First Aid and CPR Training

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First Aid and CPR Training
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First Aid and CPR Training

What you’ll learn

Manage Small injuries, illnesses and mishaps for yourself and those around you
Save a Life when you get an Opportunity to do so
Become a productive, Efficient Samaritan who can offer help to society
Giving CPR & using AED machines to stabilize until Medical help arrives

First Aid and CPR Training


Anyone above the Age of 18
No other qualification or vocational skill required


91Safeindia has a Vision of empowering citizens to take power in their own hands and do all they can to alleviate pain and save lives while with these skills.Based on the Protocols set by American Heart Association which is recognised globally, the 91 FATE [First Aid Trauma & Emergency] Management Program was created in 2018.This program equips non medicos – students, seniors, home makers, basically anyone to use just their hands and save lives! Those who take this course already exhibit a golden heart and we call them 91 LifeSavers!Once you finish this course, you will be able to handle everyday home and work injuries like sprains and strains, allergies, bites etc moving to grave health events such as heart attacks & strokes. We train you to give CPR and revive a person even when unresponsive and the use of AED equipment if it is available. These are the ultimate forms of emergency management which are also used by medical professionals in ER.With this course certificate under your belt, you have every chance to get atleast one opportunity in your lifetime to save a life, and even one life saved would make you a SuperHero!So Are you ready to be a SuperHero with the invisible Cape!!??


Section 1: Introduction to First Aid

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Sprains & Strains

Lecture 3 Allergies

Section 2: Managing Burns, Choking, Drowning & Snake Bites

Lecture 4 Types of Burns & How to provide First Aid

Lecture 5 ‘Choking’ Management

Lecture 6 Primary & Secondary Drowning

Lecture 7 Snake Bites – How Serious can they Be

Section 3: Common Health Events that need First Aid Management

Lecture 8 First Aid in Asthma

Lecture 9 Epilepsy – more commonly known as FITS

Lecture 10 Heat Stroke Management

Lecture 11 Hypoglycemia

Section 4: High Impact Injuries – Fractures, Head Injury and Spinal Injury

Lecture 12 Fractures First Aid

Lecture 13 Head Injury

Lecture 14 Spinal Injury

Section 5: Serious Health Events + Ultimate Life Saving Skills

Lecture 15 Heart Attacks – Identify & Manage

Lecture 16 Strokes [Brain Stroke also called Paralytic Attack]

Lecture 17 AED [Automatic External Difibrillator] Usage

Lecture 18 CPR [Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation]

Section 6: Evaluation Test

Anyone who wants to manage their surroundings better and keep them safer.,Committee members of Housing Societies,Parents,Caregivers to Seniors,Corporate Teams to make the environment safer,School Staff

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Udemy | English | 1h 7m | 3.27 GB
Created by: Instructor 91SafeIndia

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