Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy MA

Lear about M&A analysis, accounting, due diligence, deal structuring and financial modeling for renewable energy sector
Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy MA
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Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy MA

What you’ll learn

Building a financial model from scratch in excel for M&A deals (both short and long forms);
M&A transaction analysis, accounting, structuring and due diligence for renewable energy sector;
Creating best practice macro’s and Excel VBA codes to break circularities;
Sizing debt based on multiple covenants for renewable energy acquisition financing;
Building in the acquisition capital structure with the appropriate adjustments for the combined entity’s balance sheet;
Creating three-way financial statements and understanding the core accounting concepts that ensure we have a balancing balance sheet;
Integrating synergy, EPS accretion / dilution, internal rate of returns and NPV analysis in the model;
Building summary worksheet to provide meaningful analysis to present to key stakeholders;
Advanced modeling and accounting concepts (flexible timing, stub period adjustment, multiple debt tranches, goodwill analysis etc.);

Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy MA


You will need previous exposure to Excel in a financial modelling context and basic knowledge of investment concepts such as NPV and IRR. We also strongly recommend taking our course on Project Finance Modeling for Renewable Energy.


Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy M&A course will give you the skills to develop and analyze financial models for M&A transactions. The course covers essential topics including M&A transaction analysis, accounting, due diligence, deal structuring and financial modeling with focus on renewable energy projects. Advanced topics such as sizing debt financing, determining payment structures and carrying out investment return analysis are also covered in the course. Note that this is not a project finance modeling course to evluate a stand-alone wind or solar projects, in this course, we deal with acquisition of a renewable energy company.In an online environment you will go from a blank Excel workbook to a financial model suitable for investment analysis, debt structuring and operational scenario evaluation. This course will provide step-by-step instructions on how to build financial model suitable for analyzing M&A transaction in renewable energy industry. Short form and long form M&A models will be build in the course.By the end of this course, you will be able to build complex, real-life M&A financial model for acquisition of wind and solar projects, and you will acquire the skills necessary to analyze, structure, and execute deals in the renewable energy sector.


Section 1: Part 1 – Transaction Analysis, Accounting , Due Diligence & Structuring

Lecture 1 Why companies pursue M&A

Lecture 2 M&A Process

Lecture 3 M&A Deal Analysis

Lecture 4 Deal Synergies

Lecture 5 Deal Premiums

Lecture 6 Premium vs Synergy Analysis

Lecture 7 M&A Deal Structures

Lecture 8 M&A Deal Currency

Lecture 9 Accounting for M&A (Simplified)

Lecture 10 Basics of Consolidation

Lecture 11 Non-Controlling Interest

Lecture 12 Accounting for Goodwill in Consolidated Balance Sheet

Lecture 13 Deferred Tax Liability – Introduction

Lecture 14 Accelerated Depreciation

Lecture 15 Net Operating Losses

Typical students include analysts, managers, senior managers, associate directors, financial advisors, financiers and CFOs from project companies, investment banks, private equity and infrastructure funds.

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Created by: Greg Ahuy

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