Financial Risk Management FRM Foundational FRM Principles

Minimize Financial Risks While Maximizing Financial Reward. + Financial Risk Management (FRM) Process Implementation.
Financial Risk Management FRM Foundational FRM Principles
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Steve Ballinger, MBA


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Financial Risk Management FRM Foundational FRM Principles

What you’ll learn

Identify financial risks an organization may face.
Analyze in depth the risks that have been identified.
Manage risk with the goal of possibly eliminating or at least reducing the risk exposure
Have the foundational learning to start in case wish to take the rigorous FRM certification exam

Financial Risk Management FRM Foundational FRM Principles


There are no requirements or prerequisites for taking the course


The key to organizational profitability is not only the rewards (Revenue & Profits) but also being able to Identify, Analyze, and Manage Risks. Without risk there is no reward.That is where people trained in Financial Risk Management (FRM) are critical to an organizations success.In about 2 hours, you will learn the foundational principles to make an impact on your organization and your career. In the course we will be following a clear Financial Risk Management (FRM) Process of:Identifying the financial risks the organization faces such as:Market RisksCredit RisksLiquidity RisksCurrency RisksCommodity Risks and moreAnalyze those risks from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint so we can rank and prioritize them such as determining our:Expected LossesUnexpected LossesValue at Risk (VaR) and moreHow to manage financial risks we have identified and analyzed so we can:Eliminate risks where possibleMitigate our risk exposureUse hedging techniques we will learn in the course and moreCourse includes Case Study’s and Activities where you get to decide a course of action you may take!We will also review additional globally recognized certification programs such as the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification and the Chartered Financial Analyst Certification in case you would like to continue your learning in more depth for these rigorous exams. This course will help with the foundational principles, particularly for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification.The next step is to enroll in the course and let’s get started!Thanks.Steve Ballinger


Section 1: Identify Financial Risks

Lecture 1 (Welcome) Financial Risk/Reward And Process

Lecture 2 Market Risk (Equity/Interest Rate/Currency/Commodity)

Lecture 3 Credit Risk

Lecture 4 Liquidity Risk

Lecture 5 Interaction Of Risks

Lecture 6 Other Risks To Consider

Lecture 7 How Can We Respond To Financial Risks

Lecture 8 Activity: What Would You Do?

Section 2: Analyze Financial Risks

Lecture 9 Analyzing Financial Risks Intro

Lecture 10 Expected Loss

Lecture 11 Calculating Expected Loss

Lecture 12 Unexpected Loss

Lecture 13 How To Access Additional Resources

Lecture 14 Value At Risk (VAR) Measure

Lecture 15 Value At Risk (VAR) Calculation

Lecture 16 Beta And Variability

Lecture 17 Measuring Liquidity Risk

Lecture 18 Current & Quick Ratios: Liquidity (Investing Example)

Section 3: Managing Financial Risks

Lecture 19 Managing Risks Intro

Lecture 20 Think Of How You Personally Manage Financial Risk​

Lecture 21 Unethical Behavior & Risk Management​

Lecture 22 Case Study: Financial Impact Of Unethical behavior

Lecture 23 Human Agency And Financial Risk Management (FRM)

Lecture 24 Enterprise Risk Management

Lecture 25 Hedging To Try And Manage Risk​

Lecture 26 Devising A Hedging Strategy​ (Static & Dynamic)

Lecture 27 Risk Management Strategy & Policies

Section 4: Next Steps & Learning Activities

Lecture 28 Risk Management Process (Quick Review + Icebergs

Lecture 29 Official FRM Certification

Lecture 30 Activity #1: You Decide, Financial Risk Management (FRM) Case

Lecture 31 Activity #2: iSmell FRM Case, You Decide

Lecture 32 Top 4 Action Steps + Bonus Step

Lecture 33 Bonus: Let’s Keep The Learning Going

Excellent For Finance Professionals Looking To Have A Deeper Understanding Of Risk,Great For Non-Finance People Who Want To Be Exposed To Financial Risk Management,Great Start For Those Considering The FRM Exam And Want Learn The Foundational Principles Quickly,For Already Certified FRM Professionals Would Be A Good Review

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Created by: Steve Ballinger, MBA

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