Facebook Ads Page Monetization With A Facebook Shop

Sell with a Facebook shop on your Facebook page with Shopify. Facebook monetization and traffic with Facebook ads.
Facebook Ads Page Monetization With A Facebook Shop
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Facebook Ads Page Monetization With A Facebook Shop

What you’ll learn

Set up a Facebook page
Create a shop right on your Facebook page
Run ads to your products
Create custom audiences
Set up your Facebook Pixel
Run retargeting ads

Facebook Ads Page Monetization With A Facebook Shop


It helps if you have at least a tiny ad budget


Create a shop on your Facebook page and make sales right on Facebook or on your own site like a Shopify site.Get a full walkthrough and accomplish the following:Create a Facebook pageSet up a shop on your Facebook pageRun Facebook ads to your Facebook pageRun Facebook retargeting ads to your Facebook page You can follow along with what I share on my screen through the whole course and accomplish everything I do in just one day or a few days.DOING COMMERCE RIGHT ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGEMany people don’t know this, but Facebook is moving in the direction of letting people set up entire stores on their Facebook pages. You can check out right on Facebook or send people to your online store like Shopify. It’s a great opportunity if you are selling anything online.UNDERSTAND THE INS AND OUTS OF FACEBOOK ADSWhile I’ll be showing you how to set up your ads, you will reach a good comfort level using Facebook ads and understands different details there. That will empower you to run any kinds of ads in the future.TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FACEBOOK MONETIZATIONMake your business one of the first in your niche to take advantage of Facebook monetization with a shop, run Facebook ads to your shop, and use this channel to beat competition.RESPONSIVE AND CARING INSTRUCTOR: WORLD-CLASS STUDENT SUPPORTIf you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because 1) I care about my students.2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.Invest in your future! Enroll today!


Section 1: Facebook page shop welcome and introduction

Lecture 1 Facebook page shop welcome and introduction

Section 2: Business Manager basics

Lecture 2 Updating the Facebook ads section now

Lecture 3 Note: What to do if you don’t have a Facebook page

Lecture 4 Explaining the Facebook Business Suite and the Facebook Business Manager

Lecture 5 Setting up your Facebook business accounts and logging in

Lecture 6 Setting up 2-factor authentication for security – now required by Facebook

Lecture 7 Customizing your Facebook Business Suite dashboard

Lecture 8 The Facebook ad library for spying on successful competitor ads

Lecture 9 Options for creating your video ad

Lecture 10 Starting to use and explore your Facebook Business Suite and pages

Lecture 11 Organizing Facebook business accounts and pages

Lecture 12 Setting up your Facebook ad account and connecting it to a page

Lecture 13 Nuances of running ads for no profit, and how it compares to free strategies

Lecture 14 Three different ad strategies for running ads to content

Lecture 15 Creating your Facebook Pixel (now called data set), and connecting to website

Lecture 16 Setting up Facebook custom audiences

Lecture 17 Our ad strategy, and setting up our first ad – part 1

Lecture 18 Creating an ad campaign part 2, starting to create our ad set

Lecture 19 Creating an ad campaign 3, finishing the ad set and targeting

Lecture 20 Campaign setup part 4 – finishing up the ad creative

Lecture 21 The option to boost posts with an ad for a specific post

Lecture 22 Setting up Facebook Pixel for a Shopify store, and connecting to Shopify

Lecture 23 Possible pitfall of using the Ad Manager with the wrong ad account

Lecture 24 Creating WaveIfYouLike custom conversions

Lecture 25 Creating a Facebook ad campaign, custom events, custom audiences, and A/B tests

Lecture 26 Creating retargeting ads for Ecommerce products

Lecture 27 Connecting your Instagram account to also run Instagram ads through Facebook ads

Lecture 28 Ad creation and optimization checklist to stay on track

Lecture 29 Creative strategy for custom audiences

Section 3: Setting up your ads and your page

Lecture 30 Difference of campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Plus, introduction to experimenting

Lecture 31 How to choose the campaign type

Lecture 32 How to add a catalog of products to your Facebook page

Lecture 33 Publishing your store on your Facebook page

Lecture 34 How to create a custom conversion event and a tracking pixel

Lecture 35 Showing how I created one campaign with multiple ad sets

Lecture 36 Running an ad directly to your product catalog

Lecture 37 Narrowing your Facebook ad targeting

Lecture 38 Facebook ad budgets

Lecture 39 Narrowing down your targeting and expanding experiments after you get data

Section 4: Facebook page setup basics

Lecture 40 How to set up your Facebook page

Lecture 41 Page banner size

Lecture 42 Setting the brand image

Lecture 43 Where to get an unlimited number of great images to use on your page

Lecture 44 How to set up your Facebook page screen name

Lecture 45 Facebook page call to action button and about section

Section 5: Dangerous ad targeting pitfall with a real example

Lecture 46 Dangerous ad targeting pitfall with a real example

Section 6: Adding your Instagram account to your Facebook ad account

Lecture 47 Adding your Instagram account to your Facebook ad account

Section 7: Engaging your Facebook page visitors with chat

Lecture 48 Adding chat greetings to boost engagement

Lecture 49 Adding an away message to your Facebook page which still helps direct people

Section 8: Tools and free domain names for entrepreneurs

Lecture 50 How to get extra free trials on various tools, and a free domain name

Section 9: Facebook page with ads course conclusion

Lecture 51 Bonus lecture

Marketers and business owners, especially people selling online

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Udemy | English | 4h 8m | 2.15 GB
Created by: Alex Genadinik

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