Financial Accounting The Ultimate Beginner Course

Learn Financial Accounting the Easy Way
Financial Accounting The Ultimate Beginner Course
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Nathaniel Garrett


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Financial Accounting The Ultimate Beginner Course

What you’ll learn

Successfully Learn Beginner Financial Accounting
Understand Assets, Liabilities and Stockholders Equity
Understand Revenues, Expenses and how to Calculate Net Income
Master Adjusting Entries and Inventory Systems
Be Able to Answer Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions with Ease
Learn How to Depreciate Assets such as Equipment, Building, and a Vehicle
Learn How to Calculate the Cost of Assets
Learn all the different types of liabilities and how they are reported
Discover what Stockholders Equity is and why corporations Issue Dividends

Financial Accounting The Ultimate Beginner Course


Students can begin right away, all you’ll need is a calculator, pencil and paper!


Learning Financial Accounting doesn’t have to be a chore! It can be a fun experience. Throughout this course, you will learn accounting the easy way. Through engaging videos using fun graphics and animations, you will master Financial Accounting in no time…and have fun too!
Did you know Accounting is considered the “Language of Business?” Well Hi! I’m Nathan and I’ll be your Accounting Translator.

With Over 7 years experience helping college students pass their accounting classes, I’m now teaching accounting to everyone! I hand-picked my best videos and decided to create an accounting course just for you. Introducing, Financial Accounting – The Ultimate Beginner Course!

Watch as I take you from the Accounting Basics, to Financial Statements, Transactions and Journal Entries, Assets, Liabilities, Stockholders Equity and much much more! With over 10 hours of content, you can re-watch the videos as much as you need for extra practice. This is a comprehensive course designed to help students succeed!
By the end of this course, you will possess such a strong understanding in accounting that you can get that promotion, build your business, and make smarter business decisions. By learning the accounting basics, your skill set will be desired by many employers. This will make finding a job so much easier!

Ask a few of my former students:

Nathan’s videos are so helpful. I could watch them anytime, day or night. I love Accounting University. Very Convenient! ” – Kelly L.

“Nathan uses real world examples in his videos that helped me understand all the tricky stuff. Nathan is awesome!” – Staz R.

Say goodbye to high priced courses from colleges. You can become a Financial Accounting pro for the lowest cost.
Why do things the hard way? Learn Accounting the Easy Way!


Section 1: Introduction to Financial Accounting – The Ultimate Beginner Course!

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Intro to Financial Accounting – Let’s Get Started!

Lecture 2 What is Accounting?

Lecture 3 What are Financial Statements?

Lecture 4 Basics of Accounting – Practice With Me!

Lecture 5 Basics of Accounting – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 6 Basics of Accounting – Let’s Practice! Pt. 2

Lecture 7 Financial Accounting Keywords

Section 3: Income Statement – Learn the Basics!

Lecture 8 Intro to the Income Statement

Lecture 9 What Are Revenues?

Lecture 10 What are Expenses?

Lecture 11 What is Income?

Lecture 12 Income Statement – Practice With Me!

Lecture 13 Income Statement – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 14 Income Statement – Let’s Practice! Pt. 2

Section 4: Balance Sheet – Learn the Basics!

Lecture 15 Intro to the Balance Sheet

Lecture 16 What are Assets?

Lecture 17 What are Liabilities?

Lecture 18 What is Equity?

Lecture 19 Balance Sheet – Practice With Me!

Lecture 20 Balance Sheet – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 21 Balance Sheet – Let’s Practice! Pt. 2

Lecture 22 Balance Sheet – Let’s Match!

Section 5: The Accounting Equation

Lecture 23 Accounting Equation – How it Works!

Lecture 24 Debits and Credits

Lecture 25 Accounting Equation – Practice With Me!

Lecture 26 Accounting Equation – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 27 Accounting Equation – Let’s Practice! Pt. 2

Lecture 28 Accounting Equation – Let’s Practice Pt. 3

Lecture 29 Accounting Equation – Short Answer Questions!

Lecture 30 The Accounting Cycle – Learn the 8 Steps!

Lecture 31 Closing Entries – 3 Easy Steps to Close Accounts!

Section 6: Accounting Transactions and Adjusting Entries

Lecture 32 Journal Entries – How do they work?

Lecture 33 Journal Entries – Practice with Me!

