Financial Literacy Investing 101

Become a wise investor
Financial Literacy Investing 101
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Financial Literacy Investing 101

What you’ll learn

Investing 101
Basic Stock Market Terminology
Saving Money!
ABCs of the Stock Market
How to invest

Financial Literacy Investing 101




This course is about helping people become financially stable, meaning we will help you develop a game plan to break free of living paycheck to paycheck. The goal is to develop financial literacy and gain a strong fundamental understanding of the stock market. Make no mistake, this isn’t about getting rich quick, this will take hard work and dedication. If you are looking for specific stock recommendations or buying advice, this is not the course for you.This course is a culmination of all the knowledge I have gained by reading and studying the most successful investors of all time. I take the knowledge, advice and proven track records of the greatest minds in investing, melt it all together with my personal experiences to provide you a simple course that is easy to understand.This course is going to be broken down in several chapters.Chapter 1. The Introduction: It is so important to have a “Game plan” for your money.This chapter is a course introduction were we discuss creating a budget, understanding your “why”, the power of money and the 8th wonder of the world….. compound interest.Chapter 2: Terminology: I talk about all the key stock market and finance terms you must know before beginning your journey into the world of investing. Understanding stock market terminology is so important, many new investors do not take the time to learn these and it is going to cost you money!Chapter 3: Where to invest?: In this chapter I discuss the different type of accounts and brokerages you can use to invest. We discuss all of the options available to you whether it be personal, retirement, custodial, Robo-advisors, etc. The upside and downside to all of these accounts and determining which type of account fits your needs.Chapter 4: What to invest in? In this chapter we cover all the different options available to investors. We will discuss Bonds, stocks, mutual funds ETFs, REITS, precious metals and more.Chapter 5: Ways to invest: There is a common misconception that you need large amounts of money to invest, this is simply not true. In this chapter we discuss the two main options available to you when it comes to investing. Dollar cost averaging and Lump sum investing.Chapter 6: Creating a portfolio: In this chapter I will talk about how important risk tolerance and age play a key part in asset allocation.


Section 1: My Course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Gameplan, Budget, intro to investing

Lecture 3 Stock Market Terminology

Lecture 4 Selecting a brokerage account

Lecture 5 What assets can you buy? What do they mean?

Lecture 6 How much money do you need to invest?

Lecture 7 Asset allocation & portfolio building

Section 2: Final Quiz

People who struggle to save money or people who want to learn how the stock market works. This is not financial advice or investing recommendations. This course is purely about teaching people how investing works.,Beginners to investing,Confused about investing,Needs a plan to save and invest,Want to build wealth

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Created by: Tony Szymanski

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