Forecasting Planning

In this Couse, we will be covering marketing, Customer Relationship & demand management
Forecasting Planning
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Forecasting Planning

What you’ll learn

Planning Hierarchy
Demand Management
Demand Supply Integration
Forecasting Needs, Objective &Principles

Forecasting Planning


No experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know


The project management process is a difficult and complex process, as there are many variables that govern it and the stages it goes through; Through the project management planning course, you will learn how to find the ideal idea for your project and what skills do you need to implement it? What is Operational Process Management and how is a project scope management plan developed? How is the time period determined? And how to calculate its cost?In this Couse, we will be covering marketing, Customer Relationship & demand management. And how to have a demand-supply integration through an S&OP, the different problems we face. What are demand forecasting and its different techniques?Through the course, you will be able to understand how corporate strategic planning works and its importance, the difference between it and operational planning, successful strategic planning methods, and how companies are classified according to it?Course Content:Section 1: Planning & Demand ManagementPlanning Hierarchy & Demand Management overviewDemand Management through MarketingDemand Management through CRMDemand Planning ManagementDemand Supply Integration OverviewDemand Supply Integration FunctionsDSI Problem 1 – Driven by MarketingDSI problem 2 – Dominated by FinanceDSI problem 3 – Demand Plan IgnoredDemand Supply Integration IntegrationSection 2: ForecastingWhat is ForecastingForecast UsageForecasting Principles  and StepsQualitative Forecasting techniquesQuantitative Forecasting techniquesChoosing a Forecasting TechniqueOutcomesBy the end of this course, attendees will be able to demonstrate their competence in:Planning HierarchyDemand ManagementDemand Supply IntegrationForecasting Needs, Objective &Principles


Section 1: Planning & Demand Management

Lecture 1 Planning Hierarchy & Demand Management overview

Lecture 2 Demand Management through Marketing

Lecture 3 Demand Management through CRM

Lecture 4 Demand Planning Management

Lecture 5 Demand Supply Integration Overview

Lecture 6 Demand Supply Integration Functions

Lecture 7 DSI Problem 1 – Driven by Marketing

Lecture 8 DSI problem 2 – Dominated by Finance

Lecture 9 DSI problem 3 – Demand Plan Ignored

Lecture 10 Demand Supply Integration Integration

Section 2: Forecasting

Lecture 11 What is Forecasting

Lecture 12 Forecast Usage

Lecture 13 Forecasting Principles and Steps

Lecture 14 Qualitative Forecasting techniques

Lecture 15 Quantitative Forecasting techniques

Lecture 16 Choosing a Forecasting Technique

Managers,Demand Planners,Business Owners,Entrepreneurs

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