Flutter Firebase Tutorial Build 5 Social Media Apps

Learn Flutter & Firebase by building Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Zoom & WhatsApp!
Flutter Firebase Tutorial Build 5 Social Media Apps
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Flutter Firebase Tutorial Build 5 Social Media Apps

What you’ll learn

Learn about Firebase Firestore, Auth, Storage
Build Real World Projects with Firebase
Know When & Why To Use Firebase
Build Cross Platform Apps

Flutter Firebase Tutorial Build 5 Social Media Apps


Basic Knowledge of Flutter
Experience with Dart Programming Language


Build 5 Real World Social Media Applications in this tutorial!We will go through Firebase Auth in detail after which work on real world projects like Instagram, TikTok, Zoom, Twitch & WhatsApp! These projects don’t just talk about Firebase, projects like Twitch and Zoom even include third party SDK’s to give a feel of how, when and why to use Firebase. The aim of this course is to make you familiar with Firebase and have 5 real world projects which you can work on, after this course to turn into a single app. This course will have constant repetition which will ensure your confidence is high, even after completing this course and you don’t have to take yet another course. If you have any questions during the course, I’ll be more than happy to help you out with it! Keep Learning :)Features of the projects we are going to build:1. InstagramResponsive Instagram UIEmail & Password AuthenticationShare Posts with CaptionDisplay Posts with CaptionLike & Comment on PostsSearch UsersFollow UsersDisplay User Posts, Followers & FollowingEVERYTHING REAL TIMESign Out 2. TikTokAuthentication with Email & PasswordUploading Videos with CaptionCompressing VideosGenerating Thumbnails Out of VideoDisplaying Videos with CaptionLiking on PostsCommenting on PostsLiking the CommentsSearching UsersFollowing UsersDisplaying Followers, Following, Likes & Posts of UserTikTok Like UI3. ZoomGoogle Sign InCreate New MeetingJoin MeetingMute/Unmute AudioMute/Unmute VideoChange Display Name while JoiningRaise HandStart Screen SharingMute EveryoneStart Live StreamScreen ShareChatSwitch Front/Rear CameraPicture in PictureEnter Tile ViewDisable CameraEnd CallSee Your Meeting HistoryLog out4. TwitchEmail & Password Authentication Screensharing Selecting Thumbnail Going Live Joining LiveStream Switching Camera Muting/Unmuting Chatting Cross Platform Responsive UI Token Generation using GO (Create Your API) Deploy Server Deploy Website5. WhatsAppPhone Number Authentication1-1 Chatting with Contacts OnlyGroup ChattingText, Image, GIF, Audio(with Recording), Video & Emoji SharingStatus/Stories Visible to Contacts Only and Disappears after 24 hoursVideo CallingOnline/Offline StatusSeen MessageReplying to MessagesAuto Scroll on New MessagesCaching Images & Video


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Best Way To Follow Along

Section 2: Instagram Clone

Lecture 3 Demo

Lecture 4 Setup & Theming the App

Lecture 5 Building Responsive Layout Widget

Lecture 6 Setting Up Firebase

Lecture 7 Login Screen UI (Mobile)

Lecture 8 Signup Screen UI (Mobile)

Lecture 9 Firebase Signup Auth

Lecture 10 Firebase Login Auth

Lecture 11 Persisting Auth State

Lecture 12 Modelling User Data

Lecture 13 User Data State Management

Lecture 14 Null Check Operator Error Fix

Lecture 15 Mobile Bottom App Bar

Lecture 16 Add Post Screen UI

Lecture 17 Selecting Image

Lecture 18 Storing Post Data in Firebase

Lecture 19 Feed Posts UI

Lecture 20 Displaying Post Data from Firebase

Lecture 21 Like Animation

Lecture 22 Updating Likes

Lecture 23 Comments Screen UI

Lecture 24 Storing Comments in Firestore

Lecture 25 Displaying Comments

Lecture 26 Deleting Post

Lecture 27 Searching Users

Lecture 28 Showing Posts on Search Screen

Lecture 29 Creating Reusable Profile Screen UI

Lecture 30 Displaying Profile Data

Lecture 31 Following Users

Lecture 32 Signing Out

Lecture 33 Creating Responsive UI

Section 3: TikTok Clone

Lecture 34 Demo

Lecture 35 Setup

Lecture 36 Login Screen UI

Lecture 37 Sign Up Screen UI

Lecture 38 Authentication Logic

Lecture 39 Firebase Setup

Lecture 40 Creating User Model

Lecture 41 Persisting User State

Lecture 42 Bottom Tab Bar

Lecture 43 Add Video Screen

Lecture 44 Confirm Video Screen

Lecture 45 Uploading Video

Lecture 46 Displaying Videos

Lecture 47 Add Video Controller

Lecture 48 Liking Posts

Lecture 49 Commenting & Liking Comments on Posts

Lecture 50 Search Screen

Lecture 51 Profile Screen

Section 4: Zoom Clone

Lecture 52 Demo

Lecture 53 Flutter Setup

Lecture 54 Login Screen UI

Lecture 55 Firebase Setup & Google Sign In

Lecture 56 Firebase Setup (iOS)