Lecture 34 Journal Entries – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 35 Journal Entries – Let’s Practice! Pt. 2

Lecture 36 Journal Entries – Short Answer!

Lecture 37 Adjusting Entries – Prepayments!

Lecture 38 Adjusting Entries – Accruals!

Lecture 39 Adjusting Entries – Practice with Me!

Lecture 40 Adjusting Entries – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 41 Adjusting Entries – Let’s Practice! Pt.2

Lecture 42 Adjusting Entries – Let’s Practice! Pt. 3

Lecture 43 Adjusting Entries – Short Answer!

Section 7: Internal Controls and Bank Reconciliation

Lecture 44 Types of Internal Controls

Lecture 45 Internal Controls – Let’s Match Questions

Lecture 46 Internal Controls – Let’s Match

Lecture 47 Bank Reconciliation – Important Terms!

Lecture 48 Bank Reconciliation – Formula Sheet

Lecture 49 Bank Reconciliation – Practice with Me!

Lecture 50 Bank Reconciliation – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 51 Bank Reconciliation – Let’s Practice! Pt. 2

Lecture 52 Petty Cash – 3 Easy Steps!

Lecture 53 Petty Cash – Short Answer Questions

Lecture 54 Petty Cash – Short Answer!

Section 8: Accounts Receivable – A Further Look

Lecture 55 Types of Receivables

Lecture 56 Direct Write-Off vs Allowance Method

Lecture 57 What are the Allowance Methods?

Lecture 58 Allowance Method – Practice with Me!

Lecture 59 Allowance Method – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 60 Allowance Method – Let’s Practice! Pt.2

Lecture 61 Allowance Method – Let’s Practice! Pt.3

Lecture 62 Write-Offs and Reinstatements

Lecture 63 Write-Offs and Reinstatements – Practice with Me!

Lecture 64 Write-Offs and Reinstatements – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 65 Write-Offs and Reinstatements – Let’s Practice! Pt.2

Lecture 66 Allowance Method – Short Answer Questions

Lecture 67 Allowance Method – Short Answer!

Section 9: Property, Plant and Equipment

Lecture 68 Types of Fixed Assets

Lecture 69 Land Cost – How to Calculate?

Lecture 70 Building Cost – How to Calculate?

Lecture 71 Equipment Cost – How to Calculate?

Lecture 72 Delivery Vehicle Cost – How to Calculate?

Lecture 73 Cost of Long-lived Assets – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 74 Cost of Long-lived Assets – Let’s Practice! Pt.2

Lecture 75 How to Dispose of Fixed Assets?

Lecture 76 Property Disposition – Practice with Me!

Lecture 77 Property Disposition – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 78 Property Disposition – Let’s Practice! Pt.2

Section 10: Depreciation Methods

Lecture 79 What is Depreciation?

Lecture 80 Straight Line Depreciation Method

Lecture 81 Units of Activity Method/Units of Production Method

Lecture 82 Double Declining Balance Method

Lecture 83 Double Declining Balance – Let’s Illustrate Questions

Lecture 84 Double Declining Balance – Let’s Illustrate

Lecture 85 Revised Depreciation Estimates – How It Works!

Lecture 86 Depreciation Methods – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 87 Depreciation Methods – Let’s Practice! Pt.2

Section 11: Liabilities

Lecture 88 Types of Liabilities

Lecture 89 Unearned Revenue

Lecture 90 Unearned Revenue – Practice with Me!

Lecture 91 Unearned Revenue – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 92 Payroll Taxes

Lecture 93 Payroll Taxes – Practice with Me!

Lecture 94 Payroll Taxes – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 95 Sales Taxes Payable – Practice with Me!

Lecture 96 Sales Taxes Payable

Lecture 97 Sales Taxes Payable – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 98 Notes Payable

Lecture 99 Notes Payable – Practice with Me!

Lecture 100 Notes Payable – Let’s Practice!

Lecture 101 Notes Payable – Let’s Practice! Pt.2

Section 12: Congratulations on Completing the Course!

Lecture 102 Conclusion

Small Business Owners Wanting to Enhance their Accounting Expertise,Employees looking to better Understand Financial Reports in the workplace,Entrepreneurs Looking to Make Better Business Decisions,Students who want to Improve their accounting skills to get a good job!,Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Accounting!

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Udemy | English | 10h 1m | 2.31 GB
Created by: Nathaniel Garrett

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