Financial Mastery Personal Finance Literacy Investment

Unlocking Financial Freedom: Master the Art of Money Management & Investment Strategies.
Financial Mastery Personal Finance Literacy Investment
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Financial Mastery Personal Finance Literacy Investment

What you’ll learn

Creating Personal “Financial Snapshot”
Creating “Emergency Fund” for the future
Debt Management
Loan Management
“Credit Score” Tips
“Credit Cards” Tips
“Loyalty Programs” Tips
Freelance Work & Side Income
Importance of Insurance in your life
Proper Retirement Plan
Saving for children’s education expenses
Covid Effects on Global Economy
Interest Rates
Exchange Rates
Credit Ratings
Future Predictions about Financial Markets
Savings Accounts
T-Bills and Bonds as an investment tool
Gold & Silver as an investment tool
Stock Markets
ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) as an investment tool
FX (Foreign Exchange) as an investment tool
Real Estate and REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust)
Creating a proper Investment Portfolio

Financial Mastery Personal Finance Literacy Investment


No finance experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.


Personal Finance & Financial Literacy Unlock Financial Freedom: Master the Art of Money Management and Investment StrategyAre you ready to take control of your financial future? Dive into the comprehensive world of “Personal Finance & Financial Literacy” and equip yourself with the essential tools to navigate the complex landscape of finance.This course is carefully designed to empower you with step-by-step guidance on managing debts, loans, savings, and investing, transforming you into a confident financial decision-maker.Course Highlights:Smart Money Management: Discover the art of efficiently managing your debts and loans, and gain insights into crafting a solid financial foundation.Spending Strategies: Uncover daily life spending tips that will help you make the most of your hard-earned money.Economic Indicators: Decode economic indicators such as inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, and credit ratings, enabling you to interpret economic news and make informed investment choices.Mastering Investment Tools: Explore a comprehensive range of investment options, from fixed income tools to riskier assets like ETFs and the stock market. Develop a deep understanding of each tool’s potential and risks.Crafting Your Portfolio: Create your portfolio tailored to your unique risk appetite and personality. Once you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of 8 distinct investment instruments including stocks, ETFs, Forex (Foreign Exchange), Gold & Silver, creating your portfolio will become both more professional and effortless. Learn the crucial percentages and strategies for a resilient and dynamic investment portfolio.Upon completing this course,You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to shape your financial future with confidence.Our comprehensive curriculum ensures you understand the complexity of personal finance, investment strategies, and economic trends.Whether you’re a beginner or have some financial knowledge, this course is designed to elevate your and empower you to make well-informed decisions.Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards financial empowerment? Enroll in “Personal Finance & Financial Literacy” today and take your first step towards securing a brighter financial future. Your financial success story starts now…


Section 1: Personal Snapshot Before All

Lecture 1 Personal Snapshot Before All

Section 2: Saving Habits

Lecture 2 Saving Habits

Section 3: Debt & Loan Management

Lecture 3 Debt Management

Lecture 4 Loan Management

Section 4: Spending Tips

Lecture 5 Credit Score

Lecture 6 Credit Cards

Lecture 7 Loyalty Programs

Section 5: Freelance Work & Side Income

Lecture 8 Freelance Work & Side Income

Section 6: Insurance

Lecture 9 Insurance

Section 7: Retirement Plan

Lecture 10 Retirement Plan

Section 8: Saving for Children

Lecture 11 Saving for Children

Section 9: Economic Indicators

Lecture 12 Financial Literacy Introduction

Lecture 13 Covid Effects on Global Economy

Lecture 14 Inflation

Lecture 15 Interest Rates

Lecture 16 Relationship between Inflation & Interest Rates

Lecture 17 Exchange Rates

Lecture 18 Credit Ratings

Lecture 19 Overall & Future Predictions

Section 10: Investment Tools

Lecture 20 Investment Tools Introduction

Lecture 21 Importance of True Investment

Lecture 22 Savings Account

Lecture 23 T-Bills & Bonds

Lecture 24 Gold as an Investment Tool

Lecture 25 Silver as an Investment Tool

Lecture 26 Stock Market

Lecture 27 ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

Lecture 28 FX (Foreign Exchange) Investment

Lecture 29 Real Estate Investment

Section 11: Creating an Investment Portfolio

Lecture 30 Creating an Investment Portfolio

Lecture 31 The End

Lecture 32 Bonus Lecture

People who have difficulties on managing personal finances such as managing debts/loans/savings and investments,People who consider to work at finance sector,People who want to learn investment tools,People who would like to improve their financial literacy skills and be able to take investment positions according to the global conditions

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