FOCUS MASTERY How To Increase Your Focus In Just 30 Days

Learn how to BOOST your brain, do more work, get results and focus your thoughts. You will maximize your Productivity!
FOCUS MASTERY How To Increase Your Focus In Just 30 Days
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Silviu Marisk - Effective Learning Lab


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FOCUS MASTERY How To Increase Your Focus In Just 30 Days

What you’ll learn

How to move specific ideas/projects ahead quicker and easier.
How to use focus to lead your life as an achiever.
Take focused action and achieve breakthrough results.
Get focused on what’s most important to you.
Define your priorities and take action aligned with these.

FOCUS MASTERY How To Increase Your Focus In Just 30 Days


An open mind for learning.
A commitment to apply the material.
A notebook and pen!


Focus Mastery 2.0 – How To Increase Your Focus In Just 30 Days!With over 844 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ratings, this is the HIGHEST RATED Learning How To Focus Course of all time! New content added frequently since it was launched. Existing content improved. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________We all start at some point or other, during our working day, to watch notifications on Facebook, to chat with friends, to admire the colors of the houses in the window, while we are working on an important project or while writing an important email.Have you ever wondered what would be your results if you would focus and concentrate your thoughts?Why do you think people who do possess the ability to work hard, with determination, but not reigning in their thoughts can never achieve the success they are, however, dreaming at?Have you ever tried to distinguish what is leading to success in your profession, or in your field?Once you decide and manage to take your mind off multiple things and devote your complete focus and attention to the singular task at hand, you can achieve the results you want. Focus and concentrate your thoughts, and will see your results.When your goal is to cultivate and develop the ability to align your mind and dedicate total focus and concentration on the task at hand, you can realize anything you want.Is focusing your strength or is this rather your weakness? This question applies to everyone, irrespective of your age and profession. Above question is raised, as to excel in any aria of your life, you need to have very well developed the two traits of focus and concentration. Once you have them, add determination and ability to work hard for the goal you are aspiring for.How is this Course organized?1) How to increase your focus 2) Tips for developing concentration 3) Techniques for developing an active learning 4) How to improve your learning capacity 5) Concentration exercises for boosting and sharpening your focus 6) How to train your brain to get into that state of focus 7) How stress and anxiety affect your focus 8) How Rest and Sleep can benefit your concentration ability 9) The advantages of building your focus ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Customer Testimonials:★★★★★ “Excellent tips shared.. Though most of it are basics which we had followed up during school days but it’s getting tougher now… Good points highlighted! Thank you. Much needed when you up skill becomes a must.” – Santosh Anand Kumar★★★★★ “I enjoyed this course. The material was extremely helpful and easy to apply. My favorite lectures were 3, 6, 7 and 10. You’ll need to complete the small task and training that is provided for this to work for you. The course seems to focus on helping you to study and learn but certainly the strategies could be used to help you focus at work, business and family.” – Ernesto ★★★★★ “I learned new things about how to focus and how to develop my brain. I am so excited about implementing them.” – Christie★★★★★ “I tried the techniques of the course lesson while at work multitasking. It helped me see many of the focus issues, and understand problem areas. And deal with unexpected manufacturing issues.” – Danny Farrell★★★★★ “The instructor is impeccable . the techniques exemplified really help . I really enjoyed the course. Keep the good work 🙂 Thank you.” – Pedro Mendonça ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Focus Mastery 2.0 contains more than 1 hour of full training, but you can pace it along with your convenient timeline. Your learning adventure begins immediately after enrolling in this course. Take as much time as you need, and re-watch it as often as you like.There are no previous requirements necessary, and Ii only ask you to Watch, Learn and Implement.To boost your brain and personal development, click the “BUY NOW” button and I’ll see you inside the course.To your success!~ Silviu Marisk


Section 1: Welcome To This Course!


Lecture 2 How to Make this Course Work for You!

Section 2: How To Lead Your Life As An Achiever!

Lecture 3 How to increase your focus

Lecture 4 9 Easy Methods To Improve Your Concentration Now!

Lecture 5 8 Special Techniques For Developing An Effective Learning

Lecture 6 How To Improve Your Learning Capacity And Become More Effective

Lecture 7 10 Top Concentration Exercises For Boosting And Sharpening Your Focus

Lecture 8 How To Train Your Brain To Get Into That State Of Focus

Lecture 9 How To Beat Stress And Anxiety For Good

Section 3: Why Is It So Hard to Build Good Habits?

Lecture 10 You Have To Avoid This ONE Mistake Everyone Else Is Doing

Lecture 11 The Concept Of Identity Based Habits

Lecture 12 How To Start Your New Habit – The Right Way!

Lecture 13 How To Make Room For Your New Habits

Lecture 14 The Power Of Keystone Habits

Lecture 15 4 Strategies For Getting Back On Track Before You Get Off Course

Lecture 16 How to Break ANY Bad Habit

Section 4: The Secrets to Superhuman Productivity

Lecture 17 What Is Procrastination?

Lecture 18 How Does One Solve Procrastination?

Lecture 19 10 Secrets To Superhuman Productivity

Lecture 20 # 1 Secret

Lecture 21 # 2 Secret

Lecture 22 # 3 Secret

Lecture 23 # 4 Secret

Lecture 24 # 5 Secret

Lecture 25 # 6 Secret

Lecture 26 # 7 Secret

Lecture 27 # 8 Secret

Lecture 28 # 9 Secret

Lecture 29 # 10 Secret

Lecture 30 Do Highly Intelligent People Procrastinate?

Section 5: Premium Courses For Premium Students

Lecture 31 Access My Course: 10x Power Focus – Discover The Hidden Element Of Top Learners

Lecture 32 WHY Many Students Cannot Concentrate And What To Do About It?

Lecture 33 How Highly Focused People Remove All Distractions Around Them

Lecture 34 Access My Course: 10x Power Learning – Boost Your Reading Speed And Memory!

Lecture 35 The SECRET To Develop Laser-Like Focus While Reading

Lecture 36 A Huge Insight on Reading

Section 6: Bonus – How To Get Special Access To My Courses On Udemy

Lecture 37 Bonus: [LIMITED OFFER] – Premium Courses At Premium Prices!

The course is recommended to people who have a particular objective in mind and to people who want to first select the right goal(s).,The course is designed for people who want to start a new project, change their habits, or work towards some other desired state.

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Udemy | English | 2h 22m | 1.23 GB
Created by: Silviu Marisk – Effective Learning Lab

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