Financial Math Primer for Absolute Beginners Core Finance

Get the Mathematical Foundation in Finance You’ve Always Needed. Then Write a Financial Mathematics Proof from Scratch.
Financial Math Primer for Absolute Beginners Core Finance
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Financial Math Primer for Absolute Beginners Core Finance

What you’ll learn

Finally understand why equations (in and outside of Financial Math) work the way they do.
Gain a solid command over how to rearrange / manipulate equations algebraically.
Build the foundation that will empower you to later handle more complex problems in Finance.
Experience Financial Math the way it is – with simplicity. Starting from the stuff before the basics.
Get past your fear of equations by taking control of them. Start by learning how to read equations. Then conquer them.
Prove equations from scratch (aka “first principles”). And do this by relying almost exclusively on the foundation you’ve built.

Financial Math Primer for Absolute Beginners Core Finance


Preferably, you’ve had a terrible math teacher in school
You’ve always hated math, numbers, and equations
Equations freak you out – “what’s with all these letters and symbols?!” you wonder


Do equations freak you out? Are you scared of numbers? Chances are, you had a terrible math teacher in school. It’s time to take back control. And finally get the foundation you need for financial math.The fact is, you need to be at least reasonably good at mathematics to study any aspect of Finance.This holds whether you want to study Personal Finance, or the more “formal” Finance (be that Corporate Finance,  Quantitative Finance / Asset Pricing).Whether you’re student studying Finance or a professional working at a hedge fund or financial institution… If you’ve got a weak background in mathematics and you’re exploring Finance, it’s time to get past and conquer your fear of mathematics and equations.It’s time to get past your fear of equations / numbers, and to embrace the simplicity of Financial Mathematics.Discover the no judgement, no pressure Financial Math Primer for Absolute Beginners course.Explore the core concepts of mathematics you need to know in order to work with financial mathematics and Finance in general.Learn how to rearrange equations, expand brackets, group / factorise variables, and a whole lot more.Finally bid goodbye to your fear of mathematics, equations, and numbers.Here’s your 5 step journey to building a rock solid foundation in Financial Math.5 STEPS TO A SOLID FOUNDATION# 1: Pre-Fundamentals (Before The Absolute Basics)Explore mathematics in a new yet familiar way. Discover why math really is a language. Learn how to transform an English statement into a mathematical equation.Gain familiarity with the most common financial math notations and never feel intimidated by the Greek letters, ever again.Take the baby steps and learn how to read equations from scratch.# 2: The Fundamentals (Getting the Absolute Basics Right)Discover the 5 Golden Rules of mathematics that will help you take back control of the equations.See how these 5 incredibly simple rules can help you rearrange any equation – regardless of how complex it may be.We’ll use these 5 rules alone to write an entire financial math proof from scratch, together!# 3: Playing with EquationsExplore how to simplify, expand, and factorise equations from scratch.Start from the most basic expressions before gradually building up to more advanced and complex equations.Get comfortable with manipulating and rearranging equations, just by applying the Golden Rules!# 4: Financial Math EssentialsExplore the single concept on which 70%-80% of Finance is based on – the Present Value.Discover the Future Value and how it interacts with the Present Value.Take command of the simple concept which drives the entire process for stock valuation, bond valuation, and a whole lot more.# 5: Writing a ProofLeverage your new rock solid foundations by writing a financial math proof from scratch.Explore precisely how and why the Present Value of an Annuity works the way it does.Take things to the next level by going solo and proving the Present Value of a Perpetuity all by yourself.STRUCTURED LEARNING PATH, DESIGNED FOR DISTINCTIONWe’ve used the same tried and tested, proven to work teaching techniques that’ve helped thousands of students across the globe:ace their exams,obtain professional qualifications (CFA®, ACA, ACCA, and more)get hired by the most renowned investment banks in the world,manage their own investment portfolios.Here’s how we’ll help you build a rock solid foundation in Financial Mathematics:A Solid FoundationYou’ll gain a solid foundation of the core fundamentals that drive the entire Financial Math process. These fundamentals are the essence of Financial Math, regardless of what level you look at. Put differently, these fundamentals will hold you in good stead, indefinitely.Example Question WalkthroughsExplore each equation one variable at a time, one letter at a time. See step-by-step walkthroughs that help and empower you to see precisely how and why equations are rearranged the way they are.Loads of Practice QuestionsApply what you learn immediately with 100+ Financial Math Quiz Questions, all with impeccably detailed solutions. Plus, Financial Math assignments that take you outside your comfort zone.Proofs & ResourcesMathematical proofs with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions so you can take control of the Financial Math yourself. No guesswork.Finally get the foundation you need in Financial Math.Enroll now and get past your fear of equations and mathematics. Then write your own mathematical proof from scratch.


Section 1: Before You Start…

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course. Here’s what you’ll master.

Lecture 2 Course FAQs

Lecture 3 Important: Course Pointers

Section 2: Pre-Fundamentals (Before The Absolute Basics)

Lecture 4 Is Math a Language?

Lecture 5 Common Financial Math Notations

Lecture 6 Subscripts and Superscripts in Finance

Lecture 7 Additional Resources

Section 3: The Fundamentals (Getting the Absolute Basics Right)

Lecture 8 Golden Rule #1: The Seesaw

Lecture 9 Golden Rule #2: Interaction with Self

Lecture 10 Golden Rule #3: Interaction with One

Lecture 11 Golden Rule #4: BODMAS / BEDMAS / PEDMAS / BIDMAS

Lecture 12 Golden Rule #5: Sign Changes

Lecture 13 Additional Resources

Section 4: Playing with Equations

Lecture 14 Simplifying Equations

Lecture 15 Expanding Equations

Lecture 16 Factorising Equations

Section 5: Financial Math Essentials

Lecture 17 Exploring the Present Value & Future Value

Lecture 18 Calculating the Future Value

Lecture 19 Calculating the Present Value

Lecture 20 Exploring the Present Value of an Annuity Formula

Lecture 21 Additional Resources

Section 6: Writing a Financial Mathematics Proof

Lecture 22 Proof of the Present Value of an Annuity

Lecture 23 Additional Resources

Section 7: Continue Your Journey to Mastering Finance

Lecture 24 What would you like to learn next?

Lecture 25 BONUS: Explore Our Other Courses

College / University students studying Finance, and are afraid of numbers / equations.,Students who’ve had terrible math teachers in the past. It’s not your fault.,Analysts / Associates / Professionals who know they have a weak math foundation but are scared or embarrassed to admit it.

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