Lecture 57 Firebase Setup (Android)

Lecture 58 Persisting User State

Lecture 59 Home Screen UI

Lecture 60 Setting Up Jitsi Meet (iOS)

Lecture 61 Create New Meeting

Lecture 62 Join Video Screen UI

Lecture 63 Storing User Meetings

Lecture 64 Displaying User Meetings

Lecture 65 Logging Out

Lecture 66 Testing on Physical Android Device & iOS Simulator

Lecture 67 Jitsi Meet Error

Lecture 68 Pros & Cons

Section 5: Twitch Clone

Lecture 69 Demo

Lecture 70 Project Layout

Lecture 71 Routes

Lecture 72 Onboarding Screen UI

Lecture 73 Signup & Login Screen UI

Lecture 74 Firebase Setup

Lecture 75 Firebase iOS Setup

Lecture 76 Firebase Android Setup

Lecture 77 Signing Up Users

Lecture 78 Logging in Users

Lecture 79 Persisting Login State

Lecture 80 Designing Bottom NavBar

Lecture 81 Go Live Screen UI

Lecture 82 Picking Image from Gallery

Lecture 83 Fixing Memory Leaks & Adding Loaders

Lecture 84 Storing Livestream Data in Firebase

Lecture 85 Agora Android Setup

Lecture 86 Solving Firebase Livestream BUG

Lecture 87 Agora iOS Setup

Lecture 88 Initialising Agora

Lecture 89 Get Agora App ID

Lecture 90 Joining Channel

Lecture 91 Designing Broadcast Screen

Lecture 92 Leaving Channel

Lecture 93 Switching Camera

Lecture 94 Muting/Unmuting

Lecture 95 Realtime Chatting

Lecture 96 Installing GO

Lecture 97 Creating & Deploying API using GO

Lecture 98 Sending HTTP Request to our API

Lecture 99 Designing & Displaying Feed Screen

Lecture 100 Correcting Join Channel Bug

Lecture 101 Firebase & Agora Web Setup

Lecture 102 Making The App Responsive

Lecture 103 Adding End Stream Button

Lecture 104 Start Screensharing Functionality

Lecture 105 Stop Screensharing Functionality

Lecture 106 Firebase & Agora MacOS Setup

Lecture 107 Deploy Web App

Lecture 108 Conclusion Part 2

Section 6: WhatsApp Clone

Lecture 109 Introduction

Lecture 110 Project Setup

Lecture 111 Project Runthrough

Lecture 112 Flutter Firebase App Connection

Lecture 113 Flutter Firebase iOS Setup

Lecture 114 Flutter Firebase Android Setup

Lecture 115 Landing Screen UI

Lecture 116 Login Screen UI

Lecture 117 Phone Authentication

Lecture 118 Adding Riverpod

Lecture 119 Auth Controller

Lecture 120 About Riverpod

Lecture 121 Resolving iOS App Error

Lecture 122 OTP Screen UI

Lecture 123 Verifying OTP

Lecture 124 User Information Screen UI

Lecture 125 Saving User Data To Firestore

Lecture 126 Persisting Auth State

Lecture 127 Displaying Contacts in User’s Phone

Lecture 128 Displaying Name and online/offline status

Lecture 129 Modifying Bottom Chat Field UI

Lecture 130 Sending Text Message

Lecture 131 Displaying Chat Contacts

Lecture 132 Displaying Messages

Lecture 133 Automatic Scrolling on New Message

Lecture 134 Changing Online/Offline Status

Lecture 135 Sending Image Message

Lecture 136 Displaying Cached Image

Lecture 137 Sending Video Message

Lecture 138 Sending Emojis

Lecture 139 Sharing GIFs

Lecture 140 Recording & Sharing Audio in Flutter App

Lecture 141 Playing Audio

Lecture 142 Replying to Messages

Lecture 143 Seen Feature

Lecture 144 Uploading Statuses/Stories

Lecture 145 Displaying Statuses/Stories

Lecture 146 Creating Groups

Lecture 147 Displaying Groups

Lecture 148 Fetching Group Chats & Chatting in Group

Lecture 149 Managing Agora Dashboard & Credentials

Lecture 150 Video Calling

Lecture 151 Disconnecting Call

Lecture 152 Group Calling

Lecture 153 Code Refactoring

Lecture 154 Note on Firebase Functions

Lecture 155 Testing on Physical Device (Android)

Section 7: [BONUS] Firebase Authentication

Lecture 156 Introduction

Lecture 157 Starter Project Explanation

Lecture 158 Connecting to Firebase

Lecture 159 Email Password Signup

Lecture 160 Email Verification

Lecture 161 Phone Sign In

Lecture 162 Email Password Login

Lecture 163 Facebook Sign In

Lecture 164 Anonymous Sign In

Lecture 165 State Management

Lecture 166 Displaying User Details

Lecture 167 Google Sign In

Lecture 168 Sign out

Lecture 169 Delete Account

Beginner Flutter Developers wanting to learn more about backend stuff!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 29h 22m | 23.74 GB
Created by: Rivaan Ranawat

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