Essential Algebra Concepts
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What you’ll learn

Factor trinomials into two binomials.
Identify special products when polynomials are multiplied together.
Factor a difference of squares.
Factor a perfect square trinomial.
Factor a sum and difference of cubes.
Solve quadratic equations by factoring.
Find the solution set of quadratic inequalities.
Graph quadratic inequalities.
Use quadratic equations to solve story problems.



Algebra Basics Course


Math is difficult for many, but it doesn’t have to be.  This course is designed to be as succinct and detailed as possible, removing the barriers and fears behind the subject, and making it easy to understand. This course covers factoring, a key concept used in later math courses.  Each lesson starts with an introduction that explains the ideas and key concepts behind the topic.  Have you ever felt that the homework assignments given were much harder than the examples shown in books?  Each lesson includes several examples, ranging from easy to difficult.  This is done to help students see how different problems can be presented and written, giving them a more expansive and enriching learning experience.  Knowing these concepts will give students a strong, solid understanding of factoring, quadratic equations, and quadratic inequalities.  This course is intended for those with a firm understanding of prealgebra, and the material included in the Algebra Basics course.  Whether you are relatively new to studying the subject or if you need to brush up on it, this course is for you. The content in this course includes eight lessons.  These include:  1.  Factoring trinomials into two binomials.2.  Special products and the patterns that appear with certain types of binomials.3.  Factor a difference of two squares, perfect square trinomials, and a sum or difference of cubes.4.  Finding the greatest common factor with polynomials.5.  Solve quadratic equations by factoring.6.  Solve and graph quadratic inequalities.7.  Solve word problems using quadratic equations.8.  Solve geometric problems using quadratic equations.


Section 1: Factoring

Lecture 1 Factoring Trinomials

Lecture 2 Special Products

Lecture 3 Special Factors

Lecture 4 Combined Types of Factoring

Lecture 5 Quadratic Equations

Lecture 6 Quadratic Inequalities

Lecture 7 Quadratic Number Problems

Lecture 8 Quadratic Geometric Problems

Students currently taking an algebra course to help them factor polynomials.,Anyone wanting to review and brush up on already learned concepts.

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