Forex MetaTrader 4 Master MT4 Like A Pro Forex Trader

Learn All The Secrets To The Meta Trader 4 Forex Trading Platform. Learn How To Use Metatrader4 For Forex Trading.
Forex MetaTrader 4 Master MT4 Like A Pro Forex Trader
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Kirill Eremenko


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Forex MetaTrader 4 Master MT4 Like A Pro Forex Trader

What you’ll learn

Master MetaTrader 4 For Forex Trading
Apply Templates in MT4
Apply Profiles in MT4
Open Market BUY and SELL Orders
Understand Pending Orders
Create Pending Orders
Set StopLoss and TakeProfit levels for Orders
Add Trailing Stops to Orders
Understand Expiration of Orders
Use One-Click Trading

Forex MetaTrader 4 Master MT4 Like A Pro Forex Trader


There are no requirements – just a desire to learn and be successful!


Interested in Forex Trading?Then this course is for you!Here you will learn everything about MetaTrader 4 and more.In these tutorials I reveal all of the secrets of the trading platform.You will learn the basics and even the expert features of MT4 like:How to use Templates to gain a competitive edgeHow to use Profiles to save timeHow to adapt the platform to YOUR needsAnd more!Plus in this course you will get ample tips and hacks to truly master the platform.I learned all of this through my eight years of Forex Trading experience.You can learn all the same things in a couple of hours in this course!So what are you waiting for?Every minute you wait is costing you money!!Enrol today and join me on this journey into the World of MetaTrader 4.I look forward to seeing you in class,Regards,KirillDisclaimer:Any information or advice contained in this course is general in nature only and does not constitute personal or investment advice. We will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on such information. You should seek independent financial advice prior to acquiring a financial product. All securities and financial products or instruments transactions involve risks. Please remember that past performance results are not necessarily indicative of future results.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Disclaimer

Lecture 2 Course Intro

Lecture 3 Before You Start

Lecture 4 Practice Demo Account

Lecture 5 Updates on Udemy Reviews

Lecture 6 Installing MetaTrader 4 & Opening a Demo Account

Lecture 7 Exercise

Section 2: MetaTrader 4 Navigation

Lecture 8 Section Intro

Lecture 9 Welcome to the Trading Terminal!

Lecture 10 Forex Charts

Lecture 11 Using Barcharts, Candlestick Charts and Line Charts in MT4

Lecture 12 Autoscroll and Chart shift

Lecture 13 Chart zoom and compression

Lecture 14 Changing chart timeframes

Lecture 15 Crosshair

Lecture 16 Data Window

Lecture 17 Using the fullscreen mode

Section 3: Getting Organized

Lecture 18 Section Intro

Lecture 19 Setting up your Chart appearance

Lecture 20 The power of templates

Lecture 21 Secret Hack: THE “DEFAULT” TEMPLATE

Lecture 22 Using profiles

Lecture 23 Customizing Your Toolbar

Lecture 24 Customizing Your Market Watch

Lecture 25 Using the Terminal Window

Lecture 26 MT4 Terminal Settings

Lecture 27 Connection status

Section 4: Getting down to business

Lecture 28 Section Intro

Lecture 29 One Click Trading

Lecture 30 Opening an order

Lecture 31 Closing an order

Lecture 32 Setting a StopLoss

Lecture 33 Setting a TakeProfit

Lecture 34 Setting a StopLoss and a TakeProfit at the same time

Lecture 35 Modifying an open order’s SL and TP

Lecture 36 What Are Stop Levels?

Lecture 37 Dragging Trade Levels

Lecture 38 Using the built-in trailing stop

Lecture 39 The Theory Behind Pending Orders

Lecture 40 Working with Pending Orders in MT4

Lecture 41 Expiration of Pending Orders

Section 5: Using Graphical Markup Tools

Lecture 42 Section intro

Lecture 43 Using Horizontal and vertical lines

Lecture 44 Using Trendlines

Lecture 45 Using Channels

Lecture 46 Using Text Marks

Lecture 47 Using Labels

Lecture 48 Using Arrows

Lecture 49 Using Shapes

Lecture 50 Using Fibonacci Retracements

Section 6: Using Indicators

Lecture 51 Section Intro

Lecture 52 What are indicators

Lecture 53 How to add indicators to your chart

Lecture 54 Trend Indicators

Lecture 55 Oscillators: MACD indicator

Lecture 56 Oscillators: RSI

Lecture 57 Oscillators: Stochastic

Lecture 58 Bill Williams: Alligator

Lecture 59 Fractals

Section 7: Bonus Lectures

Lecture 60 BONUS: Your Exclusive Invitation

This course is for anybody interested in Forex Trading,This course is for those who want to make their work in MetaTrader 4 more efficient,This course is for those who want to make their work in MetaTrader 4 more enjoyable

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 18m | 602.88 MB
Created by: Kirill Eremenko

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