my state of mind.Soft Pastel, isn’t that hard to get into? No, not really. Do I need a lot of technique for it? Not really. We’re going to approach this medium in a slightly different way. Instead of me explaining all kinds of techniques and basics, we’re just going to pick up the Soft Pastel and get going. Along the way, I will show you the Techniques and Skills you need to be succesful with this medium. Best of all… you will end up with a beautiful drawing (or painting, which ever you prefer) made with Soft Pastel and (optional) Pastel Pencils.Anyone can join in, with or without experience in drawing, soft pastels or even art. My clear instructions will guide you step-by-step through the whole process.For this Workshop I’ve included a Workbook. The Workbook contains all of the references you need for this Class. In the lesson overview you will find which materials you need for this Art Class.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Materials

Lecture 3 Material List

Lecture 4 Workbook

Lecture 5 Support, Community and Feedback

Section 2: The Workshop Part 1 – The Bird

Lecture 6 Help with transferring the Sketch from the Workbook to your Paper

Lecture 7 Drawing the Bird Part 1

Lecture 8 Drawing the Bird Part 2

Lecture 9 Adding details to the Bird

Section 3: The Workshop Part 2 – The Surroundings

Lecture 10 Creating a Background

Lecture 11 Doing the Tree Trunk

Lecture 12 Working on the final Details

Section 4: Final Words…

Lecture 13 Only watch when completely done 🙂

Lecture 14 Bonus Lecture

Artists and non-artists at any level,Beginning artists,Intermediate artists,The lessons are presented with such simplicity and clarity that anyone can follow and do them, from beginner to advanced,People that are looking for a fun way to get into art

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Udemy | English | 2h 24m | 3.06 GB
Created by: Benjamin Aeilkema

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