Flutter 30 Rest API crash course build a News app from zero

Flutter 3.0 & Rest API build a fully functional News app from scratch using 2 different Rest APIs
Flutter 30 Rest API crash course build a News app from zero
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Flutter 30 Rest API crash course build a News app from zero

What you’ll learn

This Flutter course is a complete guide that helps learn and build a fully functioning Flutter application with Rest Api.
Rest API integration
CRUD operations
Teaching how to write Clean-code and avoid Boilerplate code
A fully functional app that is ready for use and deployment
Firebase real-time database Rest API

Flutter 30 Rest API crash course build a News app from zero


A good Knowledge in Flutter and Dart is strongly recommended


This course cover how to make a Fully Functional app for Android in portrait mode. Moreover it also cover how to integrate the Rest API in a Flutter application.The used API’s are:News Rest APIFirebase real-time database Rest APICourse prerequisites:Basic knowledge in programming to get started Basic knowledge of Flutter and a good knowledge is recommendedHow this course can be of help:Gaining more knowledge in Flutter and Rest API integrationHttp requestsJson serializationSearch using query, and get the results directly from the APISorting byPaginationAdd to BookmarksError HandlingLearn how to make a News app with clear designA fully functional app that is ready for use and deploymentWhat’s in the course:Complex UI has done simplyProvider State managementFirebase Real-time database Rest APIClean code and avoid Boilerplate codeState Management: setState, lifting state up via callbacks, global access, scoped access with Provider and ChangeNotifierNavigation & Custom navigationAnimated NavigationAnimationManaging and updating packagesListViews and multiple UI statesDart Programming Language – Fundamentals and intermediate&expert topicsHow to understand Flutter Mobile Development by building apps incrementally.How to design, build, debug Flutter appsHow to get Flutter apps to communicate with a real-time databaseHow to build robust apps with FlutterFlutter AppBarFlutter Material DesignFlutter Row and ColumnFlutter ListView Builder Payment gatewayCourse structure:approximately 7 hours of content and updated regally  Requirements:Windows application development OR Mac application development Access to a computer with an internet connection.and you are ready for the journeyLove learning about applying cutting-edge algorithms to practical cases!What Should I Expect After this Course?:The ability to build a fully functional appsNew information regarding Flutter And API integrationNote that the course builds on windows, so I didn’t have a chance to cover the IOS configurations! But feel free to ask anything about it. I will be there to help.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction – About The Course&About Me&Couse requirements

Lecture 2 App overview

Lecture 3 Hints and tricks

Lecture 4 Source code on Github

Lecture 5 Reach me

Lecture 6 Note

Section 2: Start coding

Lecture 7 lock device orientation

Lecture 8 Setting up the Theme and app structure and starter source code on github

Lecture 9 Create the drawer widget design

Lecture 10 Add custom fonts, and finish the Appbar design

Lecture 11 Start implementing the main screen tabs

Lecture 12 Finish the tabs implementation

Lecture 13 Implement the pagination buttons

Lecture 14 Implement the pagination numbers widget

Lecture 15 Finish the pagination control

Lecture 16 Implement the dropdown Button

Lecture 17 Implement the articles widget part 1

Lecture 18 Finish the articles widget

Lecture 19 Implement the article loading widget (Shimmer effect)

Lecture 20 Finish the top trending widget

Lecture 21 Finish the top trending shimmer effect widget

Lecture 22 Implement the navigation with transition to the search screen

Lecture 23 Imepelment the search screen top widgets

Lecture 24 Implement the search suggestions widget

Lecture 25 Implement the no results screen

Lecture 26 Implement the Bookmarks screen

Lecture 27 Show news details in a Webview widget

Lecture 28 Add leading icon to navigate to the previous screen (Home screen)

Lecture 29 Implement the modal bottom sheet in the webview screen

Lecture 30 Implement the refresh webview method

Lecture 31 24- Implement the Share Function

Lecture 32 24- Implement the open in a browser Function

Lecture 33 Create an error dialog

Lecture 34 In app news details

Section 3: Rest API

Lecture 35 What is Rest API?

Lecture 36 News rest api walkthorugh

Lecture 37 Use the Postman to make request and generate dart model class

Lecture 38 Create the news model class with Json serialization

Lecture 39 Integrate the Rest api in our application

Lecture 40 Appending the Rest api results to the model class

Lecture 41 Enhance the get all news method with url segmentation

Lecture 42 Start displaying the news in our app

Lecture 43 Use the FutureBuilder aproach in order to fetch the news from the Rest Api

Lecture 44 Display the other news details, and open the correct URL for the webView

Lecture 45 Calculate the article reading time

Lecture 46 Show the date in the Formatted way

Lecture 47 Error handling

Lecture 48 Enhance the error handling method

Lecture 49 Handle errors using the status code

Section 4: State management & Rest Api

Lecture 50 Why do we need state management in this app?

Lecture 51 Get started with the state management

Lecture 52 Avoid using the dependency injection

Lecture 53 Implement the pagination

Lecture 54 Allow the user to sortBy the news

Lecture 55 Display the correct news details in the news details screen

Lecture 56 Implement the share method in the news details screen

Lecture 57 Get the top headlines from the API and display it correctly on the screen

Lecture 58 Implement the image HERO animation

Lecture 59 Allow the user to search, and get the results from the api

Section 5: Extra – Rest Api – Advanced to Expert

Lecture 60 Get started with the Firebase Rest API

Lecture 61 Create the Bookmarks model class

Lecture 62 Send dummy data to Firebase real-time database using the Post method

Lecture 63 Save the news data in the Firebase real-time database

Lecture 64 Allow the user to delete from the Real-Time database

Lecture 65 Start fetching the bookmarks data, and fix the deletion issue

Lecture 66 Fetch and display bookmarks on the screen.mp4

Lecture 67 Check if the current News is already in the bookmarks

Lecture 68 Importance of the NotifyListener

Lecture 69 Fix the delete function and finalize the app

Section 6: Extra

Lecture 70 Change the app launcher icon

Lecture 71 Native splash screen

Flutter and Dart learning cravers,Anyone who want to understand how to integrate Rest API in a Flutter app,For people who want to make a complete app in Flutter

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 12m | 6.23 GB
Created by: Hadi Kachmar

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