Fashion Marketing Capsule

Everything you Need to know about Fashion Marketing!
Fashion Marketing Capsule
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Fashion Marketing Capsule

What you’ll learn

Brief about the fashion industry
Fashion Industry Facts
What is Fashion Marketing
How Can fashion marketing help the industry
What fashion Marketers do?
Fashion Marketing Jobs and careers
How to create a fashion Marketing strategy that works?
Fashion Advertising

Fashion Marketing Capsule


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Welcome to this Fashion marketing course it is designed for you to start your fashion marketing career.In this Course you will learn basics of Fashion marketing, the fashion marketer job and the fashion marketing strategy and advertising. you will also learn about the fashion industry as a whole. it’s a very interesting industry with unique set of is my pleasure to teach you this course and share my previous experience in the market by giving you my career outtakes in working both in marketing and fashion.1. you will be first introduced to the fashion industry (dynamics, facts, history of style, ongoing trends)2. you will be introduced to fashion in the eye of marketing.3. you will learn basics of fashion marketer’s job.4. you will learn about the fashion marketing strategy5. You will have solid steps on how to create a fashion campaign that works6. You will learn about fashion advertisingLearning outcomes: general understanding of the core of fashion marketing and how marketing can be utilized within this industry.Notes: its best if you keep take notes, read articles and books attached, and solve assignments.Disclaimer: this course is a beginner course followed by complementary coursers to dig deeper in the proposed topics. All topics presented were prepared by the author.Kindly if you used any of course materials list the author citation.rate this course and give me your feedback!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction: The fashion industry

Section 2: What is fashion marketing?

Lecture 2 What is fashion marketing

Lecture 3 What is fashion marketing part two

Lecture 4 Band identity

Lecture 5 Brand Message

Section 3: What do fashion marketers do?

Lecture 6 Jobs and careers

Section 4: Fashion Marketing strategy

Lecture 7 How to create a fashion Marketing campagin that works?

Lecture 8 How to create a fashion Marketing campagin that works?

Section 5: Lecture 5: Fashion Advertising

Lecture 9 Fashion Advertising

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Created by: Nooran Al Nassar

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