Fast effective Landing Page course Start converting today

Learn how to Design, Build & Publish high-converting landing pages in only 2 hours.
Fast effective Landing Page course Start converting today
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Fast effective Landing Page course Start converting today

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to design a high-converting landing page
How to use landing page hacks and best practices and avoid common mistakes other marketers make.
How to A/B test your landing pages to increase your conversion rates, just like Barack Obama. Yes, he uses landing pages too.
You will learn the anatomy of a killer landing page and psychological principles that go behind it.
You will learn psychological concepts that great marketers and designers use to create high-converting and convincing landing pages.
You will learn how to use Instapage – a powerful landing page builder.

Fast effective Landing Page course Start converting today


In the fourth section of the course you will need a landing page builder. The one that I use in the course is Instapage but it’s a paid tool. You’re free to use anything else and I suggest some alternatives in the course.
You don’t need to have any prior knowledge. No coding is involved.


Who can sell a product better, a good sales guy or a random employee from the company – like an accountant?You guessed it right. The sales guy’s entire purpose is to convert and sell. What he wears, how he talks, how he interacts with clients, things he says and when he says them are all tailored towards one single goal – to convert.The difference between using an optimized landing page for your marketing campaign and using a random page is the same as having your accountant sell your “diet books”. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of directing traffic to the pages that are not optimized for conversion. Losing advertising money and potential customers.A clever marketer approaches this challenge with the mind of a scientist. He creates a dedicated landing page with a single purpose and then A/B tests, tweaks and optimizes to squeeze as many conversions as possible.In this course, I will teach you everything you need to know about creating a highly optimized landing pages that will become your conversion machine. You will learn secrets and hacks behind this amazing marketing tool. I will show you lots of examples by other companies — how they made it and how they blew it.In section 4 we will build a landing page together with an easy-to-use, drag-n-drop landing page builder called Instapage.Towards the end, you will be able to submit your landing page for a review and I will send you a video recording with my recommendations and tips for improvement. I give both design and marketing advice and try to put you on the right path. Not many  instructors provide feedback and coursework reviews. But I believe, to learn a skill it’s crucial to receive feedback from your teacher.Enroll now and start creating high-converting landing pages today!


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Welcome Aboard: The Best Way To Take This Course

Lecture 2 Landing Page Glossary

Section 2: The Science Behind Landing Pages

Lecture 3 Landing Pages: What’s All The Hype About?

Lecture 4 Two Landing Page Hacks You Should Use

Section 3: The Anatomy of a Killer Landing Page

Lecture 5 Headline: What’s In It For Them?

Lecture 6 Call-To-Action: Here’s My Button, Click Me Maybe

Lecture 7 Hero Shot: Release The Kraken

Lecture 8 Body of Benefits: I’m Interested, Tell Me More

Lecture 9 Social Proof: Everybody’s Doing It

Section 4: Practice: Building It, Ground Up

Lecture 10 Let’s Sketch Our Landing Page

Lecture 11 Sign Up With a Landing Page Tool

Lecture 12 Let’s Build Our Landing Page – Above The Fold

Lecture 13 Let’s Build Our Landing Page – Below The Fold

Lecture 14 Jakob’s Law

Lecture 15 Let’s Optimize It For Mobile Devices

Lecture 16 Let’s Build a Thank You Page

Section 5: A/B Testing – Your Secret Weapon To Converting Like A Boss

Lecture 17 A/B Testing Like Obama

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 18 Final Thoughts

Section 7: Bonus Material: Coursework Reviews

Lecture 19 Send Me Your Landing Page

Lecture 20 Coursework Review: Gurpreet

Lecture 21 Coursework Review: Shoaib Ali

Lecture 22 Coursework Review: Franziska

Lecture 23 Coursework Review: Ivan and Aziz

Lecture 24 Coursework Review: Benjamin

This course is meant for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to sell products or services online. This can be anything from online courses, coaching, event tickets, e-books to goods on eBay.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 3m | 2.20 GB
Created by: Vako Shvili

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