Financial Statements Learn Accounting Unlock the Numbers

Learn Accounting to Get Promoted, Become a Successful Entrepreneur, and Make Smarter Investments
Financial Statements Learn Accounting Unlock the Numbers
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Nathaniel Garrett


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Financial Statements Learn Accounting Unlock the Numbers

What you’ll learn

Confidently Read Financial Statements
Understand Accounting Jargon
Gain a Valuable Understanding of Key Accounting Concepts
Apply Accounting Knowledge to real world companies
Evaluate a Companies Financial Health
Read, Understand, and Interpret Financial Statements

Financial Statements Learn Accounting Unlock the Numbers


Nothing! If you’re new to Accounting, this is the Course for You 🙂


Updated: May 26, 2016 from Austin, TX
What is this Course about?
Through engaging power point lectures and practical excel exercises, you will learn how to read financial statements more effectively. Explore the power of accounting and how it can impact your career.
I structured this course for you. Throughout my years of teaching, my students complain that most professors just don’t teach with the student in mind. They have the accounting expertise but can’t properly convey the material in easily understood terms. That’s where I come in. I will teach you the essentials of accounting. No fluff. I use fun analogies to help break down tricky accounting concepts into bite sized, manageable material.
This course covers the importance of accounting principles and allows professionals to become more proficient at reading, understanding and interpreting financial statements.
Beginning with accounting basics, we will explore the importance of communication and purpose of financial statements. From there, you will learn how to Create an Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement in excel. Then I will introduce you to financial ratios and how they are used to interpret those tricky numbers on the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Wrapping up, we will explore a real world company using Yahoo Finance so you can learn exactly how each statement connects together.
This is a wonderful course for anyone wanting to learn the basics of accounting and how to read financial statements.

What Materials are Included in this Course?
Multiple Quizzes to Test your KnowledgeEngaging Video LecturesUseful Excel Practice Examples

Questions this Course Answers?
How to Read Financial Statements?What is Accounting?How to Invest Smarter?How to Use Financial Ratios to Assess Company’s Financial Health?

My Promise to You
In all honestly, I love to teach. All Feedback, Encouragement, Criticism is Welcome. My goal is to do everything in my power to improve this course for my Students. Your Education is Top Priority to Me. I love questions because I believe that is the true way to learn. Looking forward to hearing from you! Be on the lookout for future Accounting Courses 🙂


Section 1: Introduction to the Basics of Accounting

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 What is Accounting – Begin Learning the Language of Business

Lecture 3 Financial Statements – Learn their Purpose and How they are Communicated

Section 2: Income Statement: Create an Income Statement and Calculate Net Income

Lecture 4 Intro to the Income Statement

Lecture 5 Revenue – Learn How to Classify and Calculate Revenues

Lecture 6 Expenses – Learn How to Classify and Calculate Expenses

Lecture 7 Income – Learn How to Classify and Calculate Income

Lecture 8 Excel Video Lecture – Learn how an Income Statement is Created

Lecture 9 Practice – Create your Own Income Statement

Lecture 10 Vertical Analysis – Analyze an Income Statement using Vertical Analysis

Lecture 11 Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of the Income Statement

Section 3: Balance Sheet – Read the Balance Sheet and Understand Accounting Principles

Lecture 12 Intro to the Balance Sheet

Lecture 13 Assets – Learn How to Classify and Calculate Assets

Lecture 14 Liabilities and Owner’s Equity – Learn How to Classify and Calculate

Lecture 15 Excel Video Lecture – Learn How a Balance Sheet is Created

Lecture 16 Practice – Create your own Balance Sheet

Lecture 17 Horizontal Analysis – Evaluate a Companies Trends Using Horizontal Analysis

Lecture 18 Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of the Balance Sheet

Section 4: Cash Flow Statement – Understand the Flow of Cash and Cash Activities

Lecture 19 Introduction to the Cash Flow Statement – Learn its Purpose

Lecture 20 Cash Flow Statement – Understand Cash Flow Activities

Lecture 21 Excel Video Lecture – Learn How a Cash Flow Statement is Created

Lecture 22 Practice – Create your own Cash Flow Statement

Lecture 23 Quiz – Test Your Knowledge of the Cash Flow Statement

Section 5: Utilizing Financial Ratios – Evaluate a Company’s Financial Performance

Lecture 24 Financial Ratios – Understand the Purpose of Financial Ratios

Lecture 25 Liquidity Ratios – Learn to Interpret Financial Statements Using Liquidity

Lecture 26 Solvency Ratios – Learn to Interpret Financial Statements Using Solvency

Lecture 27 Profitability Ratios – Interpret Financial Statements Through Profitability

Lecture 28 Activity Ratios – Learn to Measure a Company’s Efficiency

Section 6: Real World Case Study – Examine a Real Company Through Financial Ratios

Lecture 29 Introduction to the Case Study

Lecture 30 Connecting the Statements Together

Lecture 31 Analyze Financial Statements through Liquidity Ratios

Lecture 32 Analyze Financial Statements through Solvency Ratios

Lecture 33 Analyze Financial Statements through Profitability Ratios

Section 7: Completion of Course + Bonus!

Lecture 34 Conclusion – Congratulations on Completing the Course!

Lecture 35 Bonus! – Financial Ratio Cheat Sheet

Small Business Owners Wanting to Enhance their Accounting Expertise,Students Wanting to Understand Financial Statements better,Employees looking to better Understand Financial Reports in the workplace,Entrepreneurs Looking to Create a Better Business Plan,Investors eager to interpret financial statements to invest smarter,Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Accounting!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 9m | 2.61 GB
Created by: Nathaniel Garrett

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