Flutter and Firebase Learn by developing Contacts app

Build contacts list app with Firebase at backend. Call, SMS, and WhatsApp functionality in app.
Flutter and Firebase Learn by developing Contacts app
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Flutter and Firebase Learn by developing Contacts app

What you’ll learn

Setup Flutter Development Environment
Integrate Firebase with Flutter
Implement call, SMS and WhatsApp functionality in Flutter
Export data from Excel/CSV format and Google Sheets to Firebase
Populating Widgets (ListView, Chip) from Firestore Database

Flutter and Firebase Learn by developing Contacts app


Basic Programming Concepts


If you want to learn Flutter and add Firebase Firestore Database functionality in it, this course is for you.Course Objective is to develop a contacts list app for Android and iOS. Uniqueness of this contacts app is that the user don’t need to maintain contact list of the company/organization him/herself but rather it is maintained at single central location, updated at one point and all contact lists on user device are updated automatically.The app uses Firebase Firestore Database at the backend.After completing this course you will be able to write any Flutter apps with Firebase Firestore integration.The course is a hands on tutorial using Android Studio.Course is taught in the following sequence:Introduction to Course and Contacts AppSetting up Flutter Development EnvironmentIntegrating Firebase in FlutterImplementing phone call, sending text and WhatsApp message in FlutterExporting Excel/CSV data to Firebase Firestore DatabaseExporting data from Google Sheets to Firebase Firestore DatabasePopulate Widgets from Firebase Firestore DatabaseWhen course is finished you will get a complete contact list app that can be used for calls, sending SMS text and WhatsApp messages.The course is developed by experienced Flutter developer. This app is in use by few organizations.Hope you will enjoy the course.Best of Luck!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to Phone Directory App

Lecture 3 Demo of the target app

Section 2: Setting up the Flutter Development Environment

Lecture 4 What is Flutter?

Lecture 5 Setup Flutter Development Environment

Lecture 6 Layout of App User Interface

Lecture 7 Creating User Interface in Flutter

Lecture 8 Overview of UI

Section 3: Integrating Firebase in Flutter

Lecture 9 Setup Firebase Project

Lecture 10 Read Data from Firebase Firestore Database in Flutter

Lecture 11 Refining the User Interface

Section 4: Implementing Call and Message Functionality

Lecture 12 Make Phone Call in Flutter

Lecture 13 Send SMS in Flutter

Lecture 14 Send WhatsApp message in Flutter

Section 5: Export Data from Excel/CSV to Firebase

Lecture 15 Export Data from Excel/CSV to Firebase

Lecture 16 Read Data from Google Sheets in Flutter

Lecture 17 Export Data from Google Sheets to Firebase

Section 6: Populating Dropdown and Chips Widgets from Firebase

Lecture 18 Populating Chips Widgets from Firebase Firestore Database

Lecture 19 Populating DropdownButton from Firebase Firestore Database

Lecture 20 Populate Chips Widgets from Firebase (Method#2)

Beginners in Flutter who want to use Firebase in Flutter,Flutter developers who want to learn use of external data sources

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 14m | 2.14 GB
Created by: Haider Ali

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