Finance for NonFinance Learn Quick and Easy

Obtain Suplemental Skills to Get a Raise, Better Job or Improve Your Own Business
Finance for NonFinance Learn Quick and Easy
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Finance for NonFinance Learn Quick and Easy

What you’ll learn

Identify problems in your company
Improve performance of your business
Understand the economic substance of projects you are engaged in
Make well-informed economic decisions
Able to weigh benefits against costs.
Understand the numbers in the financial statements of any company
Have more complete picture of your company and its competitors

Finance for NonFinance Learn Quick and Easy


Passion for learning
No prior knowledge about finance is required
No materials required


Do you want to master finance concepts without spending a lot of your time on books, web search and long-hour boring courses?
Are you a non-financial manager who wants a raise, better job or to open a new business?
Or maybe you are a small business owner who wants to measure and improve your business performance?
You have come to the right place!
It will take only 4-5 hours to complete the course 30 lectures and 2.5 hours of high quality animated video contentPractical exercises with explanations and quizzesDiscover and analyze financials of Apple, Facebook and FordFull and responsive supportHandouts of all course materials that make it easy to study and remember30-day money back guarantee

Jump in to this course now and I guarantee that your learning will be informative, dynamic and fun.
FREE preview of lectures 1, 2, 3, 6, 21 and 23.
Invest your time in financial education. It will be fun, interesting and very useful.
This course is easy to understand and it’s designed in explainer video format to convey financial fundamentals in a way that makes everything clear and
understandable. You will receive detailed explanations, practical cases and quizzes.
Within 4-5 hours
you’ll obtain all the essentials of basic finance and budgeting. It will boost your
business and financial literacy, resulting in well-informed economic decisions.

The course starts by introducing accounting basics and then teaches you to understand financial statements.
Then you will learn about financial reports including the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow. These are the things you must know to succeed in a new business or make your current business more profitable.
We will even have fun analyzing the financial statements of corporate giants like Apple, Facebook, and Ford.
Along the way, you will learn how to make your own financial statements, create a great budget, and how to run your business. We’ll even get a bit advanced and explore Zero-Based-Budgeting and Cost Management.


Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 1: Introduction to Finance

Lecture 2 The Benefits of Financial Literacy

Lecture 3 What is Finance

Section 2: Accounting and Financial Statements

Lecture 4 Every Business Has to Account for Its Operations

Lecture 5 Financial Statements: the Balance Sheet

Lecture 6 Business Start-Up

Lecture 7 Practical Task 1

Lecture 8 Practical Task 1: Explanation

Lecture 9 Financial Statements: the Income Statement

Lecture 10 Business Start-Up (continued)

Lecture 11 Does Profit = Money?

Lecture 12 Financial Statements: the Cash Flow

Lecture 13 Business Start-Up (continued)

Lecture 14 Practical Task 2

Lecture 15 Practical Task 2: Explanation

Section 3: Financial Analysis (Ratios)

Lecture 16 Financial Ratios

Lecture 17 Practical Task 3

Lecture 18 Practical Task 3: Explanation (+Business Start-Up continued)

Lecture 19 Lender vs. Equity Investor: Risks and Rewards Rule

Lecture 20 Analyze the Financial Statements of Apple, Facebook and Ford

Lecture 21 More Financial Ratios

Lecture 22 Stock Market Valuation Analysis (Apple, Facebook and Ford)

Section 4: Budgeting

Lecture 23 Discovering Budget: Substance and Purpose

Lecture 24 Budget Types: Incremental, Zero-Based, Rolling

Lecture 25 Budgeting Process: From Goal to Budget Approval

Lecture 26 Budgetary Control: What To Do After the Budget is Finalized

Lecture 27 Cost Management: Direct vs. Overhead

Lecture 28 Cost Management: Fixed vs. Variable

Lecture 29 Summary

Lecture 30 Take This Handout

Business Owners,Startuppers,Non-Financial Executives,Everyone else who interested in finance and want to combine non-finance background with finance knowledge to make profitable decisions,This course is NOT intended for people with financial background

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Created by: Anthony Jameson

